Vegetarian -- ketogenic diet possible for vegetarians?


Here are some vegans who are low carb


When it becomes so restrictive, it’s often hard to get all micronutrients… iron may be quite problematic (who eats 500 g of spinach?).

(Todd Allen) #23

I’m not advocating vegan keto merely stating it shouldn’t be that hard to achieve and sustain ketosis. But undoubtedly the more restrictive one gets with dietary choices, vegan or ZC, the more effort it takes to cover all the micronutrients.


You are completely right.

Just for the fun, I’ve tried to find something reasonable for macronutrients: one cup of flaxseed and five of cubed avocados yield 15g of net carbs, 180g of fat, and 46g of protein (3:1 classic ketogenic diet).

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I’m not sure about the ZC side. The 1927 experiment on Stefansson and Andersen was an attempt to make them develop scurvy or some other deficiency disease; when the experiment ended, the principal investigator considered it a failure because the two men had remained perfectly healthy. Nor were the Inuit among whom they lived ever known for suffering from deficiencies. Dr. Phinney’s take is that the organ meat the Inuit consumed (and which Stefansson and Andersen consumed during the experiment) provides all the necessary micronutrients.

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It requires more attention to adequately cover all nutrients like manganese and vitamins C, K and folate when ZC, especially if one is eating less for faster weight loss.


I was lacto-ovo for about 23 years, and when I went LCHF/keto, I added seafood back. I still do not eat red meat, pork, or chicken. However, I do quite well protein-wise with fish, shrimp, eggs, dairy, etc. I still eat some tofu, but I’ve also dialed the fake meats waaaaaay back existing as my version of occasional “keto junk food.” (It’s my guilty pleasure to have two LightLife tofu dogs in a low carb wrap every few months or a Morningstar bac’n, egg, and cheese wrap–heh, heh.) These days, I eat eggs and some type of seafood on a daily basis. I honestly believe that I can attribute my lack of cravings for the most part to sticking to real, unprocessed, whole foods by and large. I do think that a <20 g keto is more difficult without a non-plant protein source, and I do think a 35-50g LCHF plan will offer more flexibility. However, if you can mind those B and D vitamins, I say go for a lacto-ovo veg version of keto!

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Two of the components often used heavily in the vegan community scare me: flax and soy. I may have a bit of each from time to time but I do NOT want to make either a food group. The estrogenic part of it does not appeal. And I’m not convinced that there may not be negative consequences that go pretty far into the health of a person eating them heavily that may take quite a while to show up. I’ve seen things in my long term vegetarian friends that cause me to question whether they’re really even as healthy as their non-vegetarian brothers & sisters, things like heart troubles, gall stones, strokes, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s, not minor things.

I don’t know about anybody else, but 46g of protein, for me, is a protein deficiency.

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Yes I am Vegetarian not vegan. I am doing it for a month. It is not as ez as non vegetarians needs more planning, I am also Indian so I eat paneer(Cheese). No impossible, need to plan your days and meals. Hope this will help.


I’ve experimented with an intermittent vegetarian keto diet for about 3 months, if one can call it that. No fixed protocol. I simply went for up to a week without any meat, except for eggs.
Some days I had meats but not much up to 2 days a week.

I measured b-ketones and u-ketones during this “experiment” and found that my ketones were actually a bit higher in the evening (3 mmol/L or above).

So it was highly doable for me. I will probably cycle continue with this cycling style of semi vegetarianism.

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I’ve just had paneer for dinner… it’s so good, and a great go to for vegetarians on keto.


Hello , I am also a vegetarian, trying and sometimes miserably failing to maintain my diet as a vegetarian while in keto. At the moment I am still craving bread…I can’t avoid it. Mostly for the last year I have elimimated many carbs.


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I am primarily a vegan with the exception of barnyard eggs and I’m in my third week. You can do this, I promise. It just takes a little more effort in the beginning. Hemp seeds are great for protein and coconut oil for your fat. But I’m still a newbie to this new regime.

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Don’t forget about tofu!

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This was great. Thank you.


Hello NOYB, I was mostly vegan too until I discovered Keto…then eggs and cheese cream and salt and all of the other things I hadnt been eating for 40 years on my veg diet. My low fat high carb diet didnt keep my arteries clear.
It’s really good to meet someone else who is vegetarian on a keto diet because I had been worrying about eating the right thing. I love tofu btw. Esp fried with creole spice and tamari sauce. Just by itself. Yum !

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When you posted to consume 6 eggs a day this confused me. I’m super new to keto and when I put in my food/macros into a counter and put in 2 eggs from breakfast it said I was at my mark for macros for the day?!


What app are you using because that isn’t right. Two eggs would just be about 160 calories, 10g fat, and 12g protein.

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I am vegan and started my first day today and I have to admit it was a great day! I made fat bombs out of fried vegan cheese with coconut oil and a vegan cream cheese dip. I ate raw asparagus with vegan ricotta, I had a plant based protein shake, then coffee with nut milk, I also had a tomato/cucumber salad with warm fried tofu and liquid aminos- I just finished dessert with frozen coconut milk and less than a 1/4 raspberries! I have eaten less than I was supposed to as far as protein and barely made it as far as fat thus frying everything in coconut oil lol and the coconut cream. Good Luck!!

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Side note I use the app TotalKetoDiet to track my macros and it’s free holllaaa