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The idea is that every meal is to satiety, but no between meal snacks, and on odd days you might have 3 meals, and even days just 2 - that would be a 3:2 pattern. But it could be a 2:1 pattern, or a 3:1 pattern or a 3:0 pattern, or even in maintenance a 3:3 pattern. The point is to eat meals low in carbs that minimize the amount of insulin your pancreas has to make, and then have a good period between meals where your insulin goes as low as it can between meals, and your fat oxidation is uninhibited (to the degree you can lower insulin).

We’ve had @karen on the pod before, but if she’s up for it @carl and I may have her back some day to explain how this works.

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That makes a lot of sense. I’ve noticed that I do something of the sort, because my appetite fluctuates, but it never occurred to me to do it intentionally.


And for some folks, points at self here :point_down:, appetite doesn’t usually even come into play most times. … I myself find that I mostly never really get hungry anymore. Maybe that’s because I eat quite well when I do, or just being low-carb itself? I can’t really say for sure? But find it more of just timing of day meals, whether OMAD or TMAD, which I’ve done since starting this WOE. But I have also always stuck to not snacking between whatever meals I eat. I have personally always felt I should eat things some may see as snack foods, with my meals, making them part of the meal itself. This is mostly nuts, seeds, pork rings, etc. I simply eat them before or after the meal, and nothing at all in-between. :+1:

If anything, I probably… ok, let me be honest, most probably :pleading_face: overdo meats in general :cut_of_meat: :poultry_leg::fish: :crab:. But I do like to add a Salad or side from time to time. :slight_smile:

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Done :westman+: = :westman:

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Welcome. I look forward to reading. I have had some success in the past with EOD and UD/DD fasting schedules.

I agree with the others about FB groups. I belong to several and they are great for general inspiration and quick questions, but much prefer this format for finding and sharing information.

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I do think it’s a good idea to vary the number of meals, though I haven’t eaten breakfast in…? (By “breakfast”, I mean a meal before, say, 10am. Normally, my earliest meal is around 10am, about 3 hours after exercising. If I don’t exercise, I generally eat later.)

I did more of that at one time, and have started to go back to OMAD sometimes, instead of my normal 2MAD. It depends on my kids, though. If I pick them up at 7:30pm (19:30) and we’re eating at 8pm (20:00), it’s tough to eat OMAD at that time. For me, anyway.

So, I think it’s a helpful way to keep the body guessing.

I’m attempting a 3.5 day fast now (my first this year), but will check back later to see what people think.

As for how much protein to eat, I’m not touching that one. When Diet Doctor went to higher protein, all heck broke loose on Twitter.

I’ve tried both higher and lower proteins, and, while I like higher protein better most times, there’s definitely a place for fat. “Taco Tuesday” without sour cream? Chicken wings without ranch or blue cheese dressing? Fish without butter? Possible (especially if you have an issue with dairy), but tough.

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At least this thread got the original 2 dudes in the conversation.

Carl hope you are fully recovered and doing well. So glad to see posts from Richard again.

Facebook is handy for those who use a smartphone primarily. Many people don’t use forums at all. So good for Karen getting both groups covered. I’m glad Richard invited her here.


Weird right? I actually scrolled back up to make sure I wasn’t posting in a zombie thread.


Wait… are you saying that Carl and Richard are actually, Zombies!?! :flushed: :smile: :crazy_face:

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(You know we love you, right?)

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Will we be allowed to create discussions in this forum? I am getting the old red ghostbusters symbol when I try. I am a level 3 member, not a newbie.

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I believe Richard set WHK up so only admins can create topics. It gives me a little freedom to create my own space outside of FB. The forums are new to me so I’m not sure what the levels are all about. Sorry! If there’s a topic you want created, let me know. I’ll work on adding topics and content over the next few days.

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I set it up initially so everyone can see and reply to a post, but that Karen (and admins) can create new topics. It’s just to give her some space to get started with her content. We can relax that later once the group is established - she’s just kicking the tyres righht now to see if this is a viable backup plan for when dietitians get all keto groups banned from Facebook.

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Thanks Richard and Karen, sounds good to me.

I just wanted to get an accountable thread going and hopefully others will join in. I’m in maintenance but recently had a weird bounce up that I am battling. Would like some support while doing that.

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Ok I’ll get on that tonight. What I’ve been doing in the FB group is having people post photos of their meals daily for accountability. We also do weekly weigh-ins and monthly measurements but IMO that’s not as important as plate composition and skipping the snacks.

Still figuring out all these new fancy forum tools! I’m glad Richard can hijack my account and post as me while I’m learning. :joy: I could get my son to teach me. He’s into forums and dislikes FB.

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I’ll try to get posting here from my phone sorted out so I can throw up my pics easily. I have the phone app already, just to read postings while I am out and about mostly. I just normally type more than post pics as the web interface is so much easier for me.

I am several years into maintenance, so not so concerned about measurements or weekly weigh ins. I have just these past few months having these high bounce ups. I need to get that under control.

The pics posting would be good reminders of what I do right and wrong.

Happy you have joined us here.


omg i was thinking your work seemed like something I’d be interested in but was a bit hesitant and then… THIS! (Sorry - your milkshake song rendition - I dont know how to quote things yet) I’m immediately running to your site for more info! I thought, THIS sounds like someone I could work with. Laughing all the way.