August Fat Burnin'


I sure do, great idea, I’m heading for the bottle now!


Tuesday morning here. Had a lot of fun watching the solar eclipse. It was really neat watching it slowly progress. The daylight fades enough that the post lights came on. All the birds had stopped singing and the locust had all started up. And 5th temperature dropped. It was also a very social experience with faculty and students sharing glasses, laughing and just coming and going. And then it was back to work.

Yesterday was a feast day for me. I did two meals and that worked well for me. Today I am going to fast and hopefully see my bg come down another step on the ladder towards normal. Have a great day.


Happy fasting to you @irishred, this is my day 5 and I’m still not sure if I will end it this evening or wait until tomorrow and make it a 6 day fast…when I think of the HGH and autophagy, lipolysis of visceral fat and working on defeating the insulin resistance, well, I may have to hang in there for another day.
I’ll be so busy prepping for vacation, and we have guests this evening, leaving early in the AM. I think it’s doable.

I hope your fast day is a breeze and thos BG readings come into line for you sooner rather than later. Enjoy the simplicity.


Hello @irishred, @Helewisa and everyone. I am back to fasting today, after waking up with a 5 lb weight gain and a bg of 214. I had been waffling between starting today or tomorrow, but today it is. I will be busy this morning with a meeting for work and taking my daughter to get her splint replaced with a real cast, running kids to performance camp this afternoon, and playing organ for church tonight, so it should be a relatively quick day. I plan to fast until Friday around 8 PM (that’s about the time I finished eating yesterday, so count that as the start of the fast). That gives me a little time to recover before I have to be anywhere Saturday afternoon. Sunday we have a birthday party here, and I have a doctor appointment Tuesday.

I was thinking it would be best to have a few days off of fasting before that doctor appointment. Does anyone know how many “eating days” there should be before having blood tests done so as not to throw off the cholesterol count etc.?


Did the ginger oil help?


Yes, it did, great thinking. Thank you!
Now I’m in a whirl of business, prepping for vacation, and I have stopped to take a try at making keto bread that looks like real bread…? I hope it will turn out well.
Planning to slice it into portions and take with me!

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If your bread turns out good, I’d love to have the recipe :grinning:. I’ve yet to find a good one. I think it’s because I’m still expecting it to taste like real bread :wink:.


I’m hoping it will be wonderful, of course. But my almond flour is not the best sort, very granular. Also, being me, I already deviated and used some oat fiber in addition to the vital wheat gluten. Time will tell. I’ll keep you posted!
Actually, this is the link, in-forum

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Cholesterol Code Dave has correlated the 3 days of eating prior to a test with affecting cholesterol results.


Have a wonderful vacation!


That’s true. I don’t know if I could eat that many calories, though. That would be interesting to try sometime.

(Khara) #432

Ya, I’m not suggesting you do his experiment but just showing that he has found a correlation with the 3 days prior. If I wanted an accurate reading I’d try and keep my 3 days prior as close to my normal eating as possible. Tricking the system is a while nother topic!


Sounds like you’ve got a really good plan in place!

I also thought I had no “off” switch when I started keto and even gained a few pounds at one point.

But I did Keep Calm and Keto On and now, after eight months, I’ve lost weight and just don’t want to eat as much as before. The IFing definitely helps me understand hunger better, and I believe the carb-induced desire to Eat All The Freakin Time just wears off after eating this way for awhile.


Thank you so, so much for saying this…I need to have hope that my thinking and cravings will be abated if I just stay the course. Whew!

OK, wait, I don’t want to stop thinking, it’s the obsessing that I’m referring to! :wink:


I suppose a lot of things are sort of “tricked” anyway by this “dietary hack” that keto and fasting are. For instance, my HbA1c could get down to a pre-diabetic or non-diabetic range if I fast enough, while in reality if I am eating the normal keto diet, my glucose readings are definitely diabetic, all the time. But eventually hopefully the exception becomes the rule, and the readings become good because I really have reached a healthy place. Nice to think of.


Update, my experiment with this recipe was a failure. I will definitely need the nice almond flour, not this NOW brand almond meal, called “flour”.
I also didn’t use a gram scale and mucked around w/ approximate oz. equivalents. Don’t forget my addition of oat fiber too. So…try, try again!
Next time I’m going to do it exactly as it is written. I’m hoping for fantastic, just like the photos. Mmmmm, bread and BUTTER!

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Well you look awesome and it’s apparent you’re feeling so much better. I hope your numbers will soon follow! :+1:t3:




I know it’s pricy, but I just got an order of rolls and bagels from Fox Hill Kitchens and wow, really good. If you have time, you might try – they express mail everything.


oooh, what’s the carb load on those?