Vegetarian -- ketogenic diet possible for vegetarians?

(Cowboy) #1

Hi guys,

I have been reading this forum and other material on ketogenic diet. Looking at all the science and details, I would be able to get most benefit from this diet.

I am mostly vegetarian and can have eggs and dairy. I sometimes have chicken but no other meat. Do you think ketogenic diet would be possible as a vegetarian?

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. I am looking to connect to someone who was in same as my situation.


How do you stay below 20g of carbs per day and not starve?
(David Russell) #2

I’m not a vegetarian, but if you can eat eggs and dairy I’m sure you could go Keto. Pepper in a few fat bombs to help you hit your macros and you should be good.

Is there a space for vegetarian KETO-ers?
(John) #3

Almost 12k members on Reddit lots of posts and recipes.

(paddy0761) #4

Absolutely. I don’t think it’s possible for vegans, but I believe a vegetarian can do it. Eggs are a superfood. In fact, they may be the only real superfood. If you are prepared to include fish or chicken occasionally, then even easier. If I were a strict vegetarian, then I would consume at least 6 eggs per day.

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Thanks. I will start reading that on reddit also.

Good to know that this is possible. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. This receipe looks awesome. Have to try that out.

(Richard Morris) #7

Definitely. There is even a name for that Ovo-lacto-vegetarian. It would be even easier if you ate seafood ( Pesca-ovo-lacto-vegetarian )

You’ll have trouble getting the omega 3 Polyunsaturated fats DHA and EPA, and will have to eat a lot of nuits and linseed to get sufficient ALA to make into the other 2.

For someone who doesn’t eat eggs a source of protein is tough, because in plants you mainly find protein with carbohydrates, and animals mainly with fat. But you have whey and egg whites - so that makes it easier.

(Julie Pegler) #8

You’d have to eat a lot of nuts, coconut oil, avocados. It can be done. Dom DiAugostino has a podcast on it ( think he is being interviewed by the 4 hour work week guy- Tim Ferris episode.

(Peter Barney) #9

Although I love eating meat the main bases of my diet comes from veg, cheese and eggs. I also supplement training with a pea protein. My dinner of avocado, rocket(good quality non hydroponic :slightly_smiling_face:) and haloumi salad dressed with avocado oil last night certainly gave my ketone levels a boost last night.

(jketoscribe) #10

Yes, with eggs and dairy you should be just fine.

If you were vegan with no animal products at all I would say it’s not really possible without some compromises. Denise Minger does a good job explaining why here: Even if you do some eggs and dairy, I think it’s important to read what she has to say so you don’t fall into the same nutritional traps.

(Rachel Holt) #11

What if someone can only do the egg whites and not really dairy (or at least not milk? Well, previously, yolks and dairy have bothered her stomach, but they haven’t found the reasoning for her stomach pain

(Vic Priano) #12

So glad I found this subforum, because I’ve been desperate to cycle out some meatsies.

(Julie Pegler) #13

Egg Whites are a reasonable source, but egg whites, veggies and a lot of coconut oil, avocadoes would probably get old quick. High fat (egg yolks) tend to bother people who have gallbladder issues and IBS.

(Charlie Herbert) #14

I lean towards Keto Lacto Ovo Pesca (KLOP) with occasional organ meats. Focus: tons of veggies.

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A number of resources are listed here

(Joseph) #16

Absolutely! I am newly converted vegetarian (w/ exception to eggs and cheese), and I do just fine on Keto! I have actually had really great results and probably eaten more veggies in the past month than I have my entire life! I am going to make some fat bombs to help, but for the most part I can eat my required number of carbs per day and not starve and be full of energy/mental clarity!

(Todd Allen) #17

I expect it would be relatively easy for a vegan to eat for nutritional ketosis. They would likely eat less protein and more carbs then is typical, say 50 g protein and 45 g net carbs instead of a more typical 100 g protein and 20 g carbs and achieve a similar insulin load and still manage to be in ketosis.

(Jeanette) #18

I’m a vegetarian and have had a very successful experience being on a keto diet. Where I live in the US there are a lot of meat substitutes that are low carb. Plain tofu is good. A serving of Quorn Roast has 4 g net carbs (add fat to it). One of the best things to come along is Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger which has 22 g fat, 3g net carb and 20g protein although that amount of protein may be a bit high if you’re following an 80/20 plan like I am but they’re tasty. In addition, you have eggs and dairy, coconut products are great fat sources. I actually absolutely love the keto diet as a vegetarian. FYI, a vegan can go keto as well because of all the alternative products on the market now - there are a lot of non-dairy cheeses and one of my favorites is an almond based cream cheese by Kite Hill which has only 2 g carb per ounce and their almond based ricotta also only 2 g carb per ounce is delicious.

(Mark Myers) #19

I have two friends who are looking to possibly doing keto. One just doesn’t like meat all that much. She isn’t necessarily vegetarian but doesn’t really like beef and pork that much. The other has Alpha Gau and can’t eat four legged animals.Does anyone have any links to some vegetarian or nearly vegetarian meal plans to help these guys get started?

(Brian) #20

I grew up on fake meats. My parents were pretty strict vegetarians so that’s how we were raised.

Have you actually read the ingredients list on some of those meat substitutes? Uughh!!! Do you realize what Quorn is actually made out of? (Last I looked into it, I think the parent company was Astra Zenica, which is fitting when you find out how it’s actually made.)

I’m not entirely comfortable with tofu and a lot of soy products. There are still some questions about hormones, estrogens, those kinds of things that kinda worry me about overall health. And though I will eat some of those things on occasion, I’m not convinced they’re quite as healthy as a long term major food group in my diet. You may disagree, and that’s fine. We’re all entitled to our opinions.

I have seen a few products out there that weren’t as bad, Beyond Meat may have been one of the brands. Kudos to them if they’re the ones I’m thinking of that have just a few ingredients and pretty decent ones.