My Keto Recipes


Thank you Ma’am. :slight_smile: … Enjoy making up or trying new things, and I find Keto has a lot of options. Especially since you have to re-think some things to keep it Keto-Friendly.

Feel free to share any recipes you might have or have made. I think cooking/baking itself is just another cool part of switching over to this WOE/WOL, and have read many others mention how much they enjoy cooking more now. (Which can also sometimes be a requirement for Keto.) Though there are still some ways to do this eating out, etc. I still find making meals work, but fun. :slight_smile: … Thanks again.


Adding this in here, since the wife has been making it, and it’s quite good indeed. :slight_smile:

She found a recipe she liked and switched out some liquid Stevia for where it called for Brown Sugar.

Home Made BBQ Sauce:

Originally called for 1-1/2 cups Brown Sugar, but she subs this with 20 drops of liquid Stevia.

  • 20 Drops of Liquid Stevia
  • 1-1/2 Cups No Sugar Ketchup
  • 1/2 Cup Red Wine Vinegar
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • 1 tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce
  • 2 1/2 tbsp. Dry Mustard
  • 2 tsp. Black Pepper
  • 2 tsp. Salt

(She said it also showed Hot Sauce being an optional ingredient. But it doesn’t seem to need it.)

We’ve only used it in Pulled Pork so far, but She’s planning on using it on some Ribs in the coming week.

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I just sent hubby to the store for dry mustard and ribs to throw on the grill today! Thanks V and Dave for the recipe. I haven’t had ribs in awhile!


You’re quite welcome. :slight_smile: I hope they turn out great! … Hopefully you will post a pic when done. :slight_smile:

V and my Son actually just got back from a meat run. We were planning on going this morning, but my knee is still puffy, so I had hear take my son. Picked up some more Top Sirloin, London Broils, Bacon, etc. so will be sealing a bunch up as soon as we make a bite to eat.

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I will definitely take a pic and post! I think I am done with n=1 experiment with no dairy. It’s been 2 weeks and I really can’t justify going without my cheese and butter any longer. I don’t have inflammation or sinus issues and I just really miss it. We are having loaded cauliflower mash with our ribs. I’m stoked!


Oh, I can definitely understand and relate. :slight_smile: … I just wrote this morning it sucks I’m having to deal with some other issues that might not be allowing me to see what results might be forth coming from refraining from doing Dairy this month? It’s just hard to know if the benefits are indeed there, or if my issues are interfering with me seeing any? … But also giving up Chocolate and Nuts are pretty much on the same page. Not sure if I’ll learn anything while dealing with my knee. But I can so far, my sinuses don’t seem any different either. At least not that I’ve noticed. … Look forward to the pics. :slight_smile:

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The forum is not notifying me when someone replies so I just saw this. I hope your knee heals soon. It really sucks that it decided to flare up right when you gave up dairy, nuts and chocolate. On another note, V’s BBQ sauce is amazing! My husband is very picky about sauce and he loves it!

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McRib is back!!! Lol jk

I’m very guilty of really enjoying the fake ass McMoldedRibThing. Yours looks much more real, though lol.

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Lmao it does kinda look like a McRib but it’s real beef :joy::joy::joy:


Glad you liked it. :slight_smile: She’s been really enjoying Ribs and other stuff that goes well with BBQ too. :slight_smile: They look great! - I cooked out on the grill today, since she made some runs for some meats that were on sale. Picked up some more Top Sirloin, NY Steak, Hamburger and couple packs of 5 lb. Bacon. :yum: Also picked up a bunch of London Broils as well. Will post some pics on the Food thread.

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I love this time of year when you can throw some meat on the grill!


Mine is located out on my Carport, so get to use it year around. But it is much better when it’s not freezing outside. :smile: But everything taste so much better on the grill. … I’ve been searing the Steaks on it when I take them out of the Sous Vide and they come out very nice.

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Roasted Corned Beef, Bechemal Sauce, fried Cabbage and green beans.

And for dessert, Vanilla Chia Pudding.

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Wow; those both look so appetizing; good job!


Ok, so this morning I decided I wanted to try some things that I’ve been thinking about doing. These are mostly some simple things we can just throw together for quick meals, not big prep…

Salami Stackers:

Placed sliced Salami on a sheet of Parchment paper. Stacked on some Provolone Cheese, followed slices of Pepperoni and topped with a thick chunk Cheddar.

Then baked it in the oven at 400° for 12 to 14 minutes, or until it browns up. … Wife said it reminds her of Pizza, and you could add a little sauce to enhance this, but they are greasy, so don’t actually need it.

But for a quick meal, they are easy and quite filling.


Another thing I’ve been wanting to try…

Salami Egg & Cheese Cups

Had my wife stuff a slice of Salami into each cup (Similar to how I’ve seen Bacon…

Then filled them with Scrambled Egg mix…

Added in Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese and topped with a slice of Pepperoni…

Then baked then at 400° for 14-15 minutes, until you get a nice browning on top…

I like the Salami, since it’s solid, but I’m sure the Bacon does well too


Another quick and simple one…

Ham Roll-Ups

Simply took Cooked Ham and rolled it around a stick of Polly-O Sting Cheese and then added a little Provolone laid on top.

They came out pretty good. I’m just looking for some quick, easy to make stuff, since most meals we do nowadays takes so much prep, we need easier stuff for some nights… Fried Cheese always works


Ok, so one of the reasons I wanted to do all this today, was to actually try another idea I had. This would be for an alternate type of Taco Shells. Presently, we have been using the Cheese Taco Shell.

Hard Salami Taco Shells

This was to simply take sliced Salami, and fold them in the bottom of a muffin pan. So we used the square mold for this, since it gives straight lines with nice walls, instead of just partly on a round muffin.

Note: I only tried three, since I just wanted to see how it might work. … Plus, there’s three Pups :smile:

Well, when I Baked them at 400 Degrees° for 15 10 minutes, they came out holding their shape well, and we’re slightly crunchy, but not burnt. So I think they will indeed work, once filled with Taco Meat, Cheese and some Lettuce and Tomato on top, along with some Italian Dressing. (I plan to do this, Tonight or Tomorrow, depending on if any of us are hungry, since today’s testing filled us all up nicely.) :smile:

These will be Mini-Tacos, being the Salami is only so big. But I’m already looking at other meats.

When we do use them, I will add some updated images. :slight_smile: Cheers…

EDIT: So I’m editing this to add some info from trying this out tonight. … Overall they worked just fine, but they are indeed small. Single bite little dudes, so be prepared to make a few! :smile: (I will still be looking for a larger roll of Hard Salami to work with, but they do indeed work well for a shell. NOTE: I also had to change the time I noted down earlier in this post the other day. Apparently I got the time wrong, since I didn’t write it down. It was actually 10 minutes, not 15. Though they were still good, quite crunchy. But not just as pliable, and would crack if bent too much after cooling. (Get them where you want them while still hot and you’re good to go. And they stay pliable if not over-cooked.) :slight_smile:

Here was the setup…

As you can see, they are indeed little fella’s. But they are good.

The Meat I just made normally, simply cooking the meat up, straining and adding just a little Rao’s Sauce, just enough to moisten the meat, as Taco meat is. Then I add some Taco Seasoning, just to get the taste of Taco Meat. So you can simply make the meat to your desire, regular, hot, etc. - The Salad I just use Lettuce and Tomato, with Italian Dressing, like I do with regular Taco’s.

So I will be making these again, but hoping to find a place where I can get larger diameter slices of Hard Salami, so I can get these just a little bit bigger. But will have no issues cranking out 15 of these for my meal, or as many as needed for the whole family. As long as they’re not over cooked I can probably stack these in a row, like they come prepackaged in the stores. :slight_smile:

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When I worked at a pizza place years ago I’d do something similar with Canadian Bacon rounds and pepperoni’s…a bit of cheese and pizza topping in the center, bake and enjoy!

Great idea, Dave!


Yep, it worked well. :slight_smile: I even took some Pepperoni tonight and showed the wife I could make them even smaller, but I would need Elves to put them together. :smile: … But if I can double their size now, I would be happy with them. If not, I will just keep making these single bite ones. :slight_smile: