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WHK has a new home on the Ketogenic Forums!

I’ll introduce myself. I’m Karen Ogilvie R.H.N. and I began my keto journey in 2016 after being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and prediabetes. Through alternate day fasting and carbohydrate restriction, I have improved my A1C from 6.2 to 5.0 and lost 130 lbs. My passion for helping others achieve health and wellness through a very low carb diet led me to create WHK. I am a nutrition professional as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2018. I can be contacted at whollyholisticketo.com for consultations on a holistic approach to the low carb lifestyle.

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Can’t get a grip
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That’s an astounding amount of weight to lose in a short time!


I thought this was spam LOL and it got pinned?
isn’t like paid advertisment? oh well…ok cool ) wee

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I’m here by the personal invitation of @richard

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Congratulation on both your weight loss and health improvements!

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You don’t know who all was here in the beginning do you?

One of the Many Ketofest Kitchenettes? That would be Karen slaving away in the kitchens making food for the many. One of the Most informative Facebook groups? That would be Karen and her Wholly Holistic Keto group, which is free ( services like coaching are separate). One of the most honest people with her Keto journey? Also Karen. I for one am glad to have her her in the forums where she shares her experiences so we can all make improvements in ours. Why don’t you check out her site and the 2KD Wholly Holistic Keto?


easily admit no clue but how many of us ‘maybe newer people don’t’ in that --if maybe the ‘invitation to join and give their site’ was in the original post then geez, I woulda got it LOL

I do thank you for giving me insight tho from what just seemed like an ordinary spam type post --I get ya now on it all…cool

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For those of us (few?) who don’t use Facebook, I would appreciate an introduction to this:

Wholly Holistic Keto a diet group who use a 100-day modified “Westman page 4” style ketogenic diet with up day/down day meal timing.

I’m not sure what any of this means.

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Dr. Westman’s diet is your basic low-carbohydrate, high-fat ketogenic diet, with a strict limit of 20 total grams of carbohydrate a day. It is modeled on the Atkins induction phase and earlier diets. It can be found in an appendix to Gary Taubes’s book, Why We Get Fat.

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Thanks, Paul. I’ll have to look at my copy of Why We Get Fat.

What about the up day/down day meal timing?

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That’s not something I’ve ever heard of, sorry! (Or if I did, I never paid attention, lol!)


You mean the smart ones? Real Forum or go home! No better way to scramble and destroy a bunch of good content and make it an incoherent unsearchable mess than using Facebook.

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I have my WHK group on FB and clients follow a few different approaches to time restricted eating that follow up day/ down day alternating cycles with more and less meals on alternate days. Most do a 3:1 or 2:1 program. For myself, I often follow a 3:0 schedule which I spoke about this year on the Keto Woman Podcast.

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I remain on FB because that’s where people have found me for over 5 years. My original keto group has 100K+ members and I’m not eager to leave them behind. I’ll be both here and on FB.

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What Richard means (I think) by “Westman” is that I use food lists instead of counting calories and macros. I like to keep it simple!

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That’s a very helpful approach. One of the reasons I never did well on other diets was that trying to count calories always made me bonkers!

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It’s cool. Longevity doesn’t automatically make someone better and all of us have more to learn. There’s a saying in the forums when we get together in person, “meeting old friends for the first time”.

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Westman is the OG ketogenic researcher. He has been supervising ketogenic diets in clinical trials and in obesity clinics for longer than almost any living person with the exception of :phinney:

Not surprisingly they were coauthors with :volek: on the old new Atkins book. They aren’t all on the exact same page with each other or with Dr Atkins. Dr Atkins has his 4 phases only the first of which is ketogenic, his target audience is the everyman. Eric Westman has his “page 4” list of foods to eat to keep it simple - his target audience is the obese. Stephen Phinney have carbs at 20% of energy, protein 1-2 g/kg lean mass, and let satiety modulate fat intake. Jeff Volek appears to be slightly more nuanced with a modest caloric limits on fats. Virta (ie: Stephen and Jeff) has a target of getting all type 2 diabetics off drugs and on their app.

Carl and I were a little lower (1-1.5g/kg) on protein because our target is to help brittle type 2 diabetics reverse their disease so they live longer, and fat to satiety so that extra life is not a miserable one.

But all of the above are just nuanced versions of the same diet.

The WHK diet which I reviewed before I invited her here is a further nuance taking Eric’s idea of a simple food list, adding portion control (eg: a minimum of 2 palm sized portions of meat per meal), and cycling between a higher calorie day and a lower calorie day so the body doesn’t see down days as deprivation that require a reduction in caloric expenditure. Her target is people who just need something simple. But also helping experienced ketoers (incl. some who run large keto groups on FB) to break through plateaus.

She runs a free 100 day group program, and is supported by patreon donations for those who want one-on-one coaching.

NB: I should really make a Westman emoji.


That’s fine… this place was a FB group as well, and now it’s a million times better because it’s in the correct format for what it was designed to accomplish. A never ending scroll of disconnected info that’s scrambled by FB’s algorithm and a nightmare for somebody to follow isn’t supporting you’re people IMO. If you’ve got 100k+ members, I’d argue you owe them better than FB. That’s just me… Your place, your call.