Not feeling hungry

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I’m not new to keto but trying to get my ketones up to around 5 for other reasons. I get migraines about 5 or 6 days a week. Keto has helped but not enough.
There are two problems with Ketogenic food and Keto WOE.
First is I can’t get enough carbs out of my diet to get my ketones up. Almost always 0.5 to less than 1.0.
Second is that I don’t feel hunger at all. My wife is carb addicted so won’t do keto. I cook almost everything. Her food, my food it’s just time. But I find it hard to tell time based on my hunger. Eating carbs, I was hungry every 4 hours. On keto and I have breakfast maybe lunch and dinner. And I only have dinner because I cook for my wife. Is this normal? I doubt it but it is the way I feel.

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How many days are you? I’m on day 14. I keep my carbs very low but I totally relate to the no hunger thing. I was hungry at first but then it went away about 5 days ago. This forum will help you xxx


this one you know. you have to go as low in carb limits as you must for you personally to get into ketosis and stay there. that I know you can handle since you are not new to this :slight_smile:

Absolutely normal. You kinda have to find ‘your personal eating’ times that suit you and do just that. I eat SO different than my family now. I would ‘try to fit’ their eating but in the end I had to find my own timeline on food cause I just wasn’t hungry at their ‘standardized’ eating times cause they are carb eaters. Normal. Yes. Now find your own way to make it all work for ya and not against you and you are cool LOL I just would eat around 3-4, a big old steak and around 6 or so when they wanted dinner, yea I would cook their food again. It gets annoying LOL but it is my family and I do for them but I do for me as well.

you got this!! just find you again thru it all, do for you and work the other foods the family wants as you can. I think you are in good shape!


You are new, it’s normal. When I drastically change my woe (it wasn’t true for keto, though), I barely can eat in the beginning, I guess my body gets confused as it usually wants a lot of food. I’ve read this about many people, the beginning is easily odd. It will change with time, maybe.
Maybe not, there are such cases too. I had to wait until fat adaptation but since that, I am almost never hungry. I usually eat without any hunger as I just can’t wait for days to eat, I like to eat every day, it’s odd and often not pleasant not to. I eat a nice meal and it often satiates me for a day. It’s not a super rare thing.
Some people are never hungry, I heard. Well you do what you can, whatever body signs you get. I eat without hunger and appetite too, I feel the need for energy sometimes. I usually eat when it’s time, that isn’t so bad either (my mealtime is quite natural, I always ate my biggest meal around that time) but if I can’t, I wait.
(It’s a tad annoying if I am never hungry, though. I like to get my hunger back sometimes. I mean hunger before a meal, not during or after as I usually have it.)

I can do 1-2 meals on a carbier diet as well. Now that I am fat-adapted. My fat-adaptation wouldn’t last long on high-carb but still longer than myself :smiley:
And I rarely needed to eat before lunch on high-carb. But some people always need their big breakfast. There are individual factors which have little to do with our way of eating.

Maybe some cases aren’t common but they are normal. And even if we are abnormal or special or weird, it’s not necessarily a problem. Why would it be?
Unless you absolutely can’t eat enough on keto. I’ve heard about such cases but it’s quite rare I think…?

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Thank you Fangs!

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Thanks Shinita,
I’m not new to keto. I’ve been keto adapted after the first two weeks. I went through the keto flu and have been 0.5 almost every day since. Im presently at about day 130 I usually go for 17 hours without eating. I’ve always said, “If I didn’t have to eat, I wouldn’t”.


Oh sorry!

Nice motto, useful, I was way different, sadly being a little glutton all my life but as I figured out, it was mostly due to carbs, even on keto where I did better but still not good enough. I don’t have such problems on very low-carb. It’s like my body and part of my personality totally changed.
It’s amazing how our food choices may affect things. It’s obvious they do to some extent but this much… If we find the proper macros/ratios/food items for us (if we have such a thing), it may be very surprising. I still don’t know where I will end up but I just eat when I feel the need, mealtimes lost a lot of their importance. But if someone has no clear, strong enough urges to eat, they need to use their knowledge and still have their nutrients, that can work even if it may not be ideal or if it’s surreal in the beginning.

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Hi Bubby1,
I’ve been on Ketogenic diet for around 200 days now. 1 last weighed 166 for the first time in 35 years.
Keto has made such a hugh difference in my life. None of my pants fit. Had to buy 2 pair of pants while going from 38 to 34.
KWOE is easy. My daughter went Keto after I was into weight loss of around 40 lbs. She is down inches in a few months with a break for the holidays.
I took a break (ate carbs) at all three holidays dinners and a few lunches. But back on ketones after the 3rd.
Keto on!

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Not sure on the ketone levels except that if you are fat adapted, your ketones won’t go any higher than they need to for sustaining function.

As for not being hungry, that’s because you don’t need to eat yet. I find I need a lot less food frequency when I eat well. We’ve been taught to eat too often in society. Eat a generous helping of keto food and then don’t eat until you genuinely feel hungry. I sometimes sit with the family for meals only they are eating and I have keto approved beverage.

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On Keto I don’t feel hungry much, and when I do the hunger pains are less severe. But to me this is actually a good thing because I don’t want food to be on my mind all the time.

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Sounds like you are off to a good start then!

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I’m not hungry in the mornings. I normally IF until mid day so that works well.

I did two hours lifting in the gym yesterday and didn’t break my fast until 2pm. Then ate good amount of food until around 7pm. And then fasted again until mid day today.

I wasn’t particularly hungry despite the fact I’m rebuilding muscle, in a normal eating mode, I’d be starving first thing.

However, I do find, once I actually cook food, my hunger is activated.

I generally listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry but in some situations, like hitting mid-day on a fast, I’ll still try to eat something. I’m satiated now after a veg, cheese & chicken omelette. I’ll probably not need to eat again until dinner and that’ll be my final meal.

It’s pretty normal to be able to eat less and have less apetite.

Do you check your keytones?

You can get a cheap keytone blood monitor from Amazon for c£20 here in UK.