ZC What did you eat today?

(Charmaine) #22

I’m the same way today. I ate, but didn’t really have a desire to eat. I would have been happy with the fancy hard cheese I got from the Amish Market, but I figured after fasting for so long, I should give my body something. But I think my body is like, “Naw, I’m good!” aaaaand I’m not really listening to it. LOL


Oh my goodness, Charmaine, I think if your body says I’m not hungry…don’t eat. I think it is awesome your body is telling you that it is not hungry.

(Charmaine) #24

Fiorella, I’ve decided to not eat again until I’m hungry. My bg has been over all higher since the day after ending the fast, with the highest being yesterday. I figured I have to up the fat and lower the protein. So, I’m going to not eat and restart. LOL


Yeah, that’s good. I think I have been trained all my life to eat 3 meals a day, and finish everything in my plate, that I lost listening to my body. So now, if not hungry, I don’t eat. Period. And that’s helping big time.

(Kerri Hines) #26

I am boring today. I’ve eaten 5 hard boiled eggs and a little cheese. I need to go to the store! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Charmaine) #27

It’s definitely a process of relearning how to relate and work with my body.

(Erin Macfarland ) #28

I’m not sure about the amount I’m eating doing ZC. Yesterday I thought I ate enough but was so hungry before bed. I didn’t eat anything else and was really hungry this morning. I tried to eat more today, especially extra fat so I’m hoping the hunger won’t be there before bed again. I’m very very lean and active and I need to make sure I don’t lose more body fat. How do you know how much food is enough in the beginning? I’ve read some people eat 4 pounds of fatty meat in the transition to ZC! Is that too much?

(Genevieve Biggs) #29

4 pounds is not too much. Eat if hungry, don’t eat if not. It balances out eventually for most people, but 3-4 lbs for beginning is very common. :slight_smile:

(Adam L) #30

One meal today again - a tin of sardines with a small jar of anchovies plus leftover pork roast sliced up & heated in the fat from the original roasting, very satisfying.

(Charmaine) #31

Left food alone for 24 hours and my bg leveled out (73) and my hunger came. I’m making some chicken broth now and I’m going to try something ‘different’. I also felt like I was coming down with the cooties so i lounged not the bed all morning and even nodded off until I was finished sleeping. Now, I’m feeling a bit better and ready to do some stuff. Thank you @Fiorella.


Bravo! It took a long time for me to learn how to listen to my body…but, it gets better with each breakthrough. Looks like you are batting it out of the park already!

(Charmaine) #33

That’s what I’m hoping! I’m taking my time today and tomorrow seeing how things go.

(nadine1073) #34

Trying some dairy this week. Previously, on keto, dairy would stall me. Had a good piece of mozza (2oz?) at the movies (purse cheese) and HWC in a 2 cup travel mug of vanilla/roobios tea.

Had ground beef and 3 eggs for breakfast, @ a pound of wings with 2 tbsp of sour cream for dinner and a beautiful piece of steak (medium) with gorgeous fat rind and some melted buttah… Lard Thunderin Jeezus bye it was devine :sunglasses: @CrazyCaper @Jacquie

(Jacquie) #35

@nadine1073 Great minds and all that…I had a mess of wings tonight, too. :grinning:

(Genevieve Biggs) #36

Okay, finally fully starting ZC. Here’s my bacon ends and pieces:

And here’s my pork burger with blue cheese.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #37

Lovely ham for dindin today

(Charmaine) #38

My weekend projects - a bigger batch of beef jerky and plain mayo using yolks instead of whole eggs. I’m happy with it too. And the jerky is sriracha lime.

I’m not getting enough fat which I think is wild! How is it that I can ingest enough fat when not being ZC, yet can’t get enough on ZC? I can tell it in my mood and in my bg which has decided to go back up a bit. I’m thinking part of it has to do with maybe the liverwurst I had and possibly some fancy hard cheese I wanted to treat myself to, and 1 Halls LOL. I don know. At any rate, I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow and see if my regular lifting session will help.


You are making a great point about the lack of fat. I have learned this in the 32 day ZC variable protein test I’m going through. I noticed I need to be mindful of getting the fat in.

On the subject of hard cheese, I observe highest % fat content in Havarti, in comparison to the other typical cheeses in the grocery store. There are other imported cheeses, like montasio from northern Italy, but pay through the nose because they are so expensive. Havarti is a great option…high fat and very reasonably priced hard cheese.

(Julie Anderson) #40

The mayonnaise you made can help you up your fat intake. I like to use the mayo I make as a dipping sauce for whatever kind of meat I am eating (along with the garlic butter I like to melt on top of the meat.


(Charmaine) #41

Thanks bunches, I’ll be dipping most definitely!