How do you stay below 20g of carbs per day and not starve?

(James storie) #32

No problem there, I love cottage cheese! Especially with added salt!

(Roxanne) #33

What is lime flufferfatter?

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With you preference for veggies, head over to this vegetarian keto topic for ideas and resource links

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The Forum Vegetable section may have some topics to help you keep your carbs low and increase protein/fat

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Mix the 2 and whip. Great little treat with 20g of fat… just be careful not to eat it all! (unless you want 160g of fat in one sitting.

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Lots of vegetarians follow a LCHF diet, some call it keto, but whatever. This might help get you on the right track.

Supplement some magnesium to help with you digestive issue.

Good luck with your Journey.

Vegetarian friend needs to try keto
Vegetarian -- ketogenic diet possible for vegetarians?

Where’s that creamed spinach recipe… Sounds like something that would help if you love spinach but need to up the fat.


Have a slice of kerrygold butter if your hungry as a snack.

Get a cup of heavy cream and whip it up with a tblsp of peanut butter in it. (Natural with no added sugar but regular is ok too… only a few carbs there).

I do imagine if you don’t love eggs, beef, pork, fish, lamb this WOE is a bit harder, but can still be done.

(Tammy Kidd) #40

I mix my own seasoning. Really easy.

(Nan Kilkeary) #41

I have a friend who won’t eat bacon either. . . my kids cooked me a pound of bacon for my birthday (I didn’t eat it all!) so I can’t relate to not liking it. But, to each their own. The problem you’re going to have returning to your old diet and adding a keto meal is that you’ll be mixing high carbs with higher fat. Hope it works for you, but it’s tough go for most of us.


6 pounds of beef a week! We’re not all the same, but I only eat 2 ounces for a meal. 2 one ounce meatballs, or a small patty Perhaps you were over doing the protein? You could try adding ground flax to your meat for more fiber to help your tummy?

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There’s more then just meat…Olives, Nuts, cheese, avocados, cream cheese…I’m having trouble too and I guessing it’s because I too love my veggies! I had no idea that there were so many carbs in them! I’m also having a hard time making the fat higher!!! Starving I’m not though… full all the time! Can’t quite get to the calories I need… When hungry…reach for fat! Cocunut oil, avocados, nuts…MTC oils…etc.

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New here. I have enjoyed the discussion and found several high fat or dessert ideas☺. Don’t forget flavorings can help. FYI one favorite food I like is brie. Cloud bread is also easy to make and seriously helpful for a packed lunch. Love all your helpful hints. The suggestion I heard most for k was more fat. Counterintuitive but true.

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My favorite unbridled opinion:

  1. If your “starving” or craving sugar and carbs then you are not burning fat!

  2. Thinking you can go back to the way you were eating before will increase your weight gain threefold because it will damage your metabolism each and every time and make it more and more difficult to lose weight the next go around!

  3. Losing weight is not a natural process!

  4. Digestive enzymes take time to adjust to plant based diet that is why you are bloating!

  5. Keto is a way of life not a “diet.”

  6. If you do not understand these basic principles then do not bother utilizing “keto” because it is extremely dangerous!

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I wondered if you’re filling yourself up on water before eating and feel “full” because you drank too much. Some advocate not drinking for a short time before or during a meal, for varying reasons. I do drink with a meal but that’s usually more like “sipping”.

Maybe you’d want to add some different veggies, whether for salad or cooked. Asparagus and squash come to mind. Other cooked greens such at turnip, mustard and collard greens are tasty to some. I like spinach, but don’t want it every day.

Salads can have lots of stuff in 'em. Lettuce and tomato are common. I like adding a little onion, maybe some hard boiled egg, some olives (green and black), some feta cheese (or any other cheese for that matter, even cottage), mushrooms, whatever you like, and topped with a nice full fat ranch for me.

Just what comes to mind…

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I feel your frustration. I can’t stand being hungry. I really do think you should stop worry about the calories and include more fat…your fat induction is very low at this point. Don’t give up…

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Thanks, this helped me too.


I see a problem in your idea of ‘recommended foods.’ Don’t go by what other people are eating. Try just using the basic principles to create a diet more in keeping with your personal preferences.

And if ALL low carb foods bother you, then perhaps this isn’t a diet for you?

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Bunny …

What exactly is “extremely dangerous” about eating a ketogenic diet?

How does “understanding” impact the risk of eating LCHF? Is it more dangerous for a person who has very limited mental acuity to eat keto than someone with an advanced degree in biochemistry? Dr. Eric Westman’s Page 4 makes it possible for just about anyone to eat keto with the only requisite knowledge being that if it is not on Page 4, don’t eat it. Compliance might be an issue, but not understanding.

Keto is not dangerous, what is dangerous is a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts.

Let’s try not to unnecessarily alarm people with hyperbole.

Keto for Life!

(Bunny) #51

You eat excessive carbohydrates and/or sugar with high fat diet, that is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS in too many ways to count!

It really is that simple!