What did you Keto today? Part Deux!


Another lazy ketoer bites the dust. :man_facepalming:

PS: I will say @David_Stilley is inspiring, but not enough for me to change my lazy keto ways. :slight_smile:

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #5624

I’ll ride the fence and at least still put my food on paper plates the majority of the time. :relaxed:

I do things in spurts. Knowing me, I’ll ride lazy and unlazy depending on my mental state lol. When I feel happy I really enjoy it and love to take advantage of it. Thus chicken fingizzzzz.


Well you deserve it, so enjoy!

BTW, that chicken did look great; something a lazy ketoer, like myself, would be glad to accept an dinner invitation for. :wink:

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #5626

:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: thank you, kindly.

So @dlc96_darren what meals would you consider lazy Keto? Does Casa de Darren all do keto?

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Die Hard @dlc96_darren! You might not be ready to do what I do but I’ll bet you wouldn’t mind tasting some of it. :cowboy_hat_face:


This is my favorite example of lazy keto, sardines in the tin.

I like to scrabble my eggs and heat up pre-cook sausage, because it’s quicker than just about any other way.

Of course anything pre-cooked is perfect, like pre-cooked bacon.

If I can adapt a good idea into something simpler, like these personal pizzas, that works.

Actually making anything simpler to prepare is preferred. I used to never make guacamole until I found a spice blend that makes perfect guac ever time.

The less I have to think about what I’m going to eat, the better. There’s a handful of things I always eat. I just make sure these things were always available and I have something to eat.

Pork or Beef Brats
Vienna Sausages
EDIT: Just recently added to my list cream cheese (forgot this one).

So, that’s what I call lazy keto. You could consider it “dirty” keto too, since I don’t track my macros, and I limit my eating to one meal a day. So, when I eat these same things, I never worry about going over my carbs.

My wife and I are, but she usually eats lunch, and I eat supper after I get home from work, so we still eat separate meals.

My daughter is basically carnivore, because she doesn’t like vegetables, and she buys her own groceries and eats when she’s hungry.

My son is the lone hold out. He most definitely isn’t keto, but he does OMAD, so that’s a plus.

I think I just took more time answering your question than I spend on preparing a meal. :slight_smile:

I stopped tracking..and geez!
What did you NOT eat today?

I’m lazy, David, but not crazy! :grin:

I love to eat! In fact I love eating more now, on keto, than I ever did before. And your food ALWAYS looks good! :yum:

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Hey thanks for taking the time to answer so detailed!!! Went to all the links, gotta love pickles and sardines from the can!!!

I must try the sausage pizzas, I remember you doing those when i first joined, which wasnt thqt long ago lol.

Gotta get your son on board! Lol but OMAD is a good beginning. It’s great to have wifey on board, too. My husband watches what he eats, but isn’t at all keto. Doesn’t bother me because he gets good results from what he does, and Im too much of a Spring Chicken to say how well things work yet, though I do think they’re going well.

I love this WOE better than anything Ive ever done, and Ive done a lot. The upkeep is so simple and manageable.

P.S. love the paper towel plates (I do this often myself) lol.

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Yesterday was laundry day and we usually get In n Out while we dry because they do keto friendly protein style burgers without buns… Well, I was SO hungry yesterday I brought my own bacon to add to my 3x3 cheese burger hahaha

I still lost weight this morning tho and feel way better than I would have if I had fries. Woo keto :sweat_smile:

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I honor of @dlc96_darren and lazy ketonians out there!



:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

It does make a pretty wallpaper. :slight_smile:

And you know, now that I see it in this perspective, that fork placement is pretty damn good!


Pulled pork and cabbage stew. The lingonberry jam is sugar free, 80% berries, and for my daughter.
I only pulled pork once before, a year ago, and had forgotten how much work it is. Never again, twice is enough.

I have great news too. My daughter (she’s 14) came home from a Sami confirmation camp and told me she’s never eating sugar again. She had a gluten free muffin, and it was way too sweet.


I was about to say, “I thought you were lazy?”

But this restored my faith in you. :slight_smile:

But this is REALLY what I want to celebrate! :tada:


Picanha, chimmichurri and some mixed grilled veg with black olives (onion, baby tomato & red pepper)

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #5637

You read my mind, on the way home from the gym today I was starving, stopped at Mcdonalds and got a double cheeseburger no ketchup ot onions and was going to take a lazy keto pic in honor of @dlc96_darren, but I ate it before I even barely made it out of the McDonald’s parking lot! :rofl:

@David_Stilley for the win.

EDIT: I still do have the bun that I saved for the squirrels and whomever gets it first. But not keto or pic worthy.

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Beef & bacon stew, I did do 90s “bread” roll, but managed to open up thumb, didn’t think bloody “bread” would look good.

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Haha! :joy::rofl:


Was OMAD all last week, including yesterday at a Wedding. … Decided to hit two meals today and thinking about Fasting the last week of March. Bacon, Eggs and a piece of Top Sirloin Steak.

Wife is making a Rack of Ribs, as well as some Country style Ribs for Dinner. :slight_smile:

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@Digital_Dave, again with the beautiful eggs!

I actually tried your method today and they came out gorgeous. The yolks weren’t quite as runny as I like them, so I need more practice. I ate them with “re-fried” (in bacon nectar & butter) leftover pulled pork and steamed broccoli. I was so hungry, I ate them before I thought about taking a picture. VERY satisfying!


Yeah, there is a fine line between keeping the Eggs from being runny, and also not overcooking them. … try touching around the yolks at times, while spooning the liquid over/around them. Occasionally one or two might get a little harder on the yolks than I like, but they are definitely not running. :slight_smile: