(Final thoughts/recap as I reach the end) Time To Try An Extended Fast! 21 Days or Bust


What is up Keto Community! I have been so moved by all of you and have absorbed unbelievable amounts of knowledge. Now it is time to officially dive into one of the more intimidating areas for me, fasting!

I have done multiple 3 day fasts and have prepped my way to this since September. I am making a post for accountability. I also am going to attempt to make a nightly vlog for myself.

When I was fasting three days a week regularly it was the best I have felt in a long time. All the way from mental clarity to energy and not being hungover for work in the morning :angry: I have not been in the greatest place lately and I am really hoping that a hard focus on getting life back on the right track through Mind, Body & Spirit will be an outcome.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and I have three I am going to try and break in the next three weeks:

  1. Not Calorie Counting
  2. Alcohol
  3. Smoking

So here goes nothing! Fingers crossed, Dr. approved & off to the races!


Impressive goal! Looking forward to following your fasting trials and tribulations!! Wishing you all the best.


Will you be vlogging on this site, or on youtube, or other?


I am looking into that now. I feel like youtube is the easiest way but I am checking into all choices. I am still trying to decide if I should make them public haha. I am not a videographer and I refuse to buy a nice camera for this. So it is going to start as daily accountability for myself. I am downloading iMovie now and going see if I can put something decent together.

Any recommendations will be accepted! Today I just did my intro and why I want to do this, tomorrow I am going to try and get a bit more creative.

Anything to keep me accountable!


Well, maybe try to concentrate on the most important parts of the journey, and not take on too many tasks…or it can drag you down. A simple check in everyday on this site would be good, in written form…there is a very supportive community here. Youtube is full of trolls and idiots. Not sure you would want to take on the responsibility of babysitting them. Something to think about.



30 / 6’4" / 296lbs
(335lbs when starting keto September 2016, 385lbs at my max, 250lbs goal)

Here we go! It has been 28 hours since my last meal or cigarette and other than the slight (but very expected) headache I feel great. I stopped by the store today and made sure to stock up on my vitamins & supplements.

I take:

  • Combo Calcium (1000mg), Magnesium (400mg) & Zinc (15mg)
  • Men’s 1 a day
  • Lite Salt

I also bought two 64oz water jugs that keep the contents cold all day and they are a lifesaver! I keep one at work and one in my car. I am shooting for 190-200oz of water per day. My goal is to stay so active I don’t even think about food. I walk my dog 4 miles around the lake every night and try to stay out until 7:30pm and the goal is bed by 10pm. If I only allow two hours of lounging around I hopefully will stay to busy to think about hunger.

I also am a night owl and need to work on getting to bed sooner, I know I will need as much sleep as possible!


Day 2 - I survived the Happy Hour challenge!

CW: 293 lbs
Total Loss: 3lbs

Waking up was very difficult this this morning, but once I was up and moving I have been full of energy all day! I actually feel like I am on a sugar high and having fun.

I have had dull headaches the last two evenings, but I am keeping up on my supplements. Who knows, could be the fact I quit smoking cold turkey at the same time.

I did go out to happy hour with some friends I haven’t seen since January and they were blown away with the progress I have made. We ended up talking about nothing but Keto and Fasting :grin: I drank my water, refrained from smoking and drinking & enlightened some friends. Now they are going to start some research.

Now it is time for me to work on the early to bed part.



Could very well be. Talk about testing yourself in the early days…incredible job for abstaining in that environment!!

(David) #9

Wow, well done on resisting cigs and booze while out with friends. That is so hard to do. Keep on keepin’ on!


Thank you! It was a bit easier than I thought, but I will attribute it to keto talk most of the time.


Day 3 - I hate you :angry: But this is the longest I have ever gone

CW: 291.5 lbs

Still cigarette free!

Welp, It was impossible to get out of bed this morning. I laid in bed from 6am to 9am just trying to get up for work. I made my first batch of salt water today and even though it was awful to choke down during the day I did not have my dull headache.

