Pork Belly on the Daily?


I loved pork belly even before keto, it was my go to meat when having korean bbq. It’s one of the cheapest cuts of meat but yet I don’t see it talked about too much. No offense to bacon but it’s been years since I’ve store bought it and with pork belly you can really get super juicy and cripsy with it by cooking it in cubes, or you can cut it like bacon and have it as thick as you like plus dipping options are endless.

So to my question, I ate a brick of it with eggs every morning for the first month i started keto. Is there anything wrong with eating endless Porkbelly?

(Genevieve Biggs) #2

I don’t see why it would be a problem!

(Jen H) #3

I saw this is on sale at Aldi this week and was curious about it, I’ve never made it. What kind of recipes do you use it in?


Good grief…no problem at all. Pork belly got the “it’s bad for you” wrap for decades…indulge in its glory now…I suspect when fat makes a comeback, it won’t be cheap anymore via supply & demand economics. Look what happened in Scandanavia when butter became a shortage recently, and no one wanted the margarine anymore!


Easiest way is to slice like bacon and cook like bacon with salt or cube it and fry with lid on then sear with salt.
Then do whatever you like with it

  • Have with eggs
  • chop small and have with mixed greens, avocado, cheese and cover with keto salad dressing or oil
  • appy style and pair with mustard, joesph’s maple syrup, hot sauce or whatever
    -Taco meat for cheese torts

Three Hour Pork Belly ***subsititute Lemon with Sudachi Juice

Korean Pork Belly BBQ
Gochujang isn’t keto… to make the sauce do this…
-Water: 100 ml
-Keto Sweetener of choice: 150 g
-Miso: 100 g (go easy)
-Korean Chili pepper powder: 50 g
-Salt: 1/2 tablespoon
-Japanese sake or Korean soju: 1/2 teaspoon
-Rice vinegar: 1/2 teaspoon
make in pan, cook in pan

Chashu Pork - Sub the sugar. It is even better if you sous vide it for 36 hours

Pork Rinds - If you have a stocked asian market around you, you can buy the skin rolled up its insanely cheap.

Super versatile cheap tasty meat

Pork Belly
(Jen H) #6

Awesome thanks I’ll give it a try!

(What The Fast?!) #7

You don’t have to cure it if you do this? Just salt and cook in a pan?


Yes, no need to cure. Think of it like ham but from the belly instead of the legs.

(What The Fast?!) #9

Awesome, thanks! All the recipes I saw cured it. I actually just threw it in the oven in a cast iron skillet for an hour to see what happens. I figure I’ll finish it by frying it in a pan to crisp it up, depending on how it looks when it comes out.

(Colleen) #10

I just bought 25 lbs of pork belly and I am single.


I am making this on saturday: