Does everyone take a large swig of oil in the morning, or smaller swigs during the day?

(Jane) #21

I used to add MCT oil to my morning coffee until I discovered BUTTER. Just a tsp or so in the first cup. I don’t need the extra fat either, but I enjoy the taste so I go easy on it.

I am working my way through the large (expensive) bottle of MCT oil by making my own oil and vinegar salad dressings.

(Jeramy Koval) #22

I’ve taken a swig of MCT just to try it. Not something I would do regularly though. It has no real taste so I just add it to coffee or smoothies as needed.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #23

What the ??? This is a thing? Who does this? And why??? :face_vomiting:

(IDM Educator) #24

I’ll do it if I’m hungry and on the Run

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #25

LOL. @PaulL I had the same reaction in response to @PetaMarie , including the vomitting face! here:

I have since learned that swishing (note: NOT swigging down) coconut oil around the mouth for a few minutes, sucking it back and forth between the teeth, will help eliminate and prevent coffee stains. Since I drink a lot of coffee and do not want brown teeth, I decided to check it out. Seems to work. I then discovered that doing it several times per day helps prevent getting sick. And since I work at a big Walmart where I am constantly exposed to sick people, staff and customers, coughing and sneezing, I thought I try it for that at the same time. By golly, it seems to work for that too!

So count me in - a swisher not a swigger. :sunglasses:

(bulkbiker) #26

Do you think brushing with coconut oil might help keep plaque down too?
My dentist is always going on at me about flossing (which I can’t be bothered with) but sticking the toothbrush in some coconut oil before brushing would be pretty easy… sounds like an experiment…!


Probably because they like emergency poops?

(Scott) #28

Oh God this is what happened this morning to me. I was out running and at the farthest point I realized I was in trouble…bad. There was a Krispy Kreme with an “open” lit up on the sign but when I trying the door at 5:45 am it was locked til 6:00. I thought I was going to die. I was walking because running only made it worse. Thankfully I found a portolet at a construction site nearby.


Poor Krispy Kreme bathrooms. I bet those bad boys get lit up all day. :joy::joy::joy:

(Jeff Gilbertson) #30

Y’all need to watch this Ted Naiman presentation.

Granted, the audio is poor, but the data is excellent.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #31

If you had your teeth cleaned first, then I think brushing with coconut oil would help. It supposedly is antibiotic so would help control the bacteria that form the plaque/tartar before they manage to get started. Keep in mind though, that plaque/tartar spends a couple days being soft enough to remove simply by brushing. Once it starts to build up, though, it can only be removed by scraping. The coconut oil might help prevent it getting discoloured, though.

BTW if you don’t like flossing, and neither do I because the thread always gets shredded, leaving bits stuck between my teeth, you could try a ‘water pik’ device. I bought one and am very pleased with the results. Takes less time than flossing and does a way better job of it.


Been Keto for years, never heard of people doing that. Get your fat from your food or from cooking with it. No need to turn oil into a drink.

(Consensus is Politics) #33

Indeed! I do it once in a while, well, sort of…

Sometimes I run out of chicken thighs when I make my meal. I usually eat three of them to reach satiety. Sometimes my pack of thighs only has 10 in it, leaving me an odd two left (thats right an even number thats odd :thinking:).

I bake them in a dish that they just barely fit in, so when there is juice, the bottom of of them is cooking in it, keeping them from drying out. I’ll often recover that juice, about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup, into a mug, and drink that like a cup of broth. Its mostly just fat from the chicken and whatever cheese I cooked it with, not to mention a slew of spices. Its darn good too!

The reason I do it is to be sure I get enough calories in on my non fasting days to maintain weight loss. If I dont keep my calories up, my BMR drops dramatically and Im just not burning much fat. I surmise this because it will be 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the house and I feel cold. When I get enough to eat it can be 70 degrees in the house and I’ll still be walking around in my skivvies.

So I can see need for taking a swig of olive oil or a tblsp of coconut oil. Sometimes that little bit is all I need to keep the metabolism running hot, and not trying to hibernate. :sunglasses:


I don’t swig but when I eat I put butter on food and pour on a bit of oil.


I prefer fat as part of meals to enhance flavor. I don’t feel the need to force extra fat in as I’m eating nice fatty foods to begin with, but I’ll certainly add things like butter to meats or veggies to taste.

(Alec) #36

Real food junkie here. Oil as a drink sounds weird to me. I like fat attached to protein.


edited my previous post to clarify pine nut oil, not pine oil!

(Jacqueline Porter) #38

Yes I know a number of people who swear by coconut oil swishing. Apparently you have to do it for 20 minutes for maximum effect, it kills bacteria and leaves teeth clean.
I had forgotten about it, to tell you the truth, I thought it sounded revolting but that was pre keto. I might give it a go!
The idea is to spit and not swallow, but us keto folk… sometimes we like to break the rules!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(⚕ ⚕) #39

Yes to this and to compensate “lean” servings.


I may be alone, but the whole adding extra fats thing still perplexes me at 5 months in. I never go out of my way to add extra fat and I seem to be doing just fine. No butter in my coffee, no scoops of coconut oil straight from the jar. I’m seeing and feeling results, so I don’t think I am doing it wrong. My macros on Carb Manager are always in the right range. I get my fat from meat, egg, cheese, guac/avocado, EVOO on salad, a little Kerrygold when cooking, etc. Eating straight up butter or a swig of oil is just not something I have wrapped my head around.