Is there a space for vegetarian KETO-ers?

(Jo) #1

I may have a friend interested but she will want some support. I am wondering if there are similar peeps on the forum who would like to share experiences and tips.

(TJ Borden) #2

Of course there’s space. It just might get a little weird because that space is basically the guest room closet. The one you stash all the Christmas decorations in, and try not to open the door, because whenever you do a bunch of stuff falls out.

Okay, kidding aside. As an avid meat eater, I can’t imagine trying to do keto as a vegetarian, but there are plenty of people on this forum that do, or at least lean that direction. If there aren’t already threads, start them (I haven’t searched myself).

(karen) #3

I’ve found the people on this forum to be pretty tolerant and supportive, there’s a lot of “You do you, and I’ll do me” here, as well as the idea that different bodies have different responses. Your friend may get some advice she can’t use about what to eat, but I don’t think anyone’s going to say “Bacon or Die, Bitch!” :grin:

(Brian) #4

How difficult it is might depend upon what your friend does and doesn’t eat. Vegetarians come in a lot of variations.

If they eat eggs, dairy and cheese, it gets a lot easier. It’s even easier still if they eat some fish and/or poultry but that’s probably stretching it a bit. (Maybe, like I said, lots of variations out there.)

Since I am no longer a vegan or a vegetarian, I don’t follow those ideas too far these days. It wasn’t a good place for me so I left those ideas behind.

Good luck, sincerely, I hope your friend finds what they’re looking for.


Check out A Plant-Based Approach to Keto on Dom D’Agostino’s site

(Jay AM) #6

This is just one link of a number of discussions.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #7

And if we do, we’ll make sure to say it with love, lol! :heart:

(Actually, now that I think of it, why encourage more people to eat bacon? That just leaves less for me! :smiley: )