Pork Belly

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Anyone have simple pork belly recipes? Share them here!

I’ve got some and never cooked it before. Plan on taking it out of the freezer and making something with it this weekend.

My New Year’s resolution - cook more pork belly!! :grinning:

Pork belly suggestions
Trader Joe's Pork Belly
Thick sliced pork belly
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I got a Pre-Cooked Pork Belly at Trader Joe’s and omg was it good!!! You are in for a treat!


Pork Belly is awesome! What I’ve found when cooking pork belly is that it isn’t so much about the seasonings you use as much as it is about the technique. I learned the hard way that tenderizing and drying can make all the difference, because there is SO much fat in pork belly. Before we discovered this technique, no matter how we seasoned it, Pork Belly would always be too rich for us.

Also, if you have left overs, DO NOT reheat in a a microwave. It makes a big mess and ruins it. Heat it up in pan on the stove. I suppose an oven would work but I haven’t tried it.

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Following. Lol

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I followed @DarthBaconator’s link the last time (the first two times I just scored and cooked, and the crackling could break a tooth). I"m not sure whether the 1000 pin pricks or the baking soda made the difference, but the crackling was super crisp but light and no longer risked breaking a tooth. However, I pricked AND scored before doing the baking soda trick, and even after rinsing and using vinegar, found the odd piece that tasted like baking soda after cooking.

Next time I will just do the pin pricking prior to the baking soda, and only do the scoring after I’ve rinsed the baking soda off.

And I’ve found the Asian grocer to be a great source for pork belly - around here it is otherwise hard to find!

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Can’t wait to try this!

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I’ve bought this too. Much much more inexpensive to make myself, but I buy this for a quick treat!

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I season pork belly with Chinese 5 spice and salt, brown it in my Dutch oven and finish it at 350 till it’s cooked through. Crazy good

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This is my quick and dirty recipe for sliced fresh pork belly that I get at our local butcher.

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I’ve enjoyed :hat: @richard’s pork belly recipe

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I luv pork belly tacos. I eat this with cheese shells, and I used only the orange skins and apple cider vinegar (ACV) the last time I made this.

(Danielle) #12

This is what I use. I find it gives me the best crispy skin by using her method. Works every time for me

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I use 1.5 tbsp salt/pound & skip the sugar with this recipe. I’ve contemplated trying a sugar replacement, but skip it everytime because I luv the flavor of pork belly. Let me know if you experiment with a sugar replacement.

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@Becky. Have you made this with the sugar called for in the recipe?

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:scream: Ahhhh :flushed: ! Yes, I forgot to write that, sorry! I will edit my original post. Thank you for catching the miss :grinning:


We made this over the weekend. Started Thursday night and finished it Saturday for dinner. It was EXCELLENT. Definitely will be making it again, and will try to fine tune the seasonings to our own preferred tastes, but the incredibly tender center mixed with the extra crispy skin was amazing. I was a little skeptical of the reduced butter sauce but it was actually a really delicious compliment to the dish. Since it was so rich, I’ll be frying the second half of the belly tonight for supper!


I just used salt,pepper, and garlic powder. Sous vide at 80c for 7 hours and broil in oven to crisp the fat. Delicious and tender. The juice made a salty, porky seasoning for some cooked mixed greens for a side dish.

(John) #19

Score the skin on rhe Pork belly with a sharp knife. Boil a jug of water and pour this over the whole thing making sure you cover the skin. The pat fry, run salt into the skin and refrigerate covered over night (or a few hours of you don’t have time). Next day, put in a deep pan, and take out of fridge to warm up to room temp before putting in the oven. Rub more salt into the skin and make sure it’s dry. Don’t put any liquid over the skin. Put into a HOT oven 220C for 30 mins and then turn the oven down to 170C WITHOUT OPENING THE DOOR!!! Absolute fool proof way of getting crispy skinned Pork belly. You can use what ever liquids you want to baste the meat, just don’t get any on the skin. You can also use spices on the skin but beat to add them two hours into cooking. I usually cook pork belly for 4 hours this way. Previously it was a treat every now and then. Then I learnt about KETO and because it’s such a cheap cut of meat here in portugal we have it regularly now!!! Friends love it!

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Finally going to make Richard’s pork belly recipe TONIGHT!! :smiley: