August Fat Burnin'


August starts tomorrow and as it is always hot, hot, hot here during the month of August I am picturing my body fat melting away for the next 31 days. I am planning on doing 36 hour fasts on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursdays as my baseline utilizing ketogenic feasts on eating days. What are you planning for the month? Do you want to meet up here to encourage each other this month? Happy Monday and the end of July!

(Doug) #2

Three 36 hour fasts a week is ambitious, Irishred - go for it! I really liked the Zornfast this month, and as they are normally the third week of each month, was thinking that the first week of each month would be a good time to do something as well. Only had a couple cups of black coffee today so far, and I think I’ll let that be it.

:slightly_smiling_face: Ha! Heck yes…

(jilliangordona) #3

Weee! I have doing a rather complicated fasting regimen to try and utilize and fuel my workouts!

Monday: dinner only
Tuesday: fast
Wednesday: feast
Thursday: fast
Friday dinner only
Weekend feasts.

If anyone has any feedback on this plan let me know! I do full body weights Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, yoga Thursday and Sunday, and running/HIIT Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

(Jeff Davis) #4

I don’t have any feedback, but I am definitely curious to hear how it works for you.

(jilliangordona) #5

Me too! While I enjoy keto… I have not lost much weight at all. I feel better, and lost an inch or two… but that’s it. Time for some trial and error!

(Doug) #6

Jillian, that looks like quite a nicely varied schedule to me. Of course everybody’s different, but if it’s easy and satisfying enough for you, then I have to think it’s a winner. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jeremy Storie) #7

I started an extended fast yesterday evening and plan on breaking it with an egg fast. Historically I have lost more weight and kept it off with an egg fast vs a water fast. Hopefully I’ll get a double whammy of weight loss :grin:


Wow, I wonder why that is? I keep toying with the idea of doing an egg fast, but then I always decide plain ol’ fasting would work better. This intrigues me…

Do you feel less hungry on an egg fast? Do you limit portions/calories?

(Jeremy Storie) #9

I don’t follow the traditional egg fast. I still skip breakfast like I usually do and average around 8 eggs a day with 8 tablespoons of butter and or bacon nectar. I sometimes add a little cheese but I try to not over do it. I find I get hungry faster between meals on the egg fast than traditional keto but I love eggs and don’t really get tired of them. With water fasting I tend to bounce back some of the weight but the egg fast tends to hold more steady.


Thanks for the info. I think I will try it this week!

Especially since we just bought 4 dozen farm fresh eggs, including duck eggs!


Doug it sounds like you are off to a great start for the month. I did 5 days earlier this month with one meal in the middle before I went on vacation. My body was very unhappy with me. I think I need to wait for a Zorn fast for awhile. I actually like three 36 he fasts. Basically fast all day Sunday, eat Monday, fast all day Tuesday, eat Wednesday, fast all day Thursday, and then eat Friday and Saturday. I can do it without thinking too much and it fits my social priorities with my family. Pretty bad when you plan your life around going out to eat Friday night and having lunch out on Saturday with my teenage son but life is verrry good!


Jillian, I think it looks good. The cool part of using if is that we can all tweak the pattern to meet our own needs. Looking forward to sharing the month with you!


How long an extended fast are you going to do? I have not tried an egg fast. How many eggs do you eat per day? I like eggs but probably not enough to eat only eggs. Will be looking forward to cheering you on this month!


Do duck eggs taste any different? Let us know if you try the egg fast as I will be curious how you like it and your results.


I think this fasting.feasting schedule looks like a good plan, and I may give it a try myself. The way you have it mapped out looks good and the weekends are always a good time to allow for feasting.

I’m definitely not as active as you, but I do enjoy weight training and yoga, haven’t done any HIIT in a while. I’m kind of in a “healing phase” and trying not to over stress my body as I get back into ketosis.

Best wishes, I’ll post again if this is working out for me, and look forward to your progress as well!


How many days do you fast on the egg fast? I have been toying with this idea as well, but, I’m not sure if this would help me to move out of a stall, and many say it helps to quell the desire for sweets as well (sugar/carb junky in recovery) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(jilliangordona) #17

I al only extra active in preparation for an upcoming obstacle course race! Thanks for the well wishes and same to you!


I found my own comfort pattern just by experimenting. Look at just one week and make a commitment to adding some fasting for that week. Be sure to let us know how you are doing.


After being knocked out of ketosis (probably by medication - metformin), I am ready to take measures to get back in! So I also am starting a fast (started today) and hoping to keep it going through Friday PM. I always reserve the right to change plans, though, depending on whether I am feeling well and energized or not. I’m excited to be entering another fast as the previous ones have made me feel healthy and recharged. Looking forward to following others fasting this week as well!


Hi Darcy! Will be cheering you on this week. It’s amazing how you feel better as your body clears out the overload of glucose with fasting.