Show me yer Fridge?

(George Hernandez) #1

What’s in your Fridge?
inspired by MableSyrup’s Show me yer burger , Show me yer fappin pizza and pssst show me yer taco

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Show me yer eggs!
(Mary Ann) #2

Is that really your fridge?? I’m embarrassed to show mine! :stuck_out_tongue:I’ve got some old kale and a lot of tuperware.

(George Hernandez) #3

I’m house sitting. Just moved in and I’m 50hrs+ into a fast.
I only brought some essentials. I had to post the photo knowing this is one of the few places that would understand the items in the fridge.

(Mary Ann) #4

Ahh! That’s more like it!

Here’s my fridge door:

Yep that seems keto!

(Mediterranean Magic! Show me yer...) #5

I’m gonna do this when I get home! Great thread.

(Mike Glasbrener) #6

I can’t. I’m organized and my wife is not. She a mostly vegitarian and consumes much wine and I do not. The fridge is a battle ground. :flushed:

(Duncan Kerridge) #7

Cheese, butter, cheese, leftover ooey-gooey pie, meat pie, cheese, cream, etc


Water for the fast check
Fats for breaking the fast check
Pickle juice for electrolytes check

(Jenn Monaghan) #9

(Kylie Woodruff) #10

What a great thread! I need to get my fridge cleaned and then I could post!!!