August Fat Burnin'

(Doug) #401

Agreed! The benefit of reading like-minded people’s posts is larger than I expected. Something you said yesterday…

Yes. Patience being a huge and necessary virtue. Easy for me to say that, harder in practice.


You had a terrific Zorn fast! Congratulations on doing it. Noe the tough part of staying keto strong as you move on down the road to the next work site. When your co-worker is wanting to eat, drink and be merry just imagine all of us are sitting on your shoulder waiting for you to share your keto fest with us. We want meat, butter, and not that other carnage. Don’t be swayed by trying to fit in. You are the one making the smart choices. Listen and you will hear all of us cheering you on. Enjoy your work in Niagra Falls (hopefully not actually in it).

(Sonia A.) #403

Maybe you should try cooking less palatable food. I find that eating simple foods makes me eat less than elaborate recipes.


What a wonderful trip that sounds like. I bet Maine will be beautiful. And I love those type of peaceful vacations where you get to settle in and just be. Should also make it realitively simple to stay keto. I think I might be jealous lol.


That is so funny! I wish it were that simple, but I can overeat keto without ever turning on the stove/oven! Pepperoni and cream cheese, butter and cream w/ more cream cheese and cacao…these are the things that call to me, so to speak. Even when I am busy cooking up some eggs and bacon, I sometimes begin to graze on these and then find I just want more and more…
One day I will be healed of this craziness, I just know it.
For now, I think that I have got to be sure and keep it keto first of all. Secondly, the IF is very easy for me to maintain daily. And finally, having some extended day fasts will continue to help me explore more about what is going on psychologically with the food/addiciton issue.
In the mean time, by keeping these three strategies/tools in my life, I think I can find some real healing and build slowly on each success. Failures are for learning as well, and I accept that as part of the road to travel.
I want to make KCKO mantra something that I really hold onto and not just a quirky saying. I truly believe that peace and “trusting in the process”, (as is all too often said) is really a major ingredient for long term success.

(Sonia A.) #406

I’m sorry that you’re struggling so much. It’s however good that you found some strategies to cope with your addiction. I’m pretty sure keto and fasting are the best way to help, but it’s great to see you address those issues on a deeper level. You’re amazingly strong, you’ll get there. May your journey be less hard than you expect.


Focus only on today and it becomes more manageable. You have a great plan and your commitment shines through. And it doesn’ t hurt that we are all here ready to cheer you on!


Monday. The first day of a new semester. I did a 36 hour fast and ended it with a tremendous breakfast of eggs and sausage that will hopefully carry me until supper. Lots of lovely fat. My fasting bg this morning was a fantastic 106 (dawn phenomenon), my ketones are up (0.047% BAC), and I woke up to face another year. Yup, life is pretty good. What will everyone be doing during the solar eclipse today? I will be teaching during the noon hour but will be able to catch it at its peak. Just need to remember to take my glasses with me. Have a super fabulous day!


Thanks to you and Sonia for the cheers. It means so very much.
Today, on my last day of work before vacation :stuck_out_tongue: ,I will be…well, I’m a travelling (home health) nurse, so, perhaps with a patient, or perhaps out in the car. However I have no glasses with which to take a peek and and there will only be a partial eclipse here in Maine anyway.

Have a wonderful keto/fast day everyone!

(Doug) #410

Good job on that 106 blood sugar, Irishred. Seeing those numbers come down is enormously satisfying.

The eclipse - will take a look but also anticipate good pictures and videos of it. Should be quite a few people with great equipment and ideal conditions.


@Helewisa Or more fat? I found after the 7 day fast I cannot eat as much as I did before. Maybe half! It is a strange feeling I never understood before keto and fasting, that a person can be so full they literally cant eat another bite. Maybe your longer duration fasts will improve leptin sensitivity and give you strong “I am full” signals.

(Sonia A.) #412

You’re so lucky. After a long fast, I’m often feeling ravenous. After a couple of days, it passes.


More fat…well, I can eat so much of what most people would say is "disgusting, that I’m not sure more fat is what I nedd. But, I’d eat it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can literally eat a spoonful of butter, then another and then eat a spoon of cold bacon “nectar”, all while preparing bacon and eggs!
I’ve seen my fat grams be as high as 158 some days, and that’s on a 20:4 IF day.

However, when you mention Leptin…yes, there are so many factors, hormones and no doubt so much imbalance in my body. I’m hoping for better, and will just keep at it. I can’t recall off the top of my head, but leptin is usually “down regulated” by hyperinsulinemia, I think? And leptin is about satiety…? arg, I’d better read some more. I’m still trying to get my head out of my work day and settle on my plan for vacation prep!


I don’t know much about hormones, but I know they are interconnected, and that fasting has a huge effect on insulin. I do know that leptin is the satiety hormone, the opposite of ghrelin that makes you feel hungry. It makes sense that the rest you give your system when fasting would allow some healing to happen there.


I am actually getting annoyed by how easily I’m getting full, because I was planning to enjoy eating a lot more than this. I think maybe my body is telling me to fast some more.


Well, for anyone who is playing along, it seems like my glucose is doing its typical upward climb on eating days. I started lower though because of how far I got down during the fast, so maybe it won’t make it up as high as it was before. (Esp. if I cut it short with a new fast.) It is trending up.

Morning (fasting overnight) BG Day 1 (post fast): 132
Day 2: 171
Day 3: 201

During the 7-day fast, my morning numbers had looked like this:

(The blue triangle is the fasting timer)

Another fast will begin soon, either tomorrow or Wednesday. I can’t say I’m really excited about that, but I just feel like it has to happen.

In other news, I have only gained two pounds back.

Since starting to eat again I’ve had some dizzy spells, and I think I figured out the cause: too much thiamine supplementation. I didn’t take many supplements while fasting for fear of an upset stomach and that they wouldn’t be absorbed well anyway. But I had been wanting to try thiamine to see if it would help lower blood glucose, so I started it on these eating days. I had learned about this from a study where they used a high dose. (I posted it somewhere, maybe show me the science.) They never mentioned if any of the subjects got dizzy, but I looked it up and that is one possible side effect of thiamine. I wonder if it causes acid reflux too, since that was a problem the last couple days.
It was either that or the Swerve I put in some whipped cream I made.

Otherwise, I feel very tired and lethargic. It has been hard to make myself do things around the house. I am sleeping more too. Maybe I just need rest. But it might have to do with rising glucose levels. I feel icky thinking about that going on in my body right now. It takes the fun out of eating keto when you know that it is still going to make blood sugar go up. I feel so cheated!

I am so impatient for lasting results. Sigh. I know. KCKO and fast some more.


Evening Darcy,
That graph is such a clear tool, what an impressive change!
I too wonder, just how long and how many long fasts, until BG begins to behave better. I saw my FBG readings go right back up again as well, and I just think that it is all about slow and steady.

It’s hard when you can see these amazing results as shown on your graph, but perhaps, if you keep track and look at this as your N=1, the graph will continue to show improvements as the weeks and months roll by? I believe that is what would happen anyway.

The lethargy does sound like the elevation of BG to me, and what a frustration for you. I say eat some yummy, fatty things, relax, trust in what you’re doing and yes, KCKO. Just imagine what this graph may look like by the New Year! I know I would love to see how you progress. You are doing amazing work!


Thanks Helewisa, you too!


OK, it’s the end of day 4 and I have to say…I’m looking forward to breaking the fast. But, perhaps by morning I’ll feel swell again. Not that I feel bad, just thinking the mag citrate supplement hit my tummy a bit hard this afternoon and now it aches.
Sleepy Time tea and early to bed. I was wide awake at 4am today!
20 hours to go!


Do you have any ginger essential oil? That stuff saves me all the time when I feel nauseous or even for diahrrhea. Just rub it on the tummy in the area that is having discomfort.