Seed & Nut Loaf


This is the recipe I used…

I worked out the nutrition stats with the assistance of Google. I cut the loaf into 22 medium to thin slices but they are super filling. Stats per slice…

Total Carbs 6.4
Net Carbs 0.7
Fibre 3.9
Protein 8.2
Fat 15.7

I forgot to work out cost but it won’t come in cheap. I love nuts and seeds so it is worth it for me as a sometimes thing. Apparently it freezes well which is what I plan to do with most of it.

Just a thought - I think it would be worth slicing it (or part of it) really thin and toasting - so more like crackers. Unlike seed breads I have made in the past, this stays together well and slices easily.

EDIT - I have just realised that, when I made this, I forgot to add the olive oil that is recommended. Honestly, I don’t think it missed it. I think maybe the flavour would have been a bit overwhelmed by it. I also wonder if it wouldn’t have held together quite so well? If I were to add fat I think I would use melted butter but I really don’t think it needs it. That is not to say I don’t add plenty on top of it when I eat it :smiley:

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(Jane Reed) #2

Daisy, I liked this recipe. I’m a nut and seed love, too. So far, the only nut bread I really have liked is one I found on Tom Naughton’s fathead site which is made with a lot of eggs and almond butter (although he himself did not create it).

It comes out quite soft, rather like a tea cake or bread, and can be sweetened, if desired, but otherwise is very satisfying slathered with butter. I suppose it, too, could be sliced very thin and toasted. Then, it might approach the taste and consistency of wheat bread ( if I use my imagination).


(paul ) #3

Question nuts are pretty expensive right now what is the cost breakout total for that loaf? It looks AMAZING!!


IDK, sorry. As I mentioned, I suspect not cheap. It is certainly not something I will be making regularly for that reason.

I have just done a very quick tally on Tesco site UK. So you would likely be able to do it cheaper with more bulk buying rather than small packets but that loaf comes out to around £8 which is 36p per slice. Not cheap. I suspect you could drop that price by up to 50% if you were canny. Possibly prices are cheaper in the US anyway - don’t know.

Did another quick calculation with seeds and nuts I bought today in Lidl and my local organic health food shop and the loaf came out to around €6.50.

(Allie) #5

Nut butter loaf can be made using peanut butter or almond butter. Just remember to keep it in the fridge once it’s made, i found out the hard way.


Keep meaning to try this also.


Absolutely gorgeous!!!

(Jane Reed) #8

In fact, this loaf reminds me a lot of a fruitcake recipe I cut out from Sunset magazine years ago. It had some of the quality of that dense Italian sweet whose name escapes me at the moment.

Anyway, the Sunset recipe was a combination of dried fruits and nuts, bound with a very small amount of flour, sugar, and eggs. Utterly delicious and, for me, irresistible. I almost gave up on other fruitcake recipes. If a person (not me) were able to eat but a sliver at a time, it might be worth the carb count. Otherwise, if I make it now, it has to be taken to a party where it will be consumed entirely by others. (Sigh)


This looks amazing, thank you! Will definitely give it a go… have just made a flax seed bread which was quite nice as well, but grinding the flax seed into meal took forever, going to try & find a not to expensive source for flax seed meal!


I have been meaning to try flax seed bread - was it any good? I got mine from Amazon but can also get it pretty cheaply in my local bio shop.


I liked it, I hope that it’ll help me ease into the keto way… I have frozen some slices, I’m not sure whether that’ll work! Here’s a link :

(John J Jobst) #12

I used melted butter instead of olive oil. The taste was fantastic. It held together very well. The only unexpected result was 350° is the smoke point for butter so the house filled with that buttered popcorn smell while the loaf was baking.


Sounds good. I actually forgot to put any oil in it at all and it turned out fine.

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

How did I not see this before now??? I’m fasting but plan to make this as soon as I am done fasting.

Hope this bumps up for others to see as well.


What happens if it’s kept out? Turn into cheese?

(Allie) #16

Went green and hairy… mould.




Do you think it molded because of the eggs?

I’m thinking about experimenting with bacterial fermentation of nuts into :cheese: since I’m dairy intolerant.

(Allie) #19

It’s possible but can’t say for sure.


I would always refrigerate keto “breads” and similar products - cookies, cake, etc. - unless you are eating them the same day.