My Keto Recipes


Decided since I like to create meals and new recipes, especially for the Keto WOE, I thought to maybe throw together a place I can store some of these recipes for later reference and use. … And for anyone who might be interested in them, or even share some of their own? :slight_smile:

Will start with today’s meal…

Taco Stuffed Mushrooms w/ Little Meat Sombrero’s on the side

Started with 72% ground beef, which was just about 27 ounces in total. I separated it into 5 ounce portions @5, and saved the other 2 ounces and made up a little side snack.

Cooked up the meat up, then added Rao’s Marinara Sauce a little at a time, just to moisten the meat to a Taco Sauce consistency. Sorry, I don’t usually measure, so can’t give exact measurements. Maybe a half cup or so? - Added Taco Seasoning Mix, (I use Old ElPaso) again little at a time, just enough to give it a taco flavor. Maybe 2-3 tsp.? Then set this aside while I started the rest.

Side: Meat Sombrero’s - Took pre-sliced Provolone (1/8" or so?) pre-sliced pack we bought. placed then on a sheet of Parchment Paper. Added about .5 oz Taco meat and added some Mexican 3 cheese on top and baked for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Called them Sombrero’s since it reminded me of a flattened Mexican Sombrero, and I needed something to name them :slight_smile:

This is what they looked like before baking. Slightly melted since I forgot to take a pic beforehand, and were in the oven for a minute or so before I pulled them out for a pic.

This is how they came out … Note: Provolone browns nicely, and these are not burnt. They would also make very easy Mini-Taco’s, and I might just start doing this, over spreading out the shedded cheese as I usually do. They bend quite easily and you just need to add toppings of choice. Plus, meat is already added too.

Entree: Taco Stuffed Mushroom

Pulled the stems off 5 Portabella Mushroom, placed on same Parchment Paper and baked for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Once done, added a slice of Provolone Cheese, 5 ounces of the Taco Meat and topped with a good heaping of Mexican Cheese on top. (Baked for an additional 10 minutes) Once done topped it with some Sour Cream and had the Tomatoes on the side.

Mushroom tops after baking 10 minutes. (Middle one was slightly squished in packaging.)

Accidentally tore the cheese on the lower right one while adding meat. But hard to keep real clean looking adding all the ingredients. But it might help to knock the meat back to 4 oz. instead of 5 oz. It’s just what a started with.

Here’s the finished dish with some added sides

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Being a Seafood lover, I usually have both Dungeness Crab and Snow Crab in my deep freezer at most times. (I buy them by the case to have on hand) I enjoy Dungeness the most, and usually leave the Snow for the wife, though I do occasionally eat one or two during meals with her. … I also usually work with the dungeness for making meals with and here’s two I did recently I really liked.

Baby Bella Mushrooms stuffed with Dungeness crab & Mozzarella Cheese

Started with 8 oz. package of Baby Bella Mushrooms. Removing stems & chopped up to be added to mix.

Mixed up about 16 ounces of picked Dungeness Crab, with about 10 ounces or so Mozzarella Cheese. Added Sea Salt, light pepper and Oregano. Tossed in an egg and mixed well. (Including the chopped up stems that were removed previously. - Place in hot skillet and form. Once cooking, they hold together well.

Stuffed the mushrooms (Over-stuffed I should say!) Then added some Parmesan Cheese on top and baked for 10 to 12 minutes at 350 degrees. They came out pretty good.

Here’s a pic with them added to some Salmon and Deviled Eggs.

Another thing I like to do with pretty much the same mix described above is to make a Cheesy Dungeness Crab cakes, of course with the added Mozzarella Cheese, Oregano and just hold the Parmesan.

Here’s a pic with some sides added…


Here’s another one we really liked, but it was actually made as a appetizer originally. But after eating just 5 or 6 or so, we were all pretty much full! But we plan on making these a lot, especially when our garden is producing so much! … Image is of the smaller version. The larger ones had 4 slices of pepperoni on them.

Simple Zucchini-Pizza Wedges

I sliced a large Zucchini, placed them on a sheet of Parchment paper greased with Olive Oil. Added Sea Salt, Pepper and Oregano to each, then placed some 3-Cheese Mexican Cheese and placed pepperoni slices on the very top. Everyone said they reminded them of little pizza’s and even the wife loved them! And she doesn’t like Zucchini at all. :slight_smile: … Don’t know what I did with the images of the larger one, but here’s a pic of the smaller ones I ended up making, which was from a medium sized Zucchini. … If you want them as an appetizer, only have 2 or 3. Else you will keep eating them and it will be a meal!


That looks/sounds amazing. :flushed: Did you precook the eggplant slices before adding cheese?


Thanks. These here were made with Zucchini slices, but we have indeed made them with Eggplant as well. And no, we didn’t pre-cook them. But we also found they don’t get that crispy being under everything. So I guess you could pre-cook them some for extra crunch. We’ve talked about doing that as well.


Ah, sorry - I completely misread zucchini for eggplant. :roll_eyes: I am going to give these a try. Looks great. :+1:


They both did quite well. So either one will work.

Let me know how ya like them. :slight_smile:

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Is there an ISO measurements version of this thread?


It has never occurred to me to use a portabello mushroom as a vehicle for taco meat, that is so awesome!


Yeah, I’ve been wanting to do the Taco Stuffed Mushrooms for a while. I also wanted Lettuce, but after adding the meat, I knew there wasn’t room. So I just had a salad with it. :slight_smile: … But they did come out nicely.

@juice … I’ve always used ounces, cups, etc. Guess it’s because I’ve been doing it that way for so long? I try to use the measurements I use myself, such as tsp. tbsp. cups, etc. And not all that familiar with the others, so have to look up the conversion from time to time. What do you use, if I may ask?


There is actually another version that I’ve been thinking a lot about too for the stuffed Mushroom tops, but just haven’t got to make it yet. - But instead of using Taco Meat, I want to take sliced steak like I do for stir fry, add in some Yellow Onions, (fried or raw?) and add this to a Marinara/Cheese sauce or Mushroom sauce, with baked Provolone and Parmesan topping. :slight_smile: … I was thinking about giving them a try next weekend if possible?

I’ll post it if I do…

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Yeah, just ragging on Americans for their old-world measuring systems :slight_smile:


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In for a penny, in for a pound.


That sounds great too, yes please let us know how it turns out. I’ll bet goat cheese would be good with the steak as well.

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Excellent idea, Dave. Thank you, so much!

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And yet, you still have to deal with it. :grinning:

Now let’s not clutter up @Digital_Dave’s receipe page with anymore frivolous stuff. :wink:

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@Callisto you also can use a zucchini cut it long ways and dig the seeds out with a spoon, add olive oil salt and pepper stick that in the oven about 350 for 20 minutes take it out, put your taco meat and fixings in and stick it back in the oven for another 10 min or so and take out and add your toppings …yum good to go!!!


Thank you! Excited to try both!


Yep, we do that as well. We call them Zucchini Boats. … Mostly use Sweet Italian Sausage, (plus spices) Mushrooms and Onions, then the inner ingredients that are removed and lastly Mozzarella Cheese with Parmesan on top. Browns up nice and they are good indeed! (I also add a little Rao’s Marinara Sauce, just to wet it up some, and this helps with both flavor and keeping moisture in the mix. … Zucchini makes for a nice boat and you can pretty much fill them with anything.

I actually have a couple recipes I want to try this weekend coming, but will post once I make them. :slight_smile: