Another post about not losing weight


I will absolutely share progress as soon as I see it! I am trying to be more active, instead of just focusing on diet. Because at this point, if I change my diet drastically or cut too much, I think I won’t be feeling good or being healthy anymore- which is the whole idea. I do really love the keto diet(lifestyle) and plan to stick with it because it feels so good for me. I think because I have been at a healthy weight for my height that could be the reason for not losing any weight, although not seeing any fat loss is perplexing. I will definitely cut out snacks though. My general consensus is that I need a caloric deficit of some kind- and I don’t want to cut caloric intake, so I will be focusing on burning calories instead along with eating a little more and having less frequent meals.

I definitely haven’t thought once that I should stop the keto diet. I cannot believe how much better I feel. I have so much more energy, good mood, almost no anxiety (which is a miracle, as I have PTSD), and my body feels more efficient. I finally have control over my mind again. I was hoping the keto diet was a magic fix, and it definitely is- just not in the weight loss department. But I’m not giving up! I haven’t had the weight transformation I’d hoped for, but an absolute mental/emotional transformation that has changed my life.

On a side note- I do recall a doctor tell me years ago that there was a European study on autistic children where they cut out gluten to see if they had less panic attacks, and low and behold- there was apparently a huge decrease. So since then I have cut out gluten and it seemed to help a little with my crippling anxiety, but when I started keto and cut out all grains/starchy carbs, my anxiety is practically eliminated. My anxiety used to be so bad for so many years that most days I could hardly function. And now? I am not only functioning, but I’m doing things I never thought I could do. All without a scrap of anxiety plaguing my life. I do think sugar plays a huge role in anxiety as well, which makes perfect sense why I have no anxiety with the keto diet.


This is so great to hear – I’ve really begun to question how much of the anxiety and depression that people feel is purely physical and related to diet.

I was just browsing the other threads in the Stall point section – it’s really perplexing how many of us experience this stalling issue, and there don’t seem to be a whole lot of suggestions on how to break through. I’m all for patience, but after 6 months at the same weight, I’ll be ready to break out a scalpel.

One thing that was reported to work was to change things up. Move the eating window around, don’t do OMAD every day, change calories, etc. I wonder if a “reboot” would work – binge on carbs, get completely out of ketosis, and then come back in? (I may be able to report on this – I just ended a 3 day EF, went to a party last night, drank like a fiend, and went back to OMAD today. I took on some water weight, but I’m curious what the scales will say in 2 days.)

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Good point, Dave (I’m assuming that is your name. :slightly_smiling_face:) I bet for a significant portion of the population, it’s a factor. I get somewhat of a “lightness of being” feeling when really staying away from carbohydrates, and much less of the loaded-down, burdened, tired and irritable feelings that my former diet gave me. I do think that I was really struggling against it.

Some post-fast water weight gain will occur, but how much fat, if any, are you going to put on due to that one day with the party? I’m betting none or close to it.


That’s a great way to describe it! Some mornings, I’m so serene, I find myself thinking, “wait a minute, I must be forgetting something I need to be stressed about.”

Agreed. Actually, this morning I was able to button a shirt collar that I couldn’t only a week ago, so i’m thinking no added fat.

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If I may suggest…start drinking black coffee with no fibre supplement. You’ll get used to it and enjoy it.
Instead of the liquid carb/fat coffee, add an Avacado to your breakfast regiment. More nutritional value per macro…plus it has fibre galore to keep you moving smoothly.
My perfect breakfast is eggs/bacon/old cheddar/avacado/black coffee… Try it.:grinning:


Just a comment on your lunch- I’m UK so don’t know if cottage cheese is different in US, but here it’s quite low fat but has more carbs than say a cheddar cheese, if you can get it. I have cheddar, brie or a dutch cheese, usually about 0.5 carbs/ 100g, much more satisfying… & then a leafy salad, with mayo or some sort of oily dressing rather than the tomatoes, you can have more than the tomatoes for less carbs, & more filling? & maybe with your dinner add either butter or a creamy, cheesy sauce to the asparagus to get the fats up. Unless you want to give the less dairy a go, like others have suggested! High dairy has been okay for me so far.
I can understand you having a weight in mind, I’m 5’1", have lost 7 lbs or more with keto, down to 112 lbs, it really shows. I’m finding it hard to let go of a target weight myself, but I am seeing more muscle , with not that much exercise, so am looking to up the exercise, improve my body fat ratio & learn to be happy with the weight I am… Good luck, it’s great that mentally you’re feeling better, I hope that you find something which works for you!


So now my question is, if I were to cut out dairy, what could I eat during the day to get macros/calories? I have read conflicting information online as to how much protein is too much, as some sources are saying too much protein can lead to weight gain/no weight loss. I find it rather confusing that in order to lose weight on the keto diet, I should be cutting out dairy, which is kind of a staple with the keto diet. What can I eat?!?! I’m now confused as to what I should be eating and it appears that the keto diet is going to be more restricting than I first thought. It’s a little overwhelming that I have to eat more calories, eat more fat, and cut out dairy according to suggestions (which I AM grateful for!) when I still have to be careful of veggies with carbs. Do I just eat butter and meats? Or would butter now be off limits due to it being dairy? Anyone care to show me a sample day of meals to send me in the right direction?

