#133: Matt Murray & Jon Slaughter - Keto Cooking


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Daisy's latest extraordinary men, Matt and Jon, chat about their keto, how it has helped them improve their health, their friendship and their mutual love of cooking.

Matt Murray

Matt is 48 and lives in Delaware, which on the East Coast of the US.  He has been married for 20 years and has 3 teenage daughters, a dog and a cat. 

Matt started keto four years ago after being diagnosed with T2 Diabetes and metabolic syndrome.  Through diet and other lifestyle changes Matt was able to return his health and weight to normal.  Matt recently started a skin care company called Nature's JAM with his friend Jon Slaughter that makes all natural, small batch skin care products.

Jon Slaughter

Jon Slaughter lives in a town on the mid-Atlantic seaboard of the United States near the Chesapeake Bay.

Jon stumbled upon the paleo diet while looking online for a recipe for a party.  After following a paleo diet for over a year, he learned about the ketogenic way of eating from a friend who had been diagnosed with T2 diabetes.  A proponent of natural remedies, Jon’s philosophy is “Do what you can first” instead of immediately going down the path of pharmaceuticals.

Jon loves to cook and create delicious recipes that are simple.  He has shared his keto experience and recipes with family, friends, and anyone else who wants more information.  He likes creating simple recipes that anyone can make because he believes living a ketogenic lifestyle will make for a happier planet one person at a time.

Jon’s other hobbies include hiking, kayaking, and homesteading.  He keeps a brood of hens as a source for fresh eggs, landscapes with edible and medicinal plants, makes medicinal tinctures and herbal tea blends, and makes his own personal care products such as face cream and hand salve.  

Jon partnered with his best friend, Matt, to turn his hobby of making natural skin care products into a business.  Together they launched nature’s JAMTM making handmade, all natural skin care products in small batches.  “When someone uses one of our products, I not only want them to love how it makes their skin look and feel, I want the aroma to lift the person up and make them feel good.”  


The website Jon mentioned was domesticman.com.

The book was Your Personal Paleo Diet: Feel and look great by eating the foods that are ideal for your body by Chris Kresser.

You can find Matt's riff on FatHead pizza on the Ketogenic Forums - here.

This is Jon's as he sent it to me.

It's actually a recipe I found for bagels, but I use it for pizza crust, rolls (hamburger/sandwich, dinner, and hotdog), and bread sticks (using a garlic-herb cream cheese makes them especially tasty).  

  • 2 cups shredded mozzarella
  • 2 oz (57g) cream cheese
  • 1.5 cups almond flour
  • 2 Tablespoons baking powder
  • 2 eggs - beaten. 

I like to get the three components (cheeses - dry ingredients - eggs) all prepped before I start the process.  

Put the mozzarella in a good sized microwave safe bowl along with the cream cheese (I cut it into smaller chunks instead of one big one).  

In a smaller bowl, whisk together the almond flour and baking powder.  

In a third bowl, beat the eggs.  

Microwave the cheese for 2 minutes.  Stir until it's all mixed together.  

Add the dry ingredients and fold into the cheese with your hands (the cheese may still be hot, so careful).  

Once the dry ingredients are combined in, knead the dough to get it well blended and consistent distribution of almond flour.  

Now time to add the eggs and knead them in (this is where the dough gets sticky).  Once the eggs are combined, I use a spatula to form a ball and put that on a sheet of plastic wrap. I form a skin around the dough ball with the plastic wrap and then refrigerate for at least an hour to make the dough easier to work with).  

Once you take it out, divide according to what you're making.   divide by 6 for bagels, and hamburger/hotdog rolls, 8 for dinner rolls, and it depends on the pizza size for the division (1 long sheet pan pizza or 2 9" round pizzas).  The shape of the dough isn't going to change, so if you want rolls wide enough for your burger, you have to shape it that way.  

I use the same temp for everything though.  425 degrees F (218 C). 10-15 minutes is about how long it takes.  Basically, I go by sight.  When the tops looks slightly browned and delicious.

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