Matthead Pizza. Dare I say it?


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@BillJay that is exactly the reason I use weight. But if you want cups @Emacfarland you can look here as the fathead recipe uses both. I don’t use the egg and I added baking powder and xanthum.

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@nurseajicu That sounds like a perfect process.

The only reason I could think of would be that the crust is thicker in the middle. Maybe make it a bit thinner in the middle?

What is your total cook time and temp?


Cook temp is 425 F, and I usually do 8-10 min per side in attempt to get it non-doughy which then makes the edges nearly burnt but the middle still not crisp. I have tried all variations of thickness and thinness. The last one I made was really too thin but all but the very edges still seemed too soft. Maybe I am expecting too much from it?

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Technically any baking-type recipes respond better to weighing. Baking is very sensitive to the smaller amounts, and metric measurements are superior for their precision. Most master bakers weigh versus measuring for that reason.

Sorry, just had an Alton Brown moment >.>

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Very odd @nurseajicu. Maybe let it cool on a rack a bit before the topping so it sets? It will not be like a crispy cracker crust but it certainly can hold up to the weight of the topping.

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Here are some pictures from a round pie I made. Gives a good idea about how the crust acts.


Yes, that is a big difference from mine that is definitely “non-pickupable” lol. I will be trying your recipe this weekend!

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making this on the weekend! 100% - I found a Sugar free Root Beer to go along with it too!:heart_eyes:

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I love the fact that you guys flip the crust.
When I started making fathead pizza crusts 3 years ago, I started flipping to cook the crust more thoroughly(not in the original fathead instructions) and posted about it often.

I’m taking full credit for the “flip”
(unless @matt decided to go rebel all on his own, which I wouldn’t doubt :heart:)
Lol :wink:


My best Pizza crust uses the “oopsie” bread recipe.

I am sensitive to dairy and don’t use the almond flour or any nut flour due to the high omega 6:3 ratio as well as the nuts not being prepared properly before grinding i.e. they aren’t soaked and sprouted. See “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon or go to the website for the “Weston A. Price Foundation”.

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That sure looks good :slight_smile: might have to try it

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Here is my recipe doing the same on my blog

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Thanks @matt I Am planning on making this as a part of my supper bowl spread on Sunday.

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Oh I know, I was just being lazy hahah…I am actually a professional baker. You’d think I’d have the conversion down pat by now.

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How long do you broil the plain crust? And at what temperature?

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I just set it on max. Maybe 400f for you?

I broil 3-5 min, checking obsessively and not leaving the area :wink:

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Anyone that leaves the oven when the broiler is on is looking for sadness. :smile:

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I do 500 degrees and it’s amazingly perfect every time

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My mom still makes us keep one hand on oven door when broiling toast. I always feel like a kid when she shouts at me, “don’t take your hand off that door and keep your eyes on my toast!”