I thought I was ‘doing keto’ right, but now I’m questioning that. Like I’ve previously mentioned, my partner eats nearly 4k calories a day, does cheat occasionally, and eats plenty of dairy and even fruit and any excess weight has literally melted off of him- and he wasn’t large or overweight to begin with. That leaves me frustrated when I am excruciatingly strict, and have limited my portions very carefully and I haven’t lost a pound or seen any physical change. Am I doing keto wrong, or am I just broken??? Even if I have been doing keto wrong, surely I’d see a pound or two difference with the change of diet within the last 5 months… I am beginning to think that losing any weight is going to be near impossible without restricting my diet even further, which is a little disheartening. Could I just have some weird medical condition I don’t know about that could cause my weight to literally stay the same no matter what? I am feeling as if I am destined to feel uncomfortable with my body. I just want to be a little less jiggly. I apologize if I come across as whiney, it is just exasperating.

I do prefer to have at least butter in my coffee, because for some reason it seems to hit me slower and last longer than if I drink coffee by itself, where I tend to get jittery. I can give up coffee altogether if the butter is hindering me from losing weight. At this point I’m willing to do just about anything to feel like I have control over my body like I have control over my mind.


You could try no dairy- it gets suggested a lot, but if it’s a toss-up between having dairy & or not being able to do keto, & you’re maintaining & not putting on weight, you’re not overweight either so health-wise don’t need to lose, just be patient & enjoy the energy & well-being for a bit longer! It’s up to you, I couldn’t do this without dairy myself, I’m with you on that! You haven’t done keto wrong! It could just be that you need extra time to heal metabolically, especially if you’ve been on restricted diets before. It gets said a lot that women especially have a harder time losing weight because of all the extra hormone influences.
Rather than the dairy, maybe try upping the calories, cutting out the snacks, keep your carbs to strict under 20g (I noticed when I first tried keto if mine crept up & went nearer 30g that was it for me…), up the exercise if you can.

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Check out Leanne Vogal. She does no dairy Keto and has meal plans.


darn your entire day of eating is a snack.

the snacking is keeping your insulin elevated all day so you keep in storage mode and that with low calories has you in a conflict of high insulin and low calories saying to body we don’t get much so store it all.

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All of your wording here is the same problem. Rigid control, small portions, “burning calories” with exercise, caloric deficit.

All of these things are based on the same, “Eat less, move more” that we’ve had preached at us from the time we were young. All of them are part of a branch of CICO (calories in, calories out) and it doesn’t work.

The good news is, you’re not doing terrible about calories. You want to be up towards the higher end more often and over it. And, you want more fat. But, if you’re counting all carbs, not all carbs contribute to a calorie count. Keep that in mind.

1377kcal Daily Calorie Intake (this is a goal, going over is fine.)

20g Carbs (6%, 80 kcal) (most people count net carbs, this is a limit.)

66g Protein (19%, 264 kcal) (this is a soft goal/limit. Going over or under occasionally is fine.)

115g Fat (75%, 1033 kcal) (eat fat to satiety, if you can’t go between 2 meals without being hungry for a snack, you needed more fat at the previous meal. Fat is good, it is energy. This is a goal until you start recognizing hunger signals.)

As far as cutting dairy goes, it could help or not. Ghee and coconut oil are good, ghee can be made at home from butter very easily. Olive oil is another option.

Exercise is fine but, it’s more important for muscle building and body maintenance than for fat loss.

I’ve also left a couple topics below to look at for more research and good info.

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I have been trying to figure this out for over a year. I’d love to hear a podcast on this.


Wow, that makes sense! I don’t think I have eaten enough calories the entirety of being on keto. If I should be eating 1300+. I also find myself not hungry, so maybe that is a sign my metabolism is slowed down. I will try cutting out dairy, I forgot about using coconut oil instead of butter! I feel kind of stupid, seeing as how when I do eat salad- romaine with grilled salmon, avocado and coconut oil as dressing. If you haven’t tried it yet, coconut oil is superb as a salad dressing. Perhaps I should be eating this salad more often! I think keto is more complicated and different than I realized… I will certainly try cutting dairy for now and eating more calories, refrain from snacking, and still keep the hard carb limit. I will keep you all posted on any progress.


one tablespoon of olive oil is 112 calories and 12 g fat, and the salad is a few g of carb so pour on the oil

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #35

If you are fat-adapted, hunger should be a reliable signal of how much energy your body is looking for. In ketosis, satiety is a lack of interest in food that should last through to the next meal (if you need to snack between meals, increase the amount of fat at mealtime). This is why we always stress the notion of eating fat to satiety. Most people find that their body sets the limit at an appropriate level to burn both fat in the diet and excess stored fat.

When I was a sugar-burner, I could literally fill my belly to the bursting point and still be hungry for more; now, as a fat-burner, I lose interest in eating long before I feel stuffed. But I can go much longer between meals now than I could in the old days.

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I’ve been Keto for about 9 weeks. Much like everything else in my life, I’ve had to adjust to what works for me. A calorie deficit is a bad move for me. My body goes into a state of emergency and holds on to the fat. I haven’t figured out how to incorporate IF without a calorie deficit. I followed the standard 75% calories from fat, 20 % protein and 5% carbs but do better on 80% fat and 15% protein. I began this journey to lose weight, but I realize my ideal weight is from a memory and being of a more sound mind and happy disposition is healthier. I felt my waistband on my hips rather than my body last night and it added to my happy. Thank you to everyone’s support.

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If I go OMAD, I definately can’t do it without doing a deficit, but I find TMAD doable. I typically have a smaller meal around 700 calories and a larger second meal around 800-900 calories.
It’s not as much as one would think.
When you consider a quarter pounder meal at McDonalds has 1225 calories and people put those away all the time. An 800 calorie meal starts to seem small.


What does OMAD and TMAD stand for?

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One Meal A Day and Two Meals A Day.


Oh ok, that makes sense now, thank you!