October 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)

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Thank you, @Janie and @Digital_Dave it ’s weird. In the last couple of years I’ve gotten keto rash a couple of times And it lasted a few days then went away. I’ve never had happen while fasting.


I fell so, so much… Since days I try to come back to OMAD. It’s OMAD with a few bites (mostly coffee with cream and hot cocoa with cream but I still practice not eating properly until evening. just because I am very full almost all day, stupid habits and compulsions may be there) now but hopefully tomorrow will be proper OMAD and I plan to stick to that unless I need more food.
I run out of coffee and it’s good as I can’t drink this brand black :slight_smile: I will have tea fasts, I need the warmth in the morning. The weather is horrible, gloomy rain almost all the time. October was very bad. Warm liquids are especially nice in this situation but my throat likes it in the morning too.

I will do my best to keep OMAD (that I don’t even really have but I am hopeful the last 2 days of October will be OMAD as it should. I wondered about skipping a day but I don’t think it’s realistic now) or at least IF in November, carnivore tends to enlarge my eating window as the food is too satiating so I eat little in one sitting. But I have ideas, I already had some good carnivore OMAD days, they just were too low-calorie for me. But I don’t need to do OMAD each and every day I guess. We will see.

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Hey all!

Fasting until 4am tomorrow morning, so 32 hours since I took my pills last night. I definitely get annoyed that I’m not allowed to eat :unamused: but it’s manageable.

What do you all tend to consume during your fast? I allow coffee and tea sweetened with Erythritol and Stevia or with Splenda if those aren’t available. I also allow sugar free gum. When I did my 3-day fast last year I drank some sourkraut juice toward the end to help my gut recover a bit. That worked really well because I did not have any disgusting issues like I’d had previously. I started eating with chia pudding also, which I’d seen recommended.

I really don’t like black coffee, so I add some mulling spices to the brewing process (big pieces of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and a couple of others), then sweeten with Stevia and Erythritol. I have had it unsweetened and it still beats black coffee.

How about you? Are you a water-only fasting purist or do you have your own “training wheels” as I call them?

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I am impressed by anyone who can do OMAD regularly. Made it Monday and Wednesday, and that’s about the extent of it. Can’t do any more.


OMAD sounds easy enough for me if one is able to eat a big enough meal… Skipping a day is hardcore to me :smiley: My body would probably cooperate on most days (if I ate well on the previous one) but mentally… Nope. Maybe one day. And I try it for Zornfast when I am already good. In my chaotic times when maybe even IF is a challenge (and IF comes naturally to me so it’s a very bad sign), I do OMAD for Zornfast. If I am determined, even weekend OMAD days are possible :smiley:

Today I had some weird thing, I ate for very long with very tiny breaks, oh well, still a small eating window.

I am determined to do proper days from now on (OMAD by default but if I need more food, I won’t force it). I managed to run out of both coffee and cream (almost), yay!!! Coffee in the morning and proper fast mixes unwell since I have my current, less tasty coffee I hate black.

I don’t have or need training wheels. I fast when it comes naturally (or almost, sadly sometimes I eat without any hunger and need. I can turn that off with some determination or better woe. carnivore is magic, it just too satiating so I eat smaller meals and end up with bigger eating windows… but I can solve this).
But. Coffee addiction is something even carni couldn’t help with. My only chance is running out of coffee :slight_smile: If I don’t have coffee, I don’t drink coffee. (I drink cocoa but this option will be taken away on carnivore November.) I slowly learned to handle black coffee. Not to enjoy, usually but well, it’s still some nice warm liquid, it has its good points… But I need the right brand for it, I am actually not choosy, it just need to be not bitter… :smiley: It’s a tall order, actually as I am sensitive to bitter and can’t handle it well. Coffee is the only bitter drink I enjoy somehow. But I drink my coffee extremely weak, it helps.
I almost never sweeten it - maybe when I use a ton of whipped cream, definitely not during a fast. But when it’s BLACK? It’s worse than without sweetness. It’s coffee, I don’t want it to be sweet. And sweeteners aren’t for a fast in my world. Only black coffee and plain tea are allowed (or if we must relax our ways, 1-2 drops of cream or lemon juice but I personally don’t consider that proper fast :slight_smile: but it’s probably mostly harmless). I have no problem with people eating whatever, cream, broth but it’s not clean and they would make me hungry anyway unless the amount is super tiny. Calories do that to me. And it’s pretty annoying getting hungry when I was blissfully satiated and I know I would stay so for a very long time to come. That’s why I always hated breakfast with a passion. It ruined my blissful well-fasted state but I was a kid, what could I do? I dropped that vile thing when I realized I could :slight_smile: (No, I don’t call it breakfast when I break my fast at 3-7pm).
Water fasts are very proper but I can’t drink warm water and I need warm liquid in the morning in winter (not only in the morning but I often have a slightly sore throat in the morning. it goes away quickly but I need my warm drink. I am healthy but my morning state is horrible :smiley: I never was a morning person, to put it very very lightly).
And sorry, I know it’s a bad attitude, it’s water intake but I would find drinking only water boring. I don’t know why, it’s just the water, I can find entertainment elsewhere, my tap water is even pretty nice but still. I am too used to tea, coffee and the others. I drink plenty of water but it’s nice to have variety.

So I will do tea fasts from now on. That’s carnivore enough for me now. No one can take away my warm tea…

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I will have bone broth and coffee with HWC, those are my training wheels. If I feel like I need to break a fast, I will have pickle or saurkraut juice and see how I go. Occasionally I will have unsweetened iced tea on the hotter days.


Coming up on 48 hrs. but think I’m going to skip tonight as well, possibly tomorrow? For me, I like to do water only whilst Fasting, but if I do on the very rare occasion drink anything else, it’s a Decaf Iced Tea or Decaf Coffee with nothing in them. But normally water. … Happy Fasting Folks. :+1:

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Just broke at 97 hours. I had too much acidity happening and a headache. I might of been able to stop the headache with more water and salt but the acidity was driving me mad. Very happy with how I felt through out though.

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Glad you listened to your body. That is more important than meeting an arbitrary goal that your mind set. You had a great fast and something to be proud of!

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Thank you! I love that everyone is so encouraging here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Coming up on 65 hrs. and feeling fine, but will probably just break tonight since I don’t like Fasting on the weekends… Plus, the wife called me a little while ago to say she noticed the freezer was acting up and apparently the top layer of stuff appears to be thawing out. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Figures! If it’s not one thing, it’s another… So I asked her to have my Son (who happened to take off today by chance) to take all the stuff downstairs to the basement and put it in the deep freezer for now. And anything that thawed, to just place it in the fridge. We will just make sure to use it up over the next few days. So I will probably end up breaking tonight around the 70 hr. mark or so.

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That’s awesome Dave! I don’t know when or if I’ll ever fast that long again but I get tempted sometimes. My ketones on day 3 started to skyrocket and I really enjoyed seeing that.


Thanks. I was actually thinking of just continuing on since I hadn’t done any long Fast lately, and feeling fine as usual. But decided to go ahead & eat, especially since we have quite a few things that defrosted. … I’ve already cleaned out the bottom of the freezer, removed some built up ice and testing it now to see if it was just the ice that caused it. If not, I will be going back in and taking the bottom area apart to see if there are any issues within? Don’t know, but it is a pain. … My Wife already started putting some things together to use up and make some stuff to use, like Cauli-Egg Salad, since 2 bags of Cauliflower was some of the things that thawed. And the rest will be used in the next few days, so there won’t be any waste from this, but I don’t want to have to keep everything downstairs either. But we’ll see how it work out soon. And of course, the Pups will help with all this too. :slight_smile: :dog:

But ended up breaking at 67 hrs. since I left work early and decided to just eat early for the day.

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Since Thanksgiving in the US and Christmas is coming along with New Year’s feastings, I have posted for the November Zornfast so we can get a jump on things, for details please see this post:

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Started a new thread for December, I could not locate a November thread so posting in here.

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Thanks. Starting a 36-hr fast after dinner tonight.