What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain

(Jane) #208

You don’t have to test - many here have never tested. As long as you keep your carbs below 20 you WILL be in ketosis after a couple of days.

I used the Ketostix early on to verify I haven’t eaten something with sneaky carbs or when I ate out and couldn’t control the ingredients and wanted to make sure I was still in ketosis. But for some they don’t work very well or stop working after a time. Early on it is fun to see verification.

Although if I DID get knocked out I didn’t do anything different - just ate my < 20 carbs the next day.

(Whatever) #209

Thank you for posting this priceless information.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #210

Hi Janie - as you know, my peak is 2:30 in the afternoon. When do you recommend newbies test with pee strips? With blood they say two to three hours before a meal.

(Jane) #211

I don’t think it matters with the pee sticks since the darkness doesn’t matter. It’s more of a yes-no answer for producing and wasting ketones.

(Viviana) #212

Hello, I have a question Ive been doing keto for 3 weeks, I started loosing weight but when I weigh myself it was not like a huge amount of weight. I feel thinner my clothes are so much looser people are telling me I look thinner, and I weigh myself today and the scale says 4 pond weight gain??? HOW is that possible?


There’s lots of reasons you might be retaining water: reproductive hormones, inflammation from a rigorous workout, etc. Fat takes time to deposit, so if it just came on, you know its water. For that reason, lots of people refrain from weighing themselves daily. Maybe you’ll feel better if you hide your scale in your attic.

(Viviana) #215

Thank you! I took the scale OUT of my bathroom for now, thanks again

(Bob M) #216

I got DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) tests done, three over the course of a year. During that year, I gained about 4 pounds of muscle and lost about 6 pounds of fat, for a scale loss of 2 pounds. Contrast that with when I do a fast > 24 hours, where I can lose (or gain) 5 pounds in a single day. So, I stopped using the scale. I now just use clothes, particularly pants.

As for taking ketones, I have thousands of ketone and blood sugar samples. I still use my ketonix, but just because I keep it at work. Today, it registered a 67 (first generation Ketonix), which is shockingly high. I think that’s because I fasted Monday, worked out Tuesday morning, then ate a ton Tuesday, a lot of which was fatty. I typically eat higher protein, but just happened to buy smoked kielbasa over the weekend, so ate a lot of that. I think the Ketonix is simply registering extra fat I have available from eating a lot of fat, which is why I’ve switched to higher protein (hoping to get the fat from my body instead of my food). Eating higher protein, my ketonix is always much lower, in the 20-30 range. I have stopped using blood ketones (and stopped pee ketone testing years ago) and blood sugar, though if I could afford the $75/month for my Free Style Libre continuous glucose monitor, I would get that. It tells you stuff nothing else can.