What did you Keto today?

(Ellie Baum) #2567


Chicken and pork nachos. Onions and peppers roasted with garlic. Added taco seasoning, ranch seasoning, and red pepper flakes. Topped with rosemary cheese sauce and sour cream with green onions and farm fresh tomatoes.

Tortilla chips recipe here(I used different spices though):

(sue) #2568

Finally getting the hang of using cast iron. My meals from yesterday and today (1 pan was for my parents)

All chicken thighs!

Cooked in cream. Threw on a bunch of chives.

Marinated in soy sauce

Marinated in soy sauce and topped with kimchi


I made my own marinara then threw together this mini lasagna. 6g of carbs.

(Ernest) #2570

Oh yeah, back on the road…


Flat Iron Steak with Chimichurri Sauce atop Arugula

(Khara) #2572

Tried a new recipe this morning - Coconut Pancakes along with the usual bacon and eggs.


(Kevin Bitter) #2573

I have “packed breakfast” at work. My colleagues find my choice of Liver, Avo and Poached Eggs Salad an unusual choice… but today one brought in boiled eggs instead of a sandwich. It seems like I am quietly contagious. I am still trying to reduce non-nutrient dense carbs further.

(cathy bock) #2574

Leftover steak made into steak tortilla minus the tortilla!

(Ren) #2575

This was birthday weekend for me. I feel off the wagon drinking craft beer at a brewery, but everything else was keto.

Thursday - Birthday dinner. Tomahawk Ribeye w/ chimchurri sauce served brussel sprouts and mushrooms.

Saturday - Went to a local brewery for my bday, 1 year anniversary of the brewery, and 1 year ago I proposed to my now wife. I skipped the grapes but partook in everything else form our board. Farm house cheddar, Butterkaise, jamon serrano, hot salami, hot calabrese, and proscuitto. The

Sunday - Breakfast was at a local restaurant. Chorizo omellete w/ spinach, green onions, feta, and pico. Fruit was my sisters side dish.

Monday - Brunch was leftover tomahawk ribeye (butter basted to warm it through), eggs over medium and some avocado slices.

Monday - Dinner was Carlshead pizza with pepperoni and leftover beef/jalapeno sausage we had made on Friday.


Weekend eats -

Duck egg omelet with cheese and the most amazing French cultured butter

Reverse sear chuck eye steaks

(Ernest) #2577

Pork steak…chop

(Sarah Herlihy) #2578

Yum. Im going to give this a crack.

(Ren) #2579

Burrito Bowl sans beans, served on riced cauliflower w/ avocado and lime.


Bacon, sausage, eggs, with butter.


Bacon cheddar burger on roasted portobello caps

Matcha dark chocolate coconut butter cups, not the prettiest and I intended to add another layer of chocolate on top but the mold was too small but works out great for a lower carb nibble

(Khara) #2582

How are those eggs prepared? They look interesting.

(Andrew Anderson) #2583

Ribeye fun


Yes these are poached eggs, soft.

(Khara) #2585

Pretty. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mary) #2586

Where did you get the skillet? Even the shape of it inspires a cooking experience.