What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain

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I’ve done intermittent fasting prior and it seemed like the next natural step was to enter a ketogenic diet. I’ve been in ketosis now for 4 weeks and I feel amazing. I’ve not needed coffee and I feel for the first time I am in control. I’ve learned from longer fasts that hunger comes in waves and it’s mostly in my head. With keto my hunger pangs and more importantly my sugar cravings have lifted. It’s very liberating knowing that I eat to live and not live to eat.

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Thank you for the encouragement. This is great!


Great post. I’m new to keto. I started 2.5 was ago and am down 9 lbs so I must be doing something right. I’m one of those you talk about having keto snacks and cake. For me, I’m such a snacker that I fear if I don’t have a keto snack or treat to go to I’ll fumble. So for me it’s been helpful to be able to reach for something low carb as a treat I actually don’t crave it as much anymore but for me it works to have the keto snack within reach versus the bad stuff.


I think it’s definitely wise to plan ahead, and be ready for those moments.

My experience has been the more I keep my carbs low, the less I crave anything bad…anything at all, really.

We’re so used to snacking, it hard to believe we can get to a point where it’s not even an issue.

Keep planning ahead @frchgrl, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself not even wanting a snack.


I’m starting to feel that way yes ! Yay

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Any weight loss? I’m losing inches but the scale has not moved a single pound in over 30 days. I’m pleased with the inches but getting concerned about no weight loss.

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If you are losing inches without weight loss that might mean gaining muscle and/or bone density. This happens a lot particularly with women, and particularly with women who have a history of restricting calories (as we were taught to do.) It is a good thing. And weight loss will come too, but right now it seems like you are losing fat and gaining strength and health.


Just heard about this post on two keto dudes podcast. Had to log in and find the link…this is now bookmarked and my go to whenever I need a reminder why I chose this WOE and how to get back on track. I’m also going to use this post as my default go to when someone asks me about keto and how to get started. Thanks @stupidrobots!!! This is a great post.

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Awesome news! I’m keeping at it although frustrating not to see the scale move, but if it’s doing good things on the inside then that’s great. I wonder if there’s anything I can add to boost weight loss?

Or maybe take away…I do drink 2 cups of fat coffee everyday.

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My second attempt to try keto and this time I plan to succeed. My main confusion are electrolytes and the more I research the more confused I get. I’m a woman 57 years young, 150 pounds 5’ 6 1/2" tall wants to do this diet for loosing 15 pounds and manage my weight then on. I also do this for staying healthy.
After 2 and 1/2 months of keto last summer I fell of the wagon because I panicked thinking I was getting a heart attack so I stopped the diet.
In the beginning of the diet about for a month I felt great and had no keto flue symptoms and tons of energy and then I became week. I made shure to get my vitamin B’s but nothing seemed to help. I also was scared to take to much potassium. I’m trying to figure out what went wrong. I also did intermittent fasting. It could be that I didn’t eat enough calories. My main question though is:
How do people on keto supplement pottasium, what kind and how much? My diet will be rich in potassium foods so I really don’t know ow much to supplement. I just like to know how other people do it.

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I personally do not supplement potassium. Some use the no salt (made with potassium salt) but I seem to get enough naturally. I do salt liberally to taste. (I personally like the pink Himalayan salt flavor best and avoid the Umbrella salt) I have supplemented with magnesium and found that helpful for sleep and leg cramps.
The risks of too much potassium is not worth it to me. It can kill you by causing a fatal arythmia.


Fantastic results … I’m at 340 just starting and need to lose 140 lbs.

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What is umbrella salt?

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Sorry, I heard that from Dr Ken Barry and it stuck with me. Morton’s or any of the similar iodized salts in cardboard look alike containers.

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this actually amazing ! thank you

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Hello! :heart: Thank you for this post. This is the first post here on the Ketogenic forums that I have read. I just joined. I’m looking forward to reading and learning from others here. I’ve recently had blood work that came back that I am prediabetic. A1C was 6.2. I realize that my addictions to carbs and sugars have caused weight gain and health problems. I’m on my way to getting back on track.

I have many people living at my house who are not on Keto. I can’t rid my house of the naughty carbs (white rice, white bread, cookies, candy, cakes, etc,.) because so many people live there and buy their own food, but I have learned how to avoid them. I pay attention to how I feel after I eat carbs or sugar, and for the past month, I have realized that I feel really bad. So I am starting to associate (in my mind) the horrible feelings I feel with carbs and sugars. Now, when I look at sugars, and naughty carbs I immediately remember the horrible feelings I felt, and because of that association I do not want to even put them in my mouth.

Since cutting out sugars and the naughty carbs I have noticed that I don’t get headaches like I used to, and I have also stopped being congested (sinus congestion and morning coughs).

Being new here, I have a lot to learn, and a lot to read. I’m very much looking forward to it! :heart:

Also today is my first day doing Keto. But for the past month, I have been doing Keto-like dieting without even realizing it!

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Speaking of ketone levels… Is there a way to test our ketone levels?

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Welcome to the forums @HeartShineGirl!

There are three ways - each one tests one of the three main ketones we produce.

Blood ketones - I think most people think this is the “gold standard”. It’s relatively expensive and requires you stick your finger, like for blood sugar only you usually need more blood. The brands are the Abbott Precision Extra (in the US) and the Keto Mojo. This used to be like $4 per test strip but is coming down. I think it’s around $1 per test now, if you shop around.

Breath acetone - I’ve heard some medical experts say this is better than blood ketones, but I think that’s not a majority opinion. The big brand name is Ketonix and they have a few models. Once you buy one, there’s no cost per use. A lot of people around here use the cheap breathalyzers for detecting alcohol on your breath. These are often less than $20, and there is a thread around here where people have compared the breathalyzer to the Ketonix and to blood ketone levels.

Urine test strips for acetoacetate. - These have a bad reputation here, but I personally don’t know that’s warranted. Brand name Ketostix, but there are many. Atkins original diet book, back in the '70s, introduced people to these but “common wisdom” is that as you get more efficient at using ketones, you pass less in your urine. Some people don’t seem to get this and get useful readings after years.

What do I use? I’ve used all three methods in the past. I currently don’t have any blood test strips and use a cheapo breathalyzer. It’s “good enough” to tell me I’m still in ketosis. If I was trying to get specific levels, like for cancer therapy, I’d probably go with the blood tests.

Hope that’s helpful!

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You don’t have to test - many here have never tested. As long as you keep your carbs below 20 you WILL be in ketosis after a couple of days.

I used the Ketostix early on to verify I haven’t eaten something with sneaky carbs or when I ate out and couldn’t control the ingredients and wanted to make sure I was still in ketosis. But for some they don’t work very well or stop working after a time. Early on it is fun to see verification.

Although if I DID get knocked out I didn’t do anything different - just ate my < 20 carbs the next day.