October 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)

(Bob M) #41

72 is a goodly amount of time. I’m trying to get two OMADs this week. Will try for my first 36 hour fast – in months – next week.


Wow, congratulations! 72 hours is nice. Not too long, not too short, it’s my plan for the future…

It’s Zornfast now and even my current 21 hours is something as it’s 6pm and I ate nothing today. It doesn’t happen every day. I am kind of satiated, fasting is nice but my body realized it’s late. And I did weightlifting and I always ate afterwards this far but now I just don’t want food yet… Maybe later. How much later, who knows?

A 48 hour fast would be nice during this Zornfast… But we will see.

(Bob M) #43

If there’s one thing that reliably makes me hungry, that’s it.


I wasn’t hungry, per se… But yep, I broke my fast at 22 hours. It seemed a good idea.
My little weightlifting (my weights are still so tiny… it takes a long time to go back to my old weights and those weren’t impressive at all) can’t make me hungry if I ate much in the previous days and am satiated currently, it seems. Or not but today I couldn’t get hungry. These things vary.

Cycling uphill when I start to get hungry :smiley: That makes me starving. Walking too. Walking makes me less hungry and takes away my appetite normally… But if it’s really time to eat, my tiny hunger becomes big if I exercise, be it walking or something more strenuous.


Broke at 41.5 hrs. today. - Have plans to make some stuff today, but if it wasn’t the weekend I would have just kept on. But much prefer to Fast during the weekdays. … Happy Fasting Folks.

(Allie) #46

29 hours into my regular Monday 36 hour fast and today has been a struggle, but I made it OK and am now in bed so all is well. Really should learn that a long bike ride on a Sunday isn’t the best idea, but I couldn’t get it done on Sat and didn’t want to skip the third weekend in a row - settling in new puppy was a good excuse, just not feeling like it yesterday wouldn’t have been.

Hope I sleep well tonight, feeling totally wiped out at the moment.

(Jane) #47

Starting a 36-hr fast with my hubby. Post-COVID fasts seem few and far between.

(Jane Srygley) #48

How are you doing Elaine? Have you read The Obesity Code by Jason Fung? He works with T2D patients and all of them fast. Highly recommended!

(Allie) #49

I skipped my usual Monday fast this week as it just didn’t feel like a good idea this week, and I think I made the right call as I’m even struggling with IF at the moment. I always listen to my body and eat when I feel the need to, and this is one of those weeks.

(Jane) #50

13 hours in so just getting started. Will break tomorrow morning.

BG: 91
BK: 1.1
GKI: 5.6
Boz: 83

(What else is there to talk about?) #51

Currently 65 hours into a planned 72 hour fast but I may try until 120 hours. I have things to do on Saturday and am afraid that my tummy won’t be back to normal by then frequent washroom trips are not possible. Do you think I’d be good by Saturday if my first meal back is Friday at 7:00pm?

(Jane) #52

You should. Any time I’ve fasted for 72 hours and had bathroom issues breaking it was in the first 8 hours.

Back when I was traveling all the time for my work I would fast starting on Monday and break on Thursday evening since I would fly home on Friday. That way any “issues” were settled before I had the 1-1/2 hr drive to the airport, 1-1/2 flight and then 2-hr drive home. Way too long of stretches to not have easy bathroom access.

(What else is there to talk about?) #53

Great! Thanks


Little over 19 hrs. myself. Last couple days I ended up doing OMAD. Honestly, the only reason I ate was I was feeling a bit congested and just wanted something instead of having that infectious taste.

(Bob M) #55

I’ve done more 4.5 day fasts than 3 day ones, but I expect it to take me a full day to recover. I’ve done a 5 day fast and ate Friday evening, and that’s not good. I get up at night too much. So, I make the fasts from Sunday night last meal to sometime Friday before or around “lunch”.

(Jane) #56

20 hours in and only a couple of mild waves of hunger. Been raining all day and I had 7 online meetings so the day went fast.

BG: 86
BK: 3.8
GKI: 1.3
Boz: 23

(What else is there to talk about?) #58

Woke up with major keto rash. Will keep going cause other than that I feeling great.

(Jane) #59

Sorry about your rash. I’ve read about it on here and sounds awful. Does anyone know what causes it or why some get it?


Presently at 37 hrs. and feeling fine. … Also sorry about the Rash @Equines_or_Food . I don’t think I’ve ever had it myself, at least that I recall, and have only read it on here by those who mentioned it?

(Jane) #61

I am having a splash of cream and some stevia in my morning coffee so technically broke it at 34 hours. I won’t eat until lunch so will be 38 hours of no food.

Was an easy fast - not all of them are.