Pork Belly

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@Mark_Bousquet how was the pork belly?!

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I haven’t tried this yet, looks awesome


Here’s some easy recipes i mentioned before… Here

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Is salt pork the same thing as pork belly?


Salt pork is a fatty cut of pork (it can be pork belly, or something else, like fat back), that has been cured in salt.

Trader Joe's Pork Belly

Salt pork is salty enough that it’s often enough of a seasoning by itself to whatever you add it to. It would be too salty alone.

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I have a chunk in my fridge now. Could I attempt a roasted pork belly with it or would it be to salty? What should I do with it??? Any ideas?


Classical techniques of using salt pork is in recipes like Boeuf Bourguignon or Coq au Vin. The salting of pork allows the preservation of pork fat for the thrifty homemaker, so that it can be used in future meals (stewing meats). It helps build a nice, rich gravy in the stew.

Also very good with cooking vegetables, like collard greens, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc. by cutting the salt pork into “lardons” (fat matchsticks) and cooking them first to render some grease, then throw in the vegetables and continue cooking on stove top or in oven.

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O I am so into that. Sounds delicious. I will use it for that today. Thanks I can now see many uses for it now. Thanks again.


Careful with the salt content. You may want to rinse in cold water first, and then boil it in water for a couple of minutes, and then dump the water, to get rid of some of the superficial salt. Only a for like 2 minutes for the boil, then dump the salty water. Then dry the pork, and proceed with the recipe.

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Thanks for the heads up on the salt thing. Will do.

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This looks easier than some of the other recipes. I just picked up a package from Costco and will try this method on some of the slices. Ymmmmm.

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Can anyone tell me the purpose of gently boiling the pork belly for three minutes? As the recipe suggests?

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My guess is it’s to render out some of the fat as pork belly is pretty fatty.

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I just got 50 lbs of pork belly from a neighbor hog farmer. I’m so psyched! Never cooked pork belly before so this thread will be very useful. Any new ideas guys?


BBQ 10lbs
Cure and smoke 10lbs
Asian style pork belly 10lbs



Where do you guys find pork belly?

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I was hoping to see lots of Photos of fat pig bellies :face_with_raised_eyebrow::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Kroger’s started carrying them actually. But a couple weeks ago they were out, so I was asking the butcher when they’d be back in stock. While I was at the counter, a man overhead me and said “'scuse me maam but I have pork bellies.” (I live in the South, it is traditional to call all women maam and also to chat genially with strangers.) Turns out the guy, Woody, runs an organic hog farm not too far from me and was delighted to sell me a box of pork belly produced from his happy, adorable pigs.

I got other cuts too, included A WHOLE HOG’S HEAD. It’s currently sitting in a bucket of brine. Once it’s finished brining I’ll let it dry for 48 hrs then roast it. I hear cheeks are amazing.

BTW last night we made instant pot kakuni, Japanese braised pork belly.

but of course did not add sugar. OMG SO GOOD. Should’ve taken pics…


Costco has it all the time, but any grocery butcher will order it for you. Last time I got it at the grocery, I think I had to buy the case. About 4 slabs.