ZC What did you eat today?

(L. Amber O'Hearn) #1

And you thought keto was boring! :laughing:

What does a mostly fat meal look like?
(L. Amber O'Hearn) #2

I made bacon burgers.


I’ve got smoked guanciale (pork jowls) in my freezer. Can’t wait to do the same! ZC journey launch only 2 days away !!! So ready for it!!!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #5

SO did I!
Thanks for the idea!

(L. Amber O'Hearn) #6

Yours look better than mine. I tend to like burgers just seared, but these would have been nicer with more crispiness. I’ll have to try again!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #7

Mine were barely pink tho. Yesterday I ate the beef raw with a raw egg. Lol

(Charmaine) #8

That brown butter sauce was everything!


How was the brown butter sauce made? Looks yummy.

(Charmaine) #10

It is yummy! I browned some butter, added a bit of rendered bacon fat, heavy cream and simmered until thick. If it looks like it’s separating add a little more heavy cream and stir off of the heat. It should look like gravy.



(Adam L) #12

Today’s meal was a decent chunk of this 2.3kg (5lb) pork roast. I never realised how delicious the rendered lard & caramelised scrapings from the bottom of the pan is, due to years of stupidly following stupid mainstream advice to avoid fat. It made a nice ZC gravy with plenty left over for tomorrow.


Thanks for the recipe! I will have to try it. That is always my biggest Dilemma when eating ZC is sauces. This one sounds really good!

(Charmaine) #14

It really was! I’m gonna make more this weekend for next week and may even have sausage and ‘gravy’. :grin:

(Charmaine) #15

I used to feel guilty for enjoying those scrappings… keto has see free!

(Charmaine) #16

Last night I made my first batch of cloud bread to make sandwiches as a trial run. This turned out quite well!

Lunch at work ZC options?
(L. Amber O'Hearn) #17

What’s it made of? Separated eggs?

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #18

The fat rind on my 3 pork chops was amazing

(Erin Macfarland ) #19

GREAT idea!! Just brown butter? Do you add something ? I can’t eat cheese but butter is fine!

(Adam L) #20

One meal only again today, just not hungry. Dinner (I suppose it’s really breakfast eaten in the evening) was lamb souvlaki, cooked on rotisserie over coals & 2 scallops, from the fish n chip shop. The scallops come deep fried in batter but that batter comes off completely revealing the lovely inside. Sorry I’ve noticed too late my last 2 photos are blurry :confused:

(Charmaine) #21

I brown the butter, add a little rendered bacon fat, and then heavy cream. It’s a similar process of making ganache when you really think about it. If the mixture looks clumpy and separated add a little more heavy cream a bit at a time until it looks like gravy.