I did/do have the 3rd day hunger and urge to quit, but I won’t! I had to skip our team lunch today and hide in a conference room otherwise I don’t think I would have made it. When I got home from work I was tempted to eat so I took a long walk with my dog, chugged a ton of water & now I am chugging more water and watching Sugar Coated. For some reason since starting the documentary I have not been hungry!

My new game is to weigh myself before and after peeing just because I am immature lol

Thanks for letting me journal my adventure and all comments, suggestions & criticisms are welcomed and appreciated

(eat more) #12

LMAO! :blush:

(David) #13

At least you are not weighing the pee to make sure the maths works!

Seriously though, I think you are doing great. For what is worth, I don’t think you can overestimate the value of having something to do when the going gets rough, whether it’s walking the dog, watching a video or hiding in the conference room.

As long as you have an “if this, then that…” solution I feel confident you will keep succeeding.


Day 4 - What is with these dreams!?

Last night I had a dream that I was on a yacht with an old co-worker (super random) driving around a harbor shooting $20 bills out of a money shooting gun at smaller boats!? WTF is going on here lol. I heard you get wild dreams, but wow!

The day was not a big deal, smells at lunch bothered me a bit but was not a huge deal. I started getting cramps in my legs :o I came to the understanding for my size and fast I should cut back my water to closer to 3L per day so I don’t flush the electrolytes. Sleep as a whole hasn’t been the best 5-6 hrs per night, but I am not tired. I am cold a lot. So far I am loving it! Sunday I weighed 295lb this morning I am 285.6lb

(Nathan Hall) #15

If you haven’t done it yet, make some of Brenda’s Keto-aid.

I’ve found it helpful for getting rid of cramps and other issues associated with electrolyte deficit​.
It seems to deliver electrolytes in a quick and accessable form. Congratulations on the 10lbs loss, and happy fasting.

(Michelle) #16

You are doing great!! I just bookmarked this thread so I can follow your journey. I quit smoking cold turkey about 15 years ago. Best. thing. ever.!!!

Keep us posted daily on crushing your goals!


Thanks! I will try this today! Do you drink all your water this way to get all your supplements levels?

Here is what I am thinking, is this right? I’d love to do it in 1 drink but I am afraid of the Magnesium Citrate

Sodium - 290mg x 4 = 1160mg | Daily Rec 1500mg
Potassium - 350mg x 4 = 1400mg | Daily Rec 4700mg
Magnesium - 75mg x 4 = 300mg | Daily Rec 400mg
Water - 30oz x 4 = 120oz

(eat more) #18

i think the sodium you have listed is way too low…even not fasting.
pretty sure @ron-coleman was having 4-5g of sodium per day during his 46 day fast. (which i believe is the keto recommended daily even while not fasting)

i also wouldn’t limit water…if you are thirsty (or hungry) drink. you are flushing nasties out and supplementing electrolytes.
I add about 1/4t of salt to every 40oz of water i have while fasting (and like every other when not fasting)…salt water soooo helps.

if you aren’t already taking a magnesium supplement i would definitely start slowly…especially the liquid citrate and especially if you are supplementing with coconut or mct oil. :poop:
(as one friend calls it “mud butt” which i hear you are prob going to experience naturally the longer you fast) :joy:

i haven’t found an actual citation of keto recommended mag, pot, and sodium but there is this:


@mikki I was worried I was disposing of all my electrolytes drinking 200oz of water because I was peeing all the time and the yesterday and today I have had cramps in the morning. I am not using coconut or MCT oil. Luckily it is the weekend and I guess I will be able to experiment a bit more. I made 1 batch of Brenda’s ketoaide and brought it to work, And casually sipping while I also have a normal bottle of water.
I feel like I am getting close to dialed in but I also want to be careful. I browsed @ron-coleman thread and will need to reread it. I am feeling awesome and LOVING the fast, just trying to dial in the supplements. Thank you for the help & advise!

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maybe this will be useful :slight_smile:

KCFO :smiley: