What did you Keto today?

(matt ) #2547

Pepperoni, sweet and hot Italian. Excited about this one.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #2548

Tuna melt on 5-ingredient keto bagel:

I think I need to work on the bagels a bit, but it was still quite good.

(Ernest) #2549

HAHAHA! Yeah, he stepped it up a notch!

(Ernest) #2550

Sometimes keto is this simple. Well, not sometimes, most times.

(Khara) #2551

Hey, I just did the 5 ingredient bagels too! This was last nights dinner. I could only eat half the bagel so the other half got topped with scrambled eggs today. Really good. Tomorrow’s might need to turn into a tuna melt!

Also made a cauliflower casserole tonight. Recipe from Keto Zone called Twice Baked Cauliflower. We’ll do this one again.

Cooked a keto meal, and no one noticed

Is the edge for someone in particular? :slight_smile:


Simple often the best, looks delicious as always


Pancetta wrapped pork tenderloin with herb creamy sheep’s milk cheese alongside roasted asparagus and sautéed mushrooms

Easy skillet meal - sliced ribeye sautéed with garlic and onions in butter with bacon and lazy pod poached/steamed eggs

Friend replied…“isn’t that a lot of eggs?” Hmm, yea, no.

(chris gibson) #2555

Bacon, Egg and cheese sammie with Fried Bologna for the bread. And Mayo, of course! #boatfood #2AM

(Anderson Herzogenrath Da Costa) #2556

1pm and my coconut oil is not melted yet. It means the winter is coming. :snowflake:

(matt ) #2557

Yeah middle daughter likes plain cheese so we leave her a bit.


I’ll hold the door

(Khara) #2559

Tuna Melt on 5 Ingredient Bagel with Cauliflower Casserole and mini Caprese Salads on a stick.


Beautiful presentation looks yummy

(Andrew Anderson) #2561

Only stepped up equipment! Need the right tools for the job! :beers:


After a week of not cooking, I made all sorts of things for tonight’s dinner…

Hamburger Steaks with gravy, very loosely followed this recipe (changed and omitted quite a bit):

Miracle Biscuits. Yum!
Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RBFMovz_PM&t=3s

Then for dessert… Vanilla Cheesecake Fat Bombs…
Recipe: https://healclinics.com/vanilla-cheesecake-fat-bombs/

Added a salad and ranch dressing. I’m very satiated and happy!

Lunch was out at a Mexican place… Fajitas minus bell peppers, rice, beans, flour tortillas, etc. lol I don’t eat out much, but I’m always amused by the looks I get when I start removing all the carbs…

(Sjur Gjøstein Karevoll) #2563

Butter-fried salmon fillets with hollandaise.

My hollandaise game is really starting to pick up, I could probably get it just about right every time now.

(Andrew Anderson) #2564


(Ernest) #2565

Nothing special,


You are always such a let down :wink: