Does everyone take a large swig of oil in the morning, or smaller swigs during the day?

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@Kage What you don’t understand is that fat is a Magic Keto FoodTM and must be consumed in quantity, well beyond the point of satiety. Otherwise, you are Not. Doing. Keto. Right.

ETA: (sorry, forgot to add the sarcasm emoji)

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Well that’s enough sarcasm for me in the Newbies section of the forum. Not funny.
Clarity is all that’s required.
I’ll be cancelling my Patroen sub immediately.


Bitter? Or peppery aftertaste?

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I thought the point was clear: fat is not a magic keto food, it is merely the “safest” source of calories, since it has a minimal effect on insulin secretion. I include this in about fifty percent of the posts I put in the Newbies section, along with the standard advice to eat to satiety, no more, no less. My apologies for trying to liven things up. To each his own, I guess.

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I question why the OP is posting in the Newbies forum when he’s been here for 15 months.

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Moved it to the Food / Fat section, since it seems to fit there. You can move threads too, if you are a “regular” member.

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I don’t swig it…have had a teaspoon before with coffee and no taste really, texture is just a silky smooth liquid so really unless you have an aversion no big deal IMO. However, going to drop MCT oil as a little research today points at the MCT for the return of my insomnia, despite only having it in the morning…

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I take a teaspoon of cod liver oil before breakfast. I don’t eat oil on it’s own besides that, but I use it for cooking and very rarely fat bombs. Sometimes bulletproof drinks if I want them.

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I feel like I’m getting plenty of fats in all different forms, cheese, heavy cream, butter, bacon grease, marbled red meat, etc.
Losing weight fast, and feeling great, while not being overly concerned with perfect numbers, of anything, especially calories :slightly_smiling_face: