Another post about not losing weight


I have been following a very strict keto diet for almost 5 months now, since February 1. I never go over 30g carbs, and am usually around 20-25g, and I count all carbs as carbs- not just net. The other macros are 52g protein, and 93g fat. My daily caloric intake is anywhere from 1100-1400. I eat clean- whole, all natural, organic and nonGMO, and sparingly use Swerve as sugar replacement very occasionally. I drink plenty of water, have a daily fiber supplement, take vitamins, and I’m somewhat active- ie taking dogs on walks, 15 min daily workouts, lots of work around the house.

My sleep has been just fine, and I stop eating by 7pm before going to bed around midnight. I did try intermittent fasting, but I hated it. I had plenty of heartburn, was exhausted, and worst of all found it triggering seeing as how I used to struggle a great deal with anorexia. It was disappointing and I had to stop as it was making me miserable. I have eaten less nuts than I was before, and I usually eat smaller but more frequent meals. I eat a lot of chicken, no pork, and I don’t care for red meat too often- maybe once a month. The only alcohol I drink is a glass of red wine every once in a while, which is another change that came with the keto diet. I thought for sure giving up mixed drinks and not drinking nearly as often would at least have done something. I was eating fairly healthy before- organic, never any soda, very little sugar (aside for more frequent alcohol), and was already gluten free and somewhat low carb previously.

I haven’t lost a SINGLE pound, nor have my clothes fit any differently. I haven’t seen a single change in my appearance save for clearer skin and healthier hair/nails. The benefits have been limited to how I feel internally- which I am incredibly grateful for, but I have been waiting to see some weight loss for the past 5 months. This is frustrating to me when I am extremely strict on my diet, and see my partner lose plenty of weight almost instantly. It is my understanding that it’s harder and slower for women to lose weight, but I’m in shock at no progress. I do feel better and more energetic on the keto diet, and for that I am in love with it. But I do have some weight to lose- not a lot, I’d prefer to lose about 18 pounds, ideally ending up around 115lbs. I still have a fairly high body fat percentage. I am short and petite, and felt my healthiest at this weight. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, feel very hopeless, and am very discouraged as to why I am not losing even a single pound.

My stats are: F/27yrs/5’0/133lbs.


I’d also like to add that the first couple months I stayed 20g carbs and under.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #3

Do you feel hungry? That’s awefully low calorie range. You could be putting your body in starvation mode and slowing down your metabolism.


I don’t feel very hungry or deprived, especially not like when I was IF. I eat smaller portions though. I listen to my body and eat when hungry. This usually means 3 larger meals and 3 snack-like meals in between.

(Garry (Canada)) #5

Perhaps you could post a days worth of your foods/meals. (Pics?)
We might see something you are not. Something is being overlooked here…
Fibre supplement with hidden carbs?
Taking chewable vitamins with hidden sugars?
Look at everything again if it doesn’t walk, swim, or fly.
Best of luck.

(TJ Borden) #6

Couple thoughts:

First, like @Anniegirl9 mentioned. Calories sound pretty low. It’s possible your metabolism has slowed to match your intake. I’d try eating more.

Second, if you’re hungry for snacks, that likely means you’re not eating enough at meals.

EAT MORE and make it more FAT

(Ron) #7

My macro calculator lists you at 1473 calories daily. This would suggest you have been eating at a deficit and your metabolism has slowed down to conserve the amount it requires to run. It has adjusted to your level of consumption to maintain the same weight. You need to ramp it up so eat more.


Here’s yesterday’s meals: (I know I went over my specified macros for fat.)

2 cups coffee with 2 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 tbps butter each. Forgot to add that I add 2 tsp fiber powder to my first coffee that is 4g total carbs.

1 egg scrambled in 1 tbsp. butter

2 slices bacon

None- sometimes it will be a couple slices Havarti cheese.

1/2 c cottage cheese
5 cherry tomatoes
Black pepper & dill

Mini baybel cheese

3 asparagus spears
Whole roasted chicken thigh


I appreciate all the replies to eat more. I will try that! Thank you.

(Erin Macfarland ) #10

Maybe try cutting out the dairy, and the fiber in your coffee (not sure why you would need it, it can be very irritating to your gut). I recommend upping protein if anything, it helps with satiation, fat loss, and building lean muscle tissue. Are you exercising?


@blakjaxx - you’ve already gotten great feedback, so mine may be redundant.

My opinion is that you are balanced at homeostasis, but at a weight that is higher than your desired weight. And that if you don’t change something, you will remain at your current weight. So what to change?

