December 2020 IF/EF Chat Thread


New month, new thread.

I didn’t even find a November thread. So thought I would get back on track with December.

Hope all are well and looking forward to finding new ways to celebrate the holidays.

I am doing IFing a lot with the occasional extended fast a couple of times a month currently.

KCKO everyone.

October 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)
(Bob M) #2

I still haven’t hit 36 hours lately; 22 (OMAD) is my best. Have a doctor’s appointment next week, so I won’t be fasting then, since this messes with my lipids. Might not even do OMAD.

Might try 36 hours on Monday, December 14th, but it depends on how hard I work on my house over the weekend.

I’ll check back to see how others are doing.


Same to me. I was shocked, stressed (my SO got into a serious accident but he will heal), my appetite never was that negative, sometimes I couldn’t have more than a few bites all day… But I still got hungry eventually. So OMAD or not even that. I don’t track the time so I don’t know how many IF days I had lately but it’s quite common I have my first meal in the late afternoon… So the trend continued, it’s nice. I really have little ties with my lunch (at 3pm) now, I rarely eat that early. It was a long battle (not forceful, long and kinda smooth but I still put some effort into it. it’s not easy for me not to eat just because I am not hungry!) but I changed. And I needed it, I didn’t want to stop eating lunch because eating it and dinner too worked so well for me… No, it’s better this way. Sometimes I am just fine until 6:30pm, no hunger at all. I was often fine until 5pm but this is a new development!
I had doubts when carnivore made my meals tiny (even IF was a challenge then) but it was temporal. Carni OMAD is totally possible for me now. Sometimes, never for many days in row.

(Tamela Robinette) #4

So happy to see a December thread. I often follow but don’t post. Reading other’s experiences helps keep me motivated. I just finished a 43 hour fast, had 2 meals in a 2 hour window and started another fast. Just trying to make it through the holidays without gaining weight and maintain my sanity. Fasting keeps me sane lol. Happy fasting all!


Thank you for starting this thread!

I am fixing to fast on Thursday. I have been doing a 20:4 window for the last week or so. I would like to go 36 on Thursday. What is so magical about Thursday is - I need to eat the hamburger patties I defrosted first.
They are terrible patties. But they are edible patties. :joy:

(UsedToBeT2D) #6

Why eat terrible? So many more tasty options


Next time I will upgrade. Full disclosure, these were the kind that Kelly Hogan ate for 10 years or whatever when she was getting started on ZC ( I thought) So I bought a box.
It was an aspirational purchase. :joy:


Nice to see this thread starting! It’s been a while since I done much posting. Life has been pretty busy/crazy for a while. Some good, some difficult.

I generally have become more relaxed about my eating window, although I don’t eat until after 2 in the afternoon, and then have supper with my family around 7. I always stay Keto for my meals. I’ve been leaning towards Carnivore just because it’s easier if I don’t have to make veggies for myself.

Anyway, I want to work toward more OMAD days as well as some 48 hour fasts this month. I hope this thread and all of you will help inspire me. :smiley: I find lots of inspiration here on these forums! I’ve been on Keto for a couple of years now.

(Laurie) #9

Hi, everyone. I’m doing something between keto and carnivore (“relaxed carnivore” I think). Two meals a day within a 6-hour window suits me fine. However, it can be difficult to eat at the right times when something throws a wrench into my schedule.

Another problem is stress eating. This week, for example, I had some drama that interfered with my sleep and self-discipline. I just didn’t have the emotional or mental strength to stay within the 6-hour window. I ate only keto foods, and not huge amounts, but I felt out of control all day.

I’m back on track now. But it’s something to think about.

(Doug) #10

I haven’t eaten this entire month! :sunglasses:

So here it is, the 2nd of December. Had a couple hamburgers two evenings ago, then two coffees yesterday morning, one with cream, one black. There was no plan until after that; “I should fast today” appearing in my mind.

You never know how a fast will go. The day went on and the sky cleared. This was a very good thing as solid clouds had hidden the moon the last two previous evenings. It was still ~98% full last night, good enough. My wife and I care very much about seeing the moon.

As I got toward the 24 hour mark since the hamburgers, there was a real surge of power, the very clean ‘Zoom’ feeling of mental clarity and efficient intensity I’ve felt a few times in the past while fasting. Some of that “euphoria” you hear mentioned. It’s been mostly a stranger to me; I certainly don’t count on it. And I wouldn’t think it would come in the first day. You never know…

Yesterday and today the daylight mornings have begun with the air temperature 29° F or -2° C. Our morning glory plant is stil blooming, but the leaves got damaged. I’m not sure if it will kill the plant. For the next ten days, the low temperatures are forecasted to be at or above freezing, so unless its number is up, it could go another couple weeks, perhaps.

