(Final thoughts/recap as I reach the end) Time To Try An Extended Fast! 21 Days or Bust

(Nathan Hall) #21

I don’t drink all my water this way. I usually drink one or two each day. I typically base it on how I’m feeling. If I’m fasting and feel a little off, (tired, foggy, having cravings) I’ll drink another. I tend to drink it this way more often (3-4/day) when fasting.
I think Mikki has you straight on the measurements.


Soaking your feet in a bucket of warm water and Epsom salts before you go to bed each night might also help with the cramps.


I will check that out! Thanks


Day 5 - Trying to find a balance

Day 1: 300lb
Day 5: 281.5lb (Dr. Fung says 1/2 lb of fat loss per day so I am guessing 3-4 of that is fat)

With Electrolyte. Thanks everyone for the great advice yesterday, I have started to play with the numbers a bit. I am struggling with something about the constancy of something about the magnesium citrate. I drank 1 mixture yesterday and licked some no salt. I am listening to Fasting Talk’s new episode right now and learning a bit more about electrolytes too. My goal today is drink 2 bottles of Ketoaide. Dreams last night are still insane and I can’t sleep for shit…

I had to go into work late in the morning because it was free breakfast Friday lol. Luckily my boss does keto as well and understood.

Still no cigs! Not even a craving! No hunger anymore! Just need to get the calf spasms under control.

Today will be my next challenge, a huge group of us are going to Top Golf and there will be tons of food, alcohol & cigarettes :frowning: wish me luck!

(Nick) #25

Just to spell out what KetoKate was saying - taking baths with Epsom Salts is an extremely effective way of supplementing magnesium. This is something I’ve seen Jason Fung recommend in interviews and in his (excellent) book, The Obesity Code.


I will give it shot this evening. The only thing is at 6’4" I don’t contact much water :joy:

Visual for y’all

(Adam L) #27

Holy Waterfall Batman - no wonder you weigh yourself before and after peeing, positive feedback on the scale after every trip to the bathroom! Keep up the good work, respect the mental strength of multi day fasts like this.


Ya, I had 3 days of carbage food and beer prior to starting but I am still blown away by how much I have dropped. And thank you! After day 3 it hasn’t even phased me that I am not eating or smoking

(Adam L) #29

Awesome effort, especially the smoking but all of it really. I’ve done 2 x 3 day fasts, looking to go a bit longer each time & do a 4 or 5 day soon. Keep us posted on how you’re going.


Hunger is hitting me today! It sucks… I went out all afternoon with a ton of friends who ate, drank, smoked cigs & gave me a hard time about the “detox”. At least they had a DD for the adventure!
I have been chugging water and it isn’t working today. I’m about to go home and try to get distracted in movies.


Day 8 - The “I Loves”

I slacked a bit on updates over the weekend :pensive:

I am still alive and still going strong! I got my water/electrolyte balance in check and most of the discomfort is gone. I get the dull hunger sensations but not ravenous pangs. I am happy, sleeping great, full of energy & much happier lately.

The I Loves:
I love that I am ready for bed by 9-10pm vs my normal 1am. I love that I have not had a craving for a cigarette because I am so focused on my goals. I love that I did not go to the bar and have been alcohol free. I love that I spend more time with my dog and the internal me, I love that I focus more on cleaning my place and being an adult vs sluggish and lazy.

5 hours left till I am done with day 8 and I wish I could do this forever! It has not been hard since day 5 or 6.

I did chronicle some of the weekend in a different post I made about breaking the first rule of fasting, so I will include a link to it. I BROKE THE FIRST RULE OF FASTING

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following :smile:


Day 9 In the book!

I really don’t have anything to say about today… I slept great, I do not need as much sleep to be energized. I feel awesome, not hungry, just a normal day! I have learned that putting the Lite Salt under my tongue and letting it hang out there until it is gone had helped me a ton!

Loving the fast!!!


Day 11

I don’t really have any updates because life is easy now. I get hunger rumbles but I drink water. Electrolytes are in check. Haven’t smoked and don’t crave them anymore. And I feel like I have had a great mental gain. Breakfast club is going to be hard this morning at work but I will survive. I have some potentially awesome news in the works that I attribute a lot to keto & especially the fast, but more on that as I get closer to day 21.

I need to buy a new suit so I am thinking about breaking the fast. I don’t want to get fitted at an unrealistic low when I need to wear it in a few weeks.

(Mike Glasbrener) #35

Just found the thread. Great work! Inspirational. I’m learning more about fasting and will try it later into my Keto journey.


Day 15 almost done!

And unfortunately I still don’t have any crazy news… I feel amazing after giving up cig’s, booze & food and I have not spent a dime in 15 days.

  • Day 14 I got the crazy woosh and it was weird… :poop: But I am detoxing!
  • We BBQ’d Saturday and Sunday while partying poolside and I abstained with my gallon jug of water
  • I golfed 18 holes on Sunday and beat my friends
  • I don’t want to eat again because I LOVE the way I feel and love the energy. (But I will, no worries)
  • I really want to extend it to 28 days but I am afraid of going too long.
  • My friends think it is hilarious when I take “invisible tequila shots” because I salt my hand, lick it & wash it down with water.

I am down 22 lbs and wish it would stay that way even after refueling :stuck_out_tongue:

KCFO (Keep Calm & Fast On)


As the Europe song goes… It’s the final countdown! 5pm Sunday will be 21 days of only water & electrolytes.

This has been amazing and I never thought I could do it! I want to go longer! I have had my ups and downs, but holy cow I feel great!

Let’s look at some victories and disprove myths.

  • I have had a lump on the back of my neck for a year but like a true 30 year old bachelor I refused to go to the Dr. and now it is gone!
  • I will be hungry - LIES! ok, so the first few days suck… But I don’t think about hunger anymore
  • You have no energy - LIES! I regularly golfed 18 holes in the TX sun and played great!
  • You will have mental fogginess - LIES! I applied for a job, had 3 interviews in one week AND got offered the position all while water fasting! And it is with one of the worlds largest tech giants. I actually believe they fast gave me the mental clarity to realize I was not happy and take action.
  • I have tons of energy and wake up every day at 6ish (because I need to pee) but I don’t feel the need to slap the snooze but 362 times each morning.
  • IT IS WAY MORE FUN to tell people that are blown away by how much weight you lost that all you are eating is yourself.
  • I have spent $60 in the last three weeks and all of it was on gas.
  • There is something wildly satisfying about the black sludge around day 14/15
  • Where the hell did 30lbs go!?

Starting tomorrow (Friday) I am going to have a cup of broth once a day in the morning to start warming me up to something other than water. On Sunday I plan on a few olives to start breaking the fast, then an egg or two & finish it up with chicken thighs.

I am going to try to stick to zero carb and 23:1 IF for 30 days after the fast then incorporate ADF.

(David) #38

This is amazing! I am so pleased for you. If all you achieved was giving up smoking that would have been enough, but all the other Victories as well! This is a great example for the rest of us about being able to achieve far more than you start off thinking you can. Gobsmacked!


Thank you! I am proud of what I accomplished

(Michelle) #40

Unreal of well you’ve done, and a lot of things at once!!! Quitting booze, quitting smoking, finding a new job, etc. :clap: BRAVO!! What an inspiration.