Does everyone take a large swig of oil in the morning, or smaller swigs during the day?

(Bansaw) #1

I know some people who take 2oz of oil first thing in the morning to get their fat intake rolling.
Other people take smaller tablespoons randomly throughout the day.

What a good philosophy for fat intake and timing ?

(MCT, Olive, Coconut oils…)

(Karen) #2

Was just listening to Grundy podcast and I’m going to start with more olive oil,but find it bitter

(Bansaw) #3

Yes, I find it bitter too. I used to down 2 tbspoons of olive oil, then straight after do 2 tbsp of MCT. Then the olive didn’t linger on my tastebuds too long. I’m just wondering how much people are taking on average first thing in the morning.

(Ilana Rose) #4

I think most people here don’t drink oil at all. I never did it once in my entire weight loss journey and got all the way to my goal and beyond.

(bulkbiker) #5

Why would anyone chug down “oil” of any kind in the morning?

(Doug) #6

I’m usually content to burn my own fat, rather than add to it by drinking oil - BUT - certainly don’t mind downing a couple shots of good olive oil or sipping on a glass or small bottle of it. There’s quite a range of tastes, right up to “life-changingly good.”

(Ilana Rose) #7

I think that it’s because people believe it’s important to hit a fat macro on this diet. The sad thing is that I can think of nothing more likely to be the cause of a stall since they think that they are doing everything right by eating (and drinking) all that fat. The only people that need to hit a fat macro are people already at their goal weight. Everyone else should only be eating the amount that they need to achieve satiety.

(John) #8

I have never done this.

I eat pretty normally. This morning I made two slices of pan cooked bacon, poured off most of the bacon fat, cooked two eggs over easy in a small amount of butter and olive oil in the same skillet. Side of 4 fresh strawberries, drank black coffee and unsweetened almond milk.

The only fat I consumed was contained in the bacon, the eggs, and whatever residual amount of butter and olive oil adhered to the eggs. A little bit from the almond milk.

Dinner last night was about 8oz of sirloin steak, pan-cooked in avocado oil, with a large lettuce and spinach salad topped with parmesan cheese and blue cheese dressing. Only fat was from the beef, the cheese, and the salad dressing. Plenty of fats.

It is quite easy to get enough fat in your diet just from not avoiding it.

(Scott) #9

I have gotten in the habit of cooking a sausage patty and one strip of bacon in a pan. When done I add butter to the grease add pour in two eggs with HWC and add cheese. I also put a tablespoon of MCT oil in my first cup of coffee. No particular reason for it but it is what I do. This is also after I run 4-6 miles in the morning.

(⚕ ⚕) #10

I follow Dr. Westman’s Page Four, which I followed for months before joining this forum. All the macro talk, here, led me to believe that my fat macros were too low. Consequently, I started adding fat in this fashion, i.e., butter in my coffee or tea at breakfast. My weight and waste slowly began to creep up. Dr. Westman’s page four is clear not to add fat for fat’s sake. It merely adds unneeded calories.

I cut that out, and I’m back where I want to be.

The key is low carb, not high fat.

(Christy Dyson) #11

I was adding butter to coffee, but for now just good ole bacon grease in my eggs seems to be enough


I’m very new to the Keto WOE but have just discovered bulletproof coffee. I mixed 12g butter, 12g coconut oil, 20g double cream, tiniest pinch of canderel sweetener (trying to ween off them), pinch of cinnamon and freshly ground coffee. Put it all in a flask, gave it a really good shake and have to admit it was gorgeous.

I’m starting a night shift in a couple of hours so hoping it’ll see me through for a good 6-7 hours until my break.

Certainly a pleasant way to increase fat content, hope this helps.

Chezza :grin:

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #13

Some mornings my work schedule prevents making my regular cold brew keto coffee using my counter top blender. For those days I have a quick mix of MCT powder, whipping cream and Coffee Booster collagen liquid which I mix in my travel mug (30 ounce Nebo). I then stop at my local 7/11 on my way to the bus stop to add the coffee. These three ingredients mix very well into hot coffee using just a standard stir stick (NO oil slick!). Even makes a little foam! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have discovered that adding protein rather than just fat makes the coffee into a ‘keto meal’ and makes it more ‘satieting’ longer. I have two quick mixes, one for when I have just the coffee and a second for when I add a couple of pepperoni sticks. Both McSweeney’s Original and Hot have very good macro ratios that are fairly close to my own ratios, plus very low carbs (1 gr per 40 gr stick).

As an alternative to the pepperoni, I recently tried a mix of Macadamia nuts and bacon bits (again to match my macro ratios). That worked very well indeed. If Macadamias weren’t so expensive I’d eat them every day.

(Brian) #14

Never have. Don’t plan to start.

I eat real foods, including fatty ones, meat, fish, dairy and eggs, sometimes an avocado (guacamole is good eats). I use real butter and real cream. I do use some oil for cooking, various kinds, but usually avocado, olive or coconut, depending on the taste I want.

I also have some butter and cream whipped into my coffee in the morning with an immersion blender, not a lot, but mostly for taste.

But chugging oil, no thanks.

(Full Metal Keto) #15

I always suck on the spoon after I dip into the coconut oil jar. :yum: But I don’t just consume oil or butter straight.


@amwassil Adding protein sounds interesting, will have to give that a try.

(Carl Keller) #17

I take a tsp of CO in my morning coffee, every day… for long term brain health and because it seems to jumpstart my morning.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #18

No oil swigging here. Never have.

(Bunny) #19

Swigging oils; only if it is extra virgin cold pressed and never more than amount of leafy green intake in ratio, lots of science behind that e.g. crosstalk between gut, liver and peripheral metabolic tissues under 4 metabolic states; SCFA, MCFA, LPS-expressing vs. non-expressing bacteria contribute to gut impermeability, low intestinal and hepatic inflammation, and non-obesogenic/steatogenic nutrient supply etc.


Well, I’m currently starting the day with my water, then a tblsp of raw Siberian pine nut oil (a temporary medicinal supplementation, for nervous system stamina). After that, I put one tblsp of coconut oil in my morning huge tea/coffee mug with a little cream, then linger sipping it for a good while.

The coconut oil makes a nice oil slick that I slurp, so that’s a form of swigging. :joy:

The point of the coconut oil is MCTs, which are used immediately as ketones in the brain, and this is fabulous for mental clarity and brain function. I encourage everyone to experiment with using coconut oil and/or ghee specifically for morning brainz, and overall neurological wonders.