Show me yer burger!

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I like mine without any buns lol. Lots of white pepper, smoked paprika, and caramelized onions. Rare to medium rare but with a crust!

Show me yer Fridge?
Show me yer eggs!
Help me turn a burger into a nice meal for two!
(Rhoda) #2

Looks real good.Is there cheese on it too?

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Yeah baby!

(Mike W.) #4

Greek turkey burger with a sour cream tahini garlic sauce.

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Super Fap!


I asked for extra tomato so it kind of hides the burger, but I figured the straw for scale would help. It was delish!

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(Mike W.) #8

We really like our olive burgers around here…


I made buns using a recipe for keto Red Lobster style biscuits.

(Daniel) #10

So tonight I followed the recipe for Butter Poached Burgers from the latest podcast. I ate them too fast so I didnt get pics. OMG. Incredible. The butter didnt permeate the burgers like I thought it would, but instead cooked the outside perfectly, and the inside was like a locked in pocket of juices waiting to burst forth. It was after a 22 hour fast, and Im tempted to make a 3rd.

(Keto in Katy) #11

I want to eat this thread.

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That sounds so good!!!

(Mike W.) #15

Tonight’s burger special is a 1/2 lb of grass fed beef, a healthy slather of mayo, 2 slices of dubliner cheese, grilled onions and no regrets.

(Jennifer) #16

Hamburger Oscar - medium burger topped with buttery crab meat, asparagus, and Bearnaise sauce. Man, was it good.


:laughing: hilarious!!!

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(Jeremy Storie) #19

I mixed ground pork and beef for burgers on the charcoal grill last night. Juiciest burgers ever!

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Have you tried mixing grated cheese(s) into the raw meat before you grill or pan fry? That’s a winner move too!