May I suggest that you eat to satiety during meals and not snack? Fung’s contention is that snacking results in more sustained insulin elevation throughout the day. You’ve already tried IF and hated it, but it would be a change. Maybe you could try delaying or skipping breakfast?

Last thought – you have 115 as a target. Not trying to talk you out of it; however, that’s pretty petite. Potentially sensitive/intrusive question - is that the weight you attained during your struggles with anorexia? If so, it might be difficult to hit.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #12

She stated she was 5’0”. That’s a pretty small frame. 115 is not unrealistically small. At 5’2”, my goal weight is 120, but I’ve been smaller than that many times and never been anerexic or even underweight. And she’s fairly young, so 115 is well within BMI for healthy weight.


@Anniegirl9 - agreed, and i realize it’s a personal question, but she mentioned it earlier so I wanted to ask.

But this brings up a larger issue that seems to recur, based on numerous threads here and elsewhere – getting to homeostasis and settling in at a weight that is higher or lower than a target weight. I just don’t think it is a reasonable expectation that following a Keto WOE will necessarily get you to any target weight. It might get you to a “healthy” weight or an optimal weight, but not necessarily your target weight.

So here’s the question I’d love to see answered - “if I follow the Keto WOE and settle at a weight that is higher than my target, what is the most effective way to lose the remaining weight?”

(LeeAnn Brooks) #14

That’s a valid question.
I know for me I’ve said my goal weight is 120, but at 132ish right now, I will be okay maintaining my current weight.
The reason I’m good with that is because I’m still losing inches, and ultimately the goal is to be smaller, not have a lower number on a scale that is actually arbitrary anyway. The point is to lose mass, not weight. I mean if all I wanted was to lose weight, I could move to a higher altitude.

I think when we come from a LF or other CICO diet, we bring our conception of the ideal weight with us. For example, I was 117 two years ago and rocked skinny jeans.
But if the same jeans fit and look great on me at 127 doing Keto because my body has recompositioned and I’m carrying less fat and more muscle, than I’ve really achieved the goal intended.


Cutting out dairy is possible, but then I would be cutting out a really good source of fat for me. I take fiber to keep me regular. It’s not glamorous, but I usually am slightly constipated. I’ve been like that my whole life, and the fiber is a relief. I can definitely notice when I don’t take it, and it is more irritating that way. I am exercising- I do 15 minute workout videos- I’m not in the best shape yet, but I try to get my heart rate up and work my body. I also walk the dogs for an hour every day. And most days I’m either outside doing yardwork or cleaning inside.


We’ll need pictures to be the judge of that. :slight_smile: NO! I can’t say that! Strike that! Moderators, please have me flogged, I can’t help myself!

Seriously, I need to get comfortable with recomposition – I just completed a 3 day EF – no change on the scales but I can see and feel the reduced fat. Crazy.


Interesting opinion, Daves_Not_Here. I didn’t think of that. Like I said, I don’t want to try IF again, but I can try eliminating snacking and eat a late breakfast/brunch. 115 is a healthy weight I was at before. When I was in treatment with my eating disorder I was 103 at best, and the 12 pound difference is huge on me. With being petite, I notice a huge difference with each pound I gain/lose. I was skeletal at 103, but looked great when I was 115 when I was eating healthy. I am up to 133 after eating a ton of carbs/pasta, not being active and having some depressing emotional/physical difficulties led to gaining the weight. Now that I’m happy and healthy I’d like a chance at getting my body in shape. I am a ‘skinny fat person’ as they say- I am blessed with being petite and not looking super overweight, but I am very high body fat and I am so out of shape due to inactivity that I have a hard time jogging- so I go on brisk long walks to work up to it. I have always had a booty, but I’d like to replace fat with muscle in that sense.


I also don’t care as much about the number on the scale than losing inches and having a little less fat and more muscle. My goal weight is a very loose guide to where I had ideal proportions of fat/muscle. I couldn’t care less if I stay the same weight but lose size/fat.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #19

I hear you. Never had an ED but am thin but carrying around a belly and high trigs. Don’t know if weight loss or recomposition is the answer. But I am seven weeks in and plan on staying Keto.


Totally understand – and it seems like the difference becomes more pronounced the closer you get to your target. Even for me at 185. I just lost 5 pounds and I can’t believe how visible it is. When you get to 115 I imagine it will seem like night and day compared to 133. I hope you’ll post your progress and give your opinion on what worked to break your stall.