Question from first timer

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BPC is meant to be a meal replacement but some choose to have it in addition to meals. Not ideal if your goal is fat loss though.


It’s as the others: you can do whatever you wants and you should do whatever suits you.

Most of us prefer eating food when hungry but I can understand it’s not that simple or easy for everyone. If I had a huge energy need, even I would add extra fat like crazy, I suppose… But my needs are too easy to meet in no time so I rather enjoy my proper food. I need my nutrients too anyway. And BPC wouldn’t satiate my hunger at all so… But it may be a good idea for many others even along with a meal.
(My old memories say BPC has usually very many calories - probably can be consumed in smaller amounts, though…?)

To simplify things, let’s say you should eat whenever you are hungry. It may or may not be OMAD or TMAD. Most of us aren’t for forced timing but if you get hungry once a day, OMAD sounds the right, natural way to eat (unless it causes problems like undereating, overeating - once met someone who can’t eat less than 4000 kcal on OMAD and it was too much for him -, being too stuffed etc.). OMAD/TMAD mix is something close to me but my body decides when I can have OMAD. If I get really hungry, I eat.
Especially for beginners, why not to do it comfortably if it’s possible? The changes are probably big anyway…

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@IvyKCKO Some of my thoughts on coffee, for what it’s worth:

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Fasting FAQ ceases all fasting except 16:8 /NOT EXTENDED for newbies not yet fat adapted.

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What’s the lower end of what a newbie can consider adequate fat for a day?

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As Dr. Phinney adivses, eat very little carbohydrate, a reasonable amount of protein, and fat to satiety.

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Helpful. I didn’t know why carnivore eats eggs.

Eggs have carbs in them.

Carnivore arose out of ZC: Zero-Carb. I get it now.

Im carnivore/planning to be but with just getting through some SAD veggies I still have, for now. Only 3 bags!