On the edge of chaos lies great energy.

(Jane) #11

18 hours into a 36-hr fast. It’s my normal lunchtime so tummy growling just a bit and I know it will pass. I expect the second wave around 5:50 but it will pass also. I love keto in that the hunger is still there for me, but so mild compared to the “starving” sensations I got on SAD and easy to ignore.

It is warming up finally and the sun is out so will go put up my outside Christmas decorations to keep me busy until the lunch hunger wave passes.

KCFO fellow fasters!

(Nikki W) #12

Hello all!

I am about 18 hours in to a 72 hour fast. I am new to the forum here (this is my new post) and am excited to be here. I have been doing IF for about four months now, mostly OMAD, and for the month of December my goals are to do a few 72 hour fasts, and to be kind to myself for the Christmas food that is bound to be available as we visit family. :slight_smile: I am excited to be here!

(Germaine M Schweibinz) #13

I started doing a 20 - 4 IF, this is day 12. Trying to get rid of the few pounds I put on when I broke my arm. A couple days I ended up doing 18 - 6 due to physical therapy being late. I used to do a 3 or 4 day fast a month, but I find this much easier. Every day gets better!

(Break Ur Hart) #14

Been doing OMAD 23/1 for almost a month. My long headache, rhinitis, anxiety, tiredness, all gone. However, it doesn’t really heal my psoriasis, enlarged lymph node, and cyst that been swollen for almost a month. My tongue also still white. At that time I also been burping and farting a lot, even when I was fasting. There are small painful cyst all over my head, I might be know the reason why. Yeast infection. You see, it turns out yeast love eating glucose and they’re really hard to get rid of even if I already done 23 hours fasting. Because I still eat everyday and they too eat as well.

Now I’m on water fasting. It’s been 2 days. So far my psoriasis flakes started to fall apart. My skin is on track to complete regeneration. The burping and farting still there but not as much as before. I’m planning to go on 21 days of water fasting but first I need some progress at least on Day 5, for my swollen lymph node to reduce in size. My lymph node been swollen for weeks already. I need to starve the yeast and myself just for me to get faster healing time.

I might break my fast at Day 5 depending on the progress cuz I miss foods. Lol

(Jane) #15

Broke yesterday at 40 hrs with no post-break “issues”. At home so no biggie if I did - just would rather not LOL.

(Jane) #16

Good luck on the healing!

The longest I’ve fasted is 4 days and I wasn’t hungry but I missed food and eating.

(Tired of the yoyo) #17

I did two 36 hour fasts in Nov, but those weren’t easy. I’m giving IF a go for December. I did OMAD on Wednesday, and 18:6 the other days. OMAD was definitely harder. I’ll try to go twice next week though, and TMAD on the other days.

(KCKO, KCFO) #18

Wow, glad to see so much success. I had bounced up to my scream weight so all this week I have done OMAD. I usually eat dinner only with OMAD. This morning I really, really, really wanted BACON so I microwaved up a few rashers and decided I can skip the other meals for today.

I am drifting down off that scream weight, so I will just keep doing this til I am in my comfort zone again.

(Doug) #19

Loving life, 3.5 days in, easiest fast ever. Why would I eat ever again? :smile:

It ends tonight, my wife is really looking forward to the weekend, and food is a big deal for us. And a marriage-long thing - we encourage each other toward excess - and we know that, and are getting better on this matter, though at a glacial pace.

If autophagy is working its magic, if it’s taking out the trash - maleficent misfolded proteins, truculent tau tangles, abusive acromegalic amyloid- β plaques - if my uselessly unconjugated substrates are being cleaned up, then a victory is at hand.

There is a lifting, an unburdening - that can come with fasting. A lightness of being, a clean spirit toward the day.

(Tamela Robinette) #20

I’ve done a 43, a 23, and two 17 hour fasts this week and I’m currently 3 hours into what I hope to be a 20 hour. I feel good about my progress this week as I haven’t been fasting much at all the past few months. I finished this week out at a lower weight than what I usually end the week on, if that makes sense lol. I’ve been bouncing around the same 4 to 5 pounds up and down for awhile now. Today I was minus 4 of those pounds and I’m determined to stay disciplined this weekend and wake up Monday without weight gain. We shall see. Happy fasting all!