The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(Wasabi) #714

I went to get the pressure lowered, as my throat and mouth super dry, and was told I didn’t need it anymore. I keep it and use it as a humidifier when it’s really dry or fiky around me is getting a cold.

(Janelle) #715

Wow - you lost half your body weight in 7 months? That would take me approximately 10 years :wink: You look awesome.

(Karen) #716

Wow, fantastic! you’re half the man you used to be and twice as strong! Well done

(Laurie) #717

@Wasabi, amazing difference! I’m glad you achieved the other benefits as well. Thank you for posting.

(Carol) #718

You look like two different people - amazing!

(Wasabi) #719

A bit more detail was written up for a interview on Diet Doctor


Amazing. Nuff said.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #721

Great job. Thanks for sharing with us!




So which one is you?

(Michelle Britt) #724

I am the one with the wavy hair and black top on the right. My daughter is the one holding the phone.


Ha ha, good one. Keto is awesome.

(Lee Garrett Sorenson) #726

OMG. That is amazing!!


Whoa!!! One of the most dramatic before and afters I have ever seen!! You’re awesome!

(Grant MacDonald) #728


(Jennibc) #729

Back in my morbid obesity days, I never posed for any pictures. My teen son had a birthday the other day so I was on the old PC looking at birthdays past and found this picture of me cutting the cake at his second birthday party.

I am pretty sure that wasn’t even my heaviest - I think that was about 25-30 pounds shy of where I was at my heaviest. I am 37 there but look so much older. And here I am exactly 15 years later, at 52 and looking considerably younger. Just 14 more pounds to goal! I am estimating about 90 pounds between the photos - Keto has been responsible for the last 40.

Keto Works
(Janelle) #730

I get the whole avoiding pix thing. You’re smokin’ now! No need for avoidance!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #731

Well congratulations, you look like someone who put a lot of work into getting healthy and feeling better. Now go get all the pictures taken! (Cute outfit, by the way. Looks super comfy!)

(Jennibc) #732

Thanks! It is a t-shirt dress that I bought at costco the other day for $9.99! I threw a cashmere cardigan (I got at costco too!) over it to dress it up a bit for dinner. I haven’t been willing to wear a knit dress since about 1990 so I guess that is another NSV.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #733

I’ll add it to my “how has keto changed your fashion style” list. You look great!