Debbie Wagner


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Debbie, has used keto and fasting to resolve her disordered eating and essential tremor, as well as easing menopausal symptoms.

Debbie is a 52 year old mother of two. She is a physician’s assistant and really enjoys the science behind Keto and fasting. She suffered from disordered eating, and an essential tremor. Keto, she says, has healed her and has also helped with menopausal symptoms. Her body composition improves with each fast and she certainly doesn’t miss her tremor.

Debbie has learned much from her keto journey and is keen to share her knowledge with others. She started a website - FatFueledAt50 - to help people feel great as they get older - no more diets. It's time to become fat fueled.

If you are struggling with bulimia or are worried about someone else, find out more about the disorder and get tips about where and how to start the healing process here.

The recipe for the mushroom bread Debbie talks about on this week’s podcast can be found here.


My recipe for seed and nut loaf can be found on the Ketogenic Forums. It is pretty pricey to make but goes a long way, is really dense and filling - and delicious of course!


This week’s end quote is from Karen Whitaker

“When receiving intuitive information through your body, the more you listen, the more you hear.”

(Heidy) #2

heard your story this morning. I too am the only one in my family doing keto and its hard to get my boy (age21) to change his diet.I only hope that as he gets older and realizes that this is not the way to live that he would look for my guidance to better his live quality


(Karen Parrott) #3

Great episode!!! And interview. Thank you . :slight_smile:

(Janet) #4

Debbie, I was bulimic also from age 19 to 31. Stopped the behavior but still disordered eating for several years until I figured out what was normal human eating for me.I (Just in time for the “low fat” age and carbage explosion)I am 70 yo now and rocking keto since May 1. I was paleo /primal since 2012 but fell off the wagon. Too many carbs. Carbage messes with my brain and mood. Not digestion. But of course added weight too. When I was bulimic I ate JARS of wheat germ! I craved it. No wonder I was depressed all the time. Needed a jolt for this time of my life and stepped out into Keto World. I Feel awesome. Plus all the podcasts and you tube stuff kept my mind off other stresses and off the political shows and situations that just made me angry all the time​:grin::roll_eyes:.

I found you on Daisy’s Keto podcast. I also try and shake up my eating and IF from listening to Megan Ramos. Your 5-1-1 is interesting as I do IF almost every day because I am just never hungry in the morning. I’m not hungry until between 11 am and 1 pm. I don’t have much to lose and I am probably where I should be now actually. So I will need to re evaluate my food intake soon. Take care and I will add your website to my feeds.

BTW I make the seed loaf Daisy posted. I found it on the Diet Doctor site. Delicious and nutty. Olive oil doesn’t affect the taste and I limit myself to 1 piece at dinner with butter. Yes, it’s pricey but adds a nice texture to my meals. Toasting improves the flavor since the Nuts and seeds are all raw. So easy too. Put parchment paper in the loaf pan because it sticks to the bottom.