A really extended fast: going for 46-days!

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I have been LCHF for 20 months, down 80 pounds and all of my blood tests are great so I am happy. Still want to lose some more weight but have been plateaued for a while probably due to heavy snacking. Yes, those fat bombs and other treats really do add up!

I started serious fasting last August with a 5-day fast and have done several other fasts up to 9-days since then. Now I am going to really challenge myself with Lent starting tomorrow!

We know that the longest recorded fast was 382 days in the '60’s so I am not going for that record but 40-46 days would be quite a feat. I am not saying I will make it all the way as I know from past fasts that the mental problem, I like to eat, will haunt me as I progress. I will fight to endure.

Looking for some encouragement and maybe some friends to follow along on occasion for this really extended fast.
I am having blood work done tomorrow at the beginning of the fast and plan to do it again when I decide to quit just to see what the results are. I will weigh myself everyday when at home, I travel some for business, and will test my glucose and ketones every morning.

If requested I will give updates as I progress.

Here is to a great fast and making new friends!

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Wow! Kudos to you. I’ll enjoy watching your journey.


I will definitely want updates!


Here’s a log of a man who completed a 40 day fast.


Weight loss with an extended fast
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Definite please on the updates :blush: I’m going to try to last as long as I can with the same, though my experience to date ends at 5 days…

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Chris, we can help each other along!

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Is there a benefit to fasting for that long, or is it just to see what it’s like and if you can do it?

Life is short and a week without a buttered ribeye just seems cruel and unusual to me.

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From what I understand (J Fung), the first 14 days have many health benefits. Beyond that, for myself, it is split between spiritual/religious and personal challenge.

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Stacy, I just had my buttered ribeye for dinner tonight! Last supper.

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I hope you will post updates about your experience. I have only done 4 days fasting but I am interested in hearing how it goes for you, both physically and spiritually.

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Can’t wait to hear how it’s going. Totally mental! I haven’t went over 9 days either. On day 3 now! Happy fasting!

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Good luck! I look forward to reading any updates!


I did a 33 day fast. My goal was 40, but broke the fast at 33 days. I will be interested to see how you do and feel. There were several surprises for me along the journey.


Wow. Good luck to you. You are a pro at this so you know if you need to stop. Take good care of yourself and keep us updated. xxx

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I can’t wait to hear about your progress!

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I am in the final hours of my first extended ever. Doing 72 hours and I wish I would have done it sooner! I cannot wait to hear how you do on this.

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Well my fast has started and I am 16 hours into it, what have I learned so far? A venti Decaf Americano with steamed heavy whipping cream from Starbuck’s contains 231 calories! That is probably a quarter cup, 2oz, of cream—and it tastes so good. Need to limit these and just go with black mostly.

I got a lot of queries about why I chose to do this extended fast and what kind of support system I had in place; these questions made me pause and think as I really hadn’t considered these things before. I’ve known all my life that men are invincible so I didn’t think this thing through!

I am 62 and relatively healthy especially since starting the LCHF lifestyle: I reversed my pre-diabetes, and hypertension, and improved my lipid levels to the point where my doctor has taken me off of all prescription medications. I feel invincible once again!

Now, thinking about a long fast, I know there were 3 reasons I took on this task:

  1. A personal challenge: My wife always accuses me of being all or nothing and I’ve fasted before for up to 8 or 9 days and really enjoyed it. The reason I never went longer is more mental than physical; I don’t get hungry after about the second or third day but I do think about what I am going to eat when I break my fast. Places like Facebook that have all kinds of recipes scrolling by all day long also add to that anxiety. I figured with the season of Lent coming, and knowing that it is a season of fasting and repentance, that the timing would challenge me.
  2. Religious challenge: My ego pushed harder at the early days in thinking about this and then someone asked me if I was going to offer my fast up to the Lord? Hadn’t crossed my mind. Now I am planning to make this just one of the things I will do to celebrate Lent this year.
  3. Improve my internal health: Fasting has been shown to have many health benefits and few drawbacks (unless you have pre-existing conditions.) My body still acts like I have insulin resistance so fasting really keeps insulin low and will help with that. Other markers like CRP, an inflammation marker, are dramatically improved as well. Finally, and of most interest to me, is the fact that Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which decreases significantly in your 20’s and 30’s, will increase to help grow new tissues, muscles, and strengthen the bones.

My support system includes my doctor, I am going to see him tomorrow and will probably surprise him with my intention to fast. When I told him that I was LCHF, and that was what changed my blood sugar and lipids, he didn’t understand. I even gave him a couple of books but I don’t know if he’s even looked at them. Anyway, I am not looking to him for advice, I am looking for someone that can look at my test results and help guide me if need be.
I will also be using a website called headsuphealth.com to track my weight, blood glucose, and blood ketones on a daily basis as well as the results from any other tests I have. My doctor will have access to the site as well in case he needs.

There are lots of knowledgeable people in many forums across the internet who have advice and experience so I know that I can ask questions as I go. While they may not be doctors I know that experience tells a story and that helps me to learn along the way.

Finally, family and friends are always great, they may think I am crazy but hey; a year ago I would never believe if you told me I’d be attempting an extended fast!

How long do you wait between extended fasts

The longest fast you mentioned earlier was only water and vitamins and I was concerned that doing a 46 day water-only fast would be dangerous, so I’m glad to see that you appear to be on a very reduced calorie fast with fat and minimal protein.

The goals you mention also suggest to me that you’re well-informed which raises your level of preparedness and likelihood of handling anything unexpected.

Have you reviewed @richard’s :richard: blog post about the theoretical limits of bodyfat that can be mobilized per day for energy and compared that to your bodyfat?

I would certainly expect a caloric deficit while fasting and any calculated predictions are based on an unreliable CICO hypothesis, but can your bodyfat provide enough energy to sustain you with the parameters you’ve laid out so far?

Well, I’ll be monitoring and good luck!

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Good luck!