NOV 2020 Zornfast


Zornfast is a monthly group fast that lasts from the 3rd Thursday of the month (19th) thru Sunday (22nd). Any fasting protocol can be used. Our purpose is support and accountability. Newbies, oldies, and returnees are all welcome here.

To keep your electrolytes happy, here is the link to Brenda’s recipe:

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October 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)

On carnivore when I lose IF if I am not careful (due to too easy satiation and lack of interest of my food - sounds good for longer fasts but nope, I can’t do that)? Tricky.
Well I go with the usual: I will try to do OMAD (longer too if my body likes the idea, it was against it lately). With careful planning it shouldn’t be too hard!
So I am in, again :slight_smile:

Thanks for making the thread this very early, I like to prepare and plan!

(Susan) #3

Thanks @collaroygal for making this --I have had so much stress at home the past months (which is still ongoing and difficult at times)–and I have kept very strictly on course with my Keto and my daily IF of 20:4 but I have not done my usual fasting besides that and I need to get back on track because I really do like Fasting and always feel really great during the fast and afterwards so I will be doing this --I plan to start on Wednesday (18th) at 5pm and go until Saturday 5pm for a 72 hour this time around, maybe longer, depending how things are around the house.

I always love doing the monthly Zornfast and I haven’t for months now, so it is time I get back on track with that. I haven’t deviated from my Keto and have still been losing slow and steadily, but the Fasting is good for my Autophagy and wrinkle/saggy skin benefits as well.

I wish everyone participating all the best.

(Bethany Hanna) #4

Woohoo! I am extremely excited to participate in my first Zornfast! I have been anxiously awaiting the chance to join like-minded human beings in helping our bodies get healthier. I have listened to @Brenda on the 2 Keto Dudes podcast and absolutely love her attitude and advice. :smile:

Thank you all for sharing and for being so awesome!


Welcome @legogenic. Glad you have decided to try fasting.

I’ve been doing the monthly fast, using a varieties of protocols for years now. Fasting is what got me to my goal weight originally, and helps me stay here easily.

Glad to see you, Susan. 2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone, everywhere.



Hello Everyone🌷

I plan on doing Alternate Day Fasting this month. I have been so far so I will just keep it up.
I read “The Obesity Code” and “The Diabetes Code” in October, and it seems like ADF is a great protocol for life, but I do also have an interest in fat loss. I lost 15 pounds since October 23 with Keto and ADF. Now the weight loss is slowing and I am not afraid of losing weight too fast. It’s about 2 pounds a week now.

I walk an hour a day. Sometimes I will do yoga or calisthenics. I do a lot of housework and caregiving so I would describe myself as “moderately active”.

Today is a fast day. I start with a cup of black coffee and drink soooo
much herbal tea, omigosh. Mint, Turmeric Bliss, Positive Energy, Bengal Spice.

In the evening I have a cup of broth

( I have read that this breaks a fast, but I am just following the advice of Jason Fung and the world didn’t end and I didn’t destroy my RBM yet. :joy:)

I am very happy to have found this forum! I am enjoying reading everyone’s experiences so much!


Ella, sounds like you are doing great.

I am doing a 36 hr. broth fast currently. I have always used it if needed. It has served me well. For the Zornfast I will probably do back to back fasts, one 48 hr. a refeed meal and back to do a 36hr. + fast.

I believe we should all do what we can be successful at, and that seems to work for lots of other people too. I was never much of one to keep track of everything I put in my mouth. Aside from daily walks, I do what exercise I feel like that day and if I feel like a rest day, I take it.


Hello all.

I just started my second week of one extended and I.F fasting. I go sunday to wednesday, and then I.F the rest of the week. I had great results my first week, so Ill try too keep going.

I wonder if its sustainable, not becouse of much discomfort, but that nagging idea of maybe im not getting enough food? I have 60lbs to loose, so im trying to view that as «eating» too.

Im returning to this forum after 2-3 years, and I see its alot quieter now. But I remember this as the best support, maintaining keto, and achieving weightloss.


Welcome back Shatz. Activity goes up and down. The support is still great and the information on these forums is mind boggling.

With 60 lbs to go, you have plenty of left over treats in storage to burn up :).


Yep, one is supposed to get plenty of energy from 60lbs, I wouldn’t worry about it unless my body tells me there’s a problem or if I would go really low on eating days… But we need various nutrients as well, not only energy. I am now knowledgeable about that, it’s just what I would think about and do some research.

I am getting ready for Zornfast, I stopped my many lil meals, it was annoying anyway, I did OMAD today and plan that for tomorrow as well :slight_smile:

(Tired of the yoyo) #11

Hello! I’m starting my first ever fast. I’ve been keto about 2 months. I hope I’m fat adapted. I can’t really tell to be honest. :slight_smile: I’m hoping to go 36 hours, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m about 18 hours in. If I feel OK, I may go a little longer.

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

Welcome @friendtodogs friendtodogs.

Always a good idea to remain flexible.

Let us know if you have any questions about how to stick with the fast etc.

Good Luck, KCFO

(Tired of the yoyo) #13

Thanks! :slight_smile: I survived preparing and sitting through my family’s evening meal. I think that was the biggest hurdle today (aside from trying to distract myself from hunger, lol).


Congratulations, friendtodogs!

Does your family know what you are doing? And if they do are they supportive?

(Tired of the yoyo) #15

Oh yes! My husband does Keto also. I just mentioned to him that I would fast once in a while. If I just do these 36-48 hour fasts in the future, I think I will make that night’s dinner a fend for yourself one. My 36 hour fast ended a few hours ago, but I’m still on it! I’m surprised! :sweat_smile:

(KCKO, KCFO) #16

I enjoy the OMAD often these days.


I just realized that «not hungry» is now a tangible feeling.

(Tired of the yoyo) #18

Oops- I’ve been posting on the wrong thread (I’m a newb)! I realized my fast earlier had nothing to do with a Zornfast! :blush: I’m not sure I’m up for such long one yet, maybe in the next couple of months.


Not everyone does an EF during Zornfast… I only could do OMAD in the last few times and did 48 hours before but never more… It’s still a helping thing for me, I wait for a more serious urge to eat during Zornfast.


I just took my first tbs ACV in water this morning. I hear it supresses hunger while fasting…is that by inducing nausea?:joy: well…it just better work. Im hopefull and optimistic.