Matthead Pizza. Dare I say it?


(matt ) #1

I keep making these pizzas and I keep trying to make them better. I have borrowed quite a few ideas from @carl as he is also searching for the best pizza. So off we go.

Here are the ingredients.

170g grated cheese mozzarella
85g almond flour
40g cream cheese
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Xanthan Gum
Pinch of salt

Four Cheese Pizza Blend
Don Pepino’s Pizza sauce

Preheat your oven to 425F

Put the dry ingredients into a food processor.

Process it until it looks like this.

Pour it out on some parchment. It will not look like dough at all.

Start gathering up the “dough” and using it to pick up the loose bits on the tray. It will stick to itself and you will end up with a ball.

I use a double batch so repeat this process and combine the 2 balls to make a bigger ball.

Put parchment on top of the ball and start smooshing it with your hands.

Here is where it gets interesting. I tried using a roller to get the dough right and it just doesn’t work. So I tried using a crab mallet on its side. Like this.

You just push the dough around until it covers the entire baking sheet. When it does I fold over the edges of the bottom piece of parchment. This allows me to create a nice clean edge that is not thin and will not burn. I hope these pics help show what I mean.

Use a fork to dock the dough so it doesn’t puff all up.

Toss that into the preheated (425F) oven for 6-7 minutes.

Time for the toppings.

I cut up pepperoni, salami and ham and crisped it up in a pan.

When the oven timer went off i took out the pan and I put a piece of parchment on top and then another baking sheet. I flipped the pans and then took the crust and put it back into the hot baking sheet.

Back into the oven it goes for 5-6 more minutes.

Time to add the sauce. I use Don Pepino’s. I brush the sauce on so there is not a lot there. All the way to the edge.

Add the cheese.

Add the pre-cooked toppings.

Put back in the oven for 5-6 more minutes. When done let it cool on a rack for a bit and cut into pieces. Sprinkle on some oregano and red pepper flakes.

Time to eat! We put some sauce on the side for people that want more.

My dog Ollie photobombed me.

I hope this helps. This meal is a keto staple and one you should learn to make!

Anybody have a copy of the carlshead pizza recipe?
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Awesome. It’s like those little flip books you used to make as a kid with stick figures.

(Michelle Flores) #3

Thank you for sharing this and all of the photos for extra guidance. I’ll be trying this soon!


Matt, absolutely fantastic step-by-step recipe instruction. Bravo!

And…it looks delicious!

Love Ollie’s appearance, too!

(matt ) #5

Thanks @Fiorella. I love your step by step recipes so that means a lot to me.

(Mediterranean Magic! Show me yer...) #6

So tell me about the TEXTURE vs Carlshead. what has changed?

(Richard Morris) #7

I think @matt may be threatening @Fiorella’s claim to being the Emperor of #food:recipes-recipes-recipes


Not a threat…I actually want to see more! This is awesome!

(Richard Morris) #9

lol me too

(Louise ) #10

Looks delicious @matt yummmalicious :yum:

(matt ) #11

Honestly I am not sure the texture changed all that much. It seems @carl and I are both trying things and are not 100% sure why :slight_smile:. Guess I can make 2 batches at the same time, one with xanthum and baking soda and one without and see if folks notice the difference.

My changes/additions are more process based. I see a lot of pizzas where the crust is not rolled evenly and burns around the edges (which some folks love, no harm there) and I wanted to resolve that issue so I came up with this. This process makes a nice crispy crust with almost no burning. I got this one a little dark but it was great.

I will say that I tried the full fathead recipe with the egg in the food processor and it was a bit messy to deal with.

(Mediterranean Magic! Show me yer...) #12

Hmm ok. I have to say from start to finish it takes me less than 15 minutes to roll a Carlshead or fathead out of the oven. For me the texture difference is chewy vs crispy by omitting the egg.

I just nuke the cheese and cream cheese for 3 minutes, stir in almond meal, knead a couple times right on the oiled parchment, then roll it with second parchment on top.

Only difference is I broil instead of bake.

I do the same second sheet flip as you (nothing says scream like accidentally folding over a half cooked crust lol), broil again, top with things and cheese, and a final broil til bubbly.

I might be addicted.

(Tom Seest) #13

Lovely write up.

Someday, I will eat a Matthead pizza…

(matt ) #14

@MableSyrup yeah I love the process of cooking so I get into the weeds sometimes. These pizzas can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be :slight_smile: It took a while this time as I had to keep washing my hands to take the pictures. I should have recruited one of my kids to take the pictures!


So does this version crisp up better in the middle than some of the other _____head pizza crusts??

(matt ) #16

@nurseajicu it’s crispy edge to edge but I am not sure if its better. I have never had one be soggy in the middle as I have always flipped the crust while its cooking.

Have you had issues with the middle? Do you flip?


I do flip…here is how I usually do it using the classic fathead recipe. I mix the “dough” up and put it on a sheet of parchment paper then put another piece on top and smoosh it out into a thin circle. I then peel off the top sheet of parchment paper, place the crust (still on parchment paper) onto my pizza stone. I bake it until it looks golden brown, then I flip it face down directly onto the pizza stone which then leaves the parchment paper on the top. I peel the paper off and bake some more until it looks golden brown. Then I pull it out and put the toppings on and put bake in oven to melt the cheese. I go light on sauce, but it still seems like the middle 1/3 of the crust is soggy. Any suggestions of what to do better? I am so open for ideas we love pizza at our house and I am trying to win over the fam and get away them away from grains all together,

(Erin Macfarland ) #18

What are the measurements in cups?


@matt might be following the advice of Carrie Brown of Ketovangelist Kitchen and other parts of the Internet, on purpose or not, that volume measures such as cups are HIGHLY variable based on many factors such as the texture of the ingredient as well as how tightly it might be packed into the cup, so she recommends always reporting ingredients by weight.

It makes sense, so I bought an inexpensive electronic scale from Ozeri that allows for taring and started using weights whenever possible.

(Jacquie) #20

@matt Well done! By the time I got to the end of your photos, I could taste the pizza. It was delish! :smile: