August Fat Burnin'


5 g total carbs, 3 net carbs per bagel. (That’s minus 2 g fiber, no sugar alcohols.)


Oops CORRECTION: 10 total carbs, 7 fiber, so still 3 net carbs. The rolls are 2 net carbs.


Failed bread…see that almond meal…that is NOT almond flour. I have to cough up the cash for the good stuff!


Darn, it looks like it’d be great with a pat of butter… bummer!


Actually, since I’m still fasting, I rushed a couple of butter coated chunks to my husband, he loved it! So, not a total fail I guess.


Thanks Helewisa! I hope your day went well. Did you end up fasting through? It is great how you have powered through so many days. And now you will be off for your vacation. Travel safely!


Darcy, I think I remember the suggestion being made to eat 2 or 3 days before getting your blood work done. I hope your fast goes well. It will be interesting to see how you do after a quick turn around. Hated to see your bg rebounded so much. Hope it drops back down quickly. Each fast should add to your downward movement.


Real bread? I wonder what that tastes like? :wink:


Looks good to me too! With a healthy bit of butter I bet it would be yummy, but agree it probably would be better with almond flour.


Ah yes, I have powered through.
But get this, I made some (not so perfect) keto bread, then baked my chocolate keto cake (to have Thursday night), made a pan of NOT keto treats for husband and neighbors, then made my husband dinner…turkey burgers on arugula w/ homemade pesto, noodles w/ shredded cheddar, sour cream and butter and some buttered broccoli.
Powering through, AND eating vicariously through others :stuck_out_tongue:


I am at 24 hours fasting and my bg dropped to 78. Happy dance! Just wish I wasn’t hungry. For some reason I am wanting to chew on something in a major way tonight. May have to go to bed early if it does not let up.


Hooray for the fasting and the great BG reading as well. I think sleep is a wonderful way to keep from eating, as long as I’m tired enough! More salt, more water. Maybe a nice cup of tea. That’s how I usually handle a fasting evening.


Thanks. Hopefully the lower bg’s from the fast will start to stick after a while. It’s amazing how much better I feel after 23 hours of fasting (that counts the hours asleep last night). I noticed for a little while this afternoon I was crabby, and I got a little bit dizzy for a bit, but a couple hours later I felt energized and the brainfog had lifted. If only I could manage to not ever eat, I’d feel just great. Ha.


Now that is strong fasting muscles, making but not tasting the bread while fasting!

(Sonia A.) #455

Thanks @Helewisa for the updates on the bread. Your loaf doesn’t look that bad and the taste is what counts :wink:. I’ll definitely try it. But I’ll leave it to a time when I crave it. Fortunately, I don’t have cravings at the moment. Fasting and Keto are pretty satisfying.

@irishred I’d love to forget it, that’d be awesome :grinning:. I have to confess that what I miss more is making bread, not really eating it (well, just a little bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I’ve just finished my fasted workout (jogging for 40 mn, 3.5 km). I feel great. I’m proud of myself, I’ve been consistent lately.


I think that when you feel the brain fog lifting it is actually your bg falling below a certain level. I know I have experienced the same thing. As I become more in tune with my body I notice the fog rolling in as my bg is getting high. But I also notice myself improving as it starts back down again. I think the break point for me is around 150/160. How are you doing today?


Wow! You should be proud of that level of exercising fasted. Most of us would melt in a puddle by the end of the block. I experimented with adding exercise when I was first diagnosed with diabetes, but it was counter productive and significantly raised my bg. I finally decided I needed to wait until I had the bg down and stable and then I will gently start to add it back in. How are you doing today?


Just ended my 36 hour fast with eggs and sausage made with lots of extra fat. Yum! I am feeling really good this week and I think it has really helped going back to a more pronounced fast then feast cycle. I haven’t lost any weight for quit awhile, but clearly my body is adapting to ketosis well. My fasting bg this morning was 87. I feel alert and happy. Sleeping well. My ketones using cheap breath analyzer are up to 0.044% BAC which seems to be a good solid indicator of rising ketosis. And I have been keeping my carbs at my goal of 20 or below very consistently. It really helps me to keep recording in myfitnesspal. One of my tricks to stay on top of my Day is to plan out what I am going to eat at the beginning of the day in myfitnesspal and make adjustments if my plan doesn’t look so hot. I know I won’t need to do this forever, or even want to, but for now this is a key in my success in bringing down my bg. I want it all. I want my weight to fall off and to get thinner. But I know it will take time. But my focus must stay on the main prize…normal bg that is stabilized. That is where my long term health lies. I have a soon to be 15 year old son who will need the love and support of his mom for many, many more years to come.

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Irishred, you’re doing great :+1:. I’m happy for you, that bg is amazing. You’re right to prioritise your health over your weight loss. It’ll come, that’s what I’m telling myself. There’s nothing like the feeling that Keto brought into my life, I wholeheartedly agree. I’m feeling really good too.

As for exercise and bg, it’s funny how we’re all different. When I was diabetic, exercise lowered my bg by half. It was a useful tool (with fasting) to get rid of diabetes. Now that I’m healed, exercise raises my bg, go figure :thinking:. But I’m not worried, it’s normal.

I hope everyone is doing as good or better than us :grinning:.


That is a great description for what I am noticing as well. I took my blood glucose in the evening and it was 143. That was a few hours after the fog had cleared, so it could have even been around that 150-160 zone where I noticed it, I just didn’t take a reading then.

I’m doing all right, a little headache but I had an interrupted night. (I am drinking my morning Berocca in lieu of coffee during fasting, that usually helps blow away the morning headache on days like this.) I woke up with one of my toes throbbing painfully. Once in a while I get pain that is usually related to a sharp corner of a toenail poking my skin, and my nerves hyper-react because of neuropathy. This was worse than ever before, and I wonder if it could actually be a sign of nerves healing. So I was up doing a little pedicure at 3 AM, taking some ibuprofen, putting on essential oils and finally getting back to sleep. So that was fun. I slept in a little this morning though. My morning bg is 191. I had hoped it would drop below 200 right away, and it did.

Grocery shopping has to happen today. That used to be so difficult during a fast, but now it doesn’t phase me much. What I do hate is when I catch a whiff of good smells from the bakery or deli. Yesterday I had to go into an italian place to get my kids some dinner (special day, they got an indulgence). That garlic in the air was overwhelming. Anyway, clipping coupons should keep me busy today for a little while.