Start with your Why


@meretec, I will post link here, but in the future, if you forget or misplace the link below, just google “waist-height ratio and life span”, click on images tab, and you will find the graph again.

(Merete C) #22

Thanks so much

(Kathy L) #23

LOL! That’s my husbands why too - but he is not on board - only enough to say “I’ll eat what you make.” However, last night, he had to have a peanut butter sandwich with our roasted cauliflower soup (made with cream cheese, HWC, cheddar cheese, real bacon) I did add some polish sausage chunks last night, because it was kinda “thin” as opposed to thick (read starchy).

Is your wife on this forum?

(Guardian of the bacon) #24

She is. I think she lurks more than posts.

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Did you make that PB Sammy on keto bread?

(Phil Ware) #26

Thanks for letting me on. I’m in Melbourne Australia and am just starting the lchf lifestyle.
I’ve just listened to your podcast with ted naiman, really good :blush:
My story is i suffer from silent reflux and have s severely scarred oesophagus because of it. Specialist has monitored me for s few years now. I’ve been on ppi meds for around 2 years and have recently had a ph acid test(24hr) which strangely showed s lowish ph level. the issue is the scarring hasn’t improved with ppi meds, it’s the same no worse.
So his latest advice is that I must be very sensitive to any acid level I produce and if we don’t reduce or stop it’s contact with the oesophagus then the scarring could get worse. So it’s more meds or Lose weight.
I am 178 tall and when he weighed me on Jan 7 I was 97.8 kg
I have tried lchf since then and have already dropped to 96.5, with no excercise at all
My goal weight is at least to 85 kg
I am 49 years old
Wow starting to sound like a biography lol
Anyway I am interested in the keto world and my why is to get healthy and lose weight
Thanks again

(Keto in Katy) #27

Best wishes to you Phil. The resources on these forums should be an excellent companion on your journey.


Hi, thanks for posting this. I came here today looking for exactly this info.

However, I kind of hate the way this article presented the info. It has two graphs, one for YLL and BMI and one for YLL and height weight ratio. And above the graphs it says:

“According to the researchers, this is the first time that data have been produced to quantify years of life lost at different values of waist-to-height ratio. This has been done for both sexes separately and for three representative ages.”

Both graphs have all three ages, yet I don’t see it stated whether the graphs are for males or females. (I’m guessing males since that’s been the default medical standard for ages.) The article goes on to give gives statistics for both males and females, but no link that I could see for the actual female graph.

(cebrouillard) #29

To support my husband and his struggle with diabetes. The weight loss was an added bonus.

(David) #30

To be a better role model for my children and to start respecting myself a little more.


How about writing an email to the authors? Ask them for the data you are looking for. Maybe they will give it to you?

(Siobhan) #32
  • To set a good example for my boyfriend and dad
  • To learn how to cook delicious, healthy meals for my boyfriend when I’m over
  • Over all improve my health including high blood pressure, and prediabetes (both now normal)
  • To look good and feel good about myself and be proud of what my body can do
  • To be in good health in case I want children in the future
  • Extra energy
  • Tired of being “the fat girl” in any given situation
  • Once I learned that SAD was a big fat lie I saw no reason to eat that way any more. I don’t like lies, and there was really no benefit to eating that way
  • I like science and reading about what sugar/starch does to your body really just makes me not want to touch it ever again

I’ve never really had a BIG why, but rather a bunch of little ones.


Yeah, complaining here doesn’t help anything!

I did look for a comments section, but didn’t see one. The link to the author is broken, and anyway, the article is 4 years old, so he may not even work at the paper anymore.


Oh, no, Jess. I don’t think you were complaining. I thought you have a perfectly good question. :slight_smile:

Please don’t feel like you cannot ask questions, probe for more info or challenge beliefs on this forum. Of course, there are diplomatic and respectful ways of doing it, to not let others feel like crap and not to embarrass anyone. But, certainly no restriction for trying to uncover more data and truth. That’s what this forum is about - to build up our consolidated knowledge around keto and push the frontiers of that knowledge. And share that knowledge with everyone.

I also don’t think you should give up on your quest for the data you are looking for. Researchers put in many grueling hours and passion into their work, and when they get a “fan letter” or “request for more info”, it usually comes across as a huge compliment. It’s an honour for them that their hard work matters and is being used by others. I hope you do track the author down and contact them.

If you do manage to get through to the author and get more data, please share the new info on this forum. It will help our community.

(Tiffany Hill) #35

• Lose the last 10 I keep yo-yo’ing, even on keto
• Learn how to eat intuitively, as a woman, so that I can stop tracking my food after the weight is lost
• Get on with enjoying life with a fast mind, a healthy gut, and lots of energy

(Insert witty quote here) #36

As previous posters have said, to not be tired anymore, and to be overall healthier. I also want to be comfortable in my own skin.

(Jo Lo) #37

Why? To live longer than my father, who made bad lifestyle decisions. Three years to go.

(Christopher Bingel) #38

Because I felt like I was 38 going on 50. Back pain, joint pain, T2DM heading towards insulin, and I just felt crappy. I had lost a ton of weight on WW but as soon as I stopped counting every bite, the weight came back and I never really felt “better.”

I don’t remember what drove me to Keto specifically, but once I got past the first few weeks, I knew it was right for me.

(Mary 🌹 ) #39

Congratulations Good job👍

(Red) #40

My why:
To (hopefully) reverse my PCOS.
To feel great.
To be healthier.
To feel comfortable in my own skin.
To take care of myself.