Actual cod LIVER anyone?

(German Ketonian) #1

Cod liver oil is great for Omega-3 and many people in this forum seem to use it. Anyone ever used actual cod liver (the oil and the organ)?

I use this stuff regularly. I comes in small 120g tins (just like tuna). Ingredients are nothing but pure cod liver (98%) and salt.

I mainly apply it as a “salad dressing” (since it’s pure oil with a little bit of protein from the organ). One tin contains 500kcals (52f, 6p, 0c).

Just pour it over the salad, a bit of salt, pepper, vinegar… delicious! The only thing is: you really have to wash yourself rigorously, otherwise you’ll reek of slightly racid, fishy fat for hours!

Does everyone take a large swig of oil in the morning, or smaller swigs during the day?
(Omar) #2

do you have a picture for the cover ?

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(Chris) #4

I bought 10 cans on a whim off amazon, just ate one. It was good! No lie. Much better than sardines flavor wise. But the tin was about 70% oil. Very little smell. I read on the amazon reviews people where using hard boiled eggs to mix in and soak up the oil. Will try something like that next time

(Ken) #5

A little Cod Liver Oil rubbed into leather brings out that nice leather smell. After I treat my leather with my beeswax, tallow and pork fat mixture, I rub a tiny bit of Cod Liver Oil in.

(aka Nick) #6

I’ve really been enjoying my smoked herring every day. I’d give cod liver a try just to mix things up! I’ll add some to my next amazon basket. Any recommendations on brand?

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In the spirit of carnivore, I just dumped the can over 16 oz of burger in a bowl. Delicious. If I was a salad kind of guy, it would totally work there too

(aka Nick) #9

Here’s a bit of the ol’ science for you liver-lovers. :yum:

I do a lot of pressure canning of meats myself, and for something like cod liver the required pressure is 10psi and the steam temperature is around 240 degrees Fahrenheit and total cooking time is 90 minutes. I was curious about the lipid oxidation of the omega 3’s relative to fresh cod liver. As luck would have it, somebody got a grant to investigate just that very thing! The reason I’m curious about it is that I’ve read that “fish pill” supplements are often so oxidised they provide no benefit, and there is mounting evidence that they do no provide the health benefits that fresh fish does.

Turns out, lipid oxidation was low, especially in the solids, and heavy metal concentrations were tiny. I’m buying a 10-pack. :smile:

(traci simpson) #10

I actually take a tsp of actual cod liver oil every day. Not a fan of the texture but its just a tsp.

(Karim Wassef) #11

I LOVE this stuff!