What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Karen) #2853

Brunch out with my ladies group

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #2854

First thing I told my GF this morning… I think you need to make us Keto pizza tonight :slightly_smiling_face:

She did, and it was fantastic !

So I told her, “See, you did exactly what I asked for, and it was great… So that should be a good lesson… Just always do whatever I ask for, and it will always be all good” :smiley: lol

I doubt it’s going to work out that way… But I can dream, right ? :smiley: Lol

(Little Miss Scare-All) #2855

What was the crust?

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #2856

Just the normal keto bread… Mozzarella, cream cheese, almond flour… with a little onion and garlic powder… No egg, or baking powder though…

(Little Miss Scare-All) #2857

I really gotta try that one. I usually make the lazy one with just cheese and egg. What’s the carb count like on the almond flour? I’ve yet to use it.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #2858

Try Matthead Pizza @x-Dena-x

(Little Miss Scare-All) #2859

Is the crust actually pizza-like?

(Diane) #2860

I think it’s more like a thin crust pizza. I also like one made with pork rind crumbs, mozzarella and cheap parm which is lower carb than the Matthead pizza, but similar.

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #2861

It’s 6 gm’s per quarter cup, of which 3 are non digestible fiber… So my GF used a half cup for the whole pizza… So my serving (about 1/3rd of the pizza) was maybe 5 grams of actual carbs, with one or two from the toppings :slightly_smiling_face:

I swear my daily carbs have been like less than 10 a day… Sometimes probably 5 or less fat

(Little Miss Scare-All) #2862

I like the fact there’s seemingly no egg. I hit the wall with the eggie crust. It’s not bad but I want more out of life lol.

@DiMo - does the crust you mentioned taste very pork rindy??

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #2863

Hmmm… Not really like pork rinds…

Just carried the flavor of all the toppings well :slightly_smiling_face:

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #2864

My lovely daughter had me up way before the birds this morning…was starving when I woke up so I thought I’d try mashed avocado and bacon.
Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve only been on the avocado train less than a year…I felt I couldn’t be keto and not eat it so I’ve gotten on board with it for health reasons…today I learned that I was pushing my luck with mashed avocado :joy::joy::joy: #straightinthebin

(Diane) #2865

Nope. Not to me. I think the parmesan, garlic powder and Italian seasoning I added would have disguised any of that flavor.

I’ll add this recipe and the link to the video that inspired me to my recipe section.

Edit: recipe link

(Little Miss Scare-All) #2866

You de best! :black_heart:

(Allie) #2867

That old favourite that never gets boring, bacon and eggs.

(Ellen) #2868

I saw that it’s a tad warm back in Blighty, hope you’re coping :grinning:

('Jackie P') #2869

Cor yeah! I’m interested! :hugs:

('Jackie P') #2870

Can I suggest you make your meatballs exactly as you used to, but substitute milled flaxseeed for breadcrumbs. I have found them to come out just as light and fluffy as my old ones :ok_hand:

('Jackie P') #2871

Haha! I hope you return the compliment :slightly_smiling_face:

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #2872

It’s a toasty one today! I’ve brought my daughter to the wildlife park down the road from me…the poor animals are panting! Don’t think they’re gonna make it! :joy::joy: