October 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)


New month, new thread.

Hope you are all staying healthy.

September 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)

Just on my second meal after breaking at 48 hrs yesterday. But after tonight and then maybe an early meal tomorrow morning?, I might do another to end Saturday night. But if not, I will probably start back on Monday. (I don’t like Fasting much on weekends personally.) … Happy Fasting Folks. :+1:


I continue with my OMAD/TMAD… I usually have 20-23 hours fasts. I am pleased with this now.

(Jane Srygley) #4

Hey fasters! I resumed my Thursday fast this week and I’m not having a good time LOL I hate when my stomach growls!!! I keep trying to think positive about it but it makes me feel either anxious or angry :confounded:


I’m planning on doing 48 hrs. starting tonight after dinner.

(Susan) #6

I did 49 hours a few days ago and I am hoping to do the Zornfast this month! I have missed it and life has been really really stressful, so I need to get back into doing that monthly. I have been losing weight, slowly and steadily, down to a total of 80 pounds lost thus far (293-213 pounds so I am happy about that) but I miss doing the Zornfast.

I am still doing the TMAD 20:4 IF though, and that ends up being OMAD at times for a 23.5: 5.

Good luck to all of you on your Fasting goals.


Well done, Susan. :+1:

That’s funny, I actually love when my stomach growls or grumbles. It tells me things are moving which has always been one of my favorite things about Fasting for some reason. :slight_smile: :+1:

(Jane Srygley) #8

Yeah I need an attitude adjustment! It might be because I remember feeling hungry when I used to do calorie restrictive diets I dunno.


Yeah, I just don’t get the grumbles much these days normally, so when I get this with Fasting, I enjoy it. I really find that Fasting helps a lot with my digestion and hearing/feeling those grumbles lets me know there’s not only additional room in there, but that things are moving or working better. :slight_smile:

(Jane Srygley) #10

Just want to report that I was successful with my challenging 30-hour fast and broke it this morning with my lovely Bulletproof Coffee. I’ll be doing an OMAD on Sunday. Without fasting, I MIGHT lose weight but it would happen reeeeeaaalllllyyy gradually… So I’m really grateful to have discovered this tool thanks to this forum introducing me to Dr. Fung. I even struggle between meals–especially when I’m at work as I’m a nervous eater–so it’s amazing that I can fast at all :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I never had much grumbling ever… I am glad about that but a little never bothered me.

Congrats, Jane!

Meanwhile I need TMAD to function but things will calm down and I try 40-48 hours again… :smiley: I don’t feel I can do it during my carni times in the near future. My last slightly longer fasts happened after a carbier meal as I only could eat enough and have long term satiation that way. I may plan a big keto meal with some less satiating items and a longer fast right after but first I keep doing my carnivore-ish until I can ~


Decided to eat my lunch a bit early today at work so I could go ahead and start Fasting. But just about an hour in and not sure if I will be eating tomorrow yet or not. It’s just that I weigh in Sunday mornings, and I really hate to weigh in Fasted. It causes untrue numbers, but who knows, we’ll see.

(Megan) #13

Hi! I’m back in the fasting saddle and excited for this month. I normally fast Tuesdays, for about 46ish hours, then M, W, Th, F is OMAD and the weekends are TMAD. I have about 20lbs to lose. I try to fast on Thursdays but think I need a few more meals in-between fasts. So I may tweak Tuesdays to hit 36 hours and eat 2 or 3 meals on Wednesday to build up for Thursday’s fast. OR I may just stick to Tuesdays and hit close to a 48 hour fast once a week. Who knows, Ill see how I feel next week!

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

I was going to put up the thread for Sept. but the site was down almost all of that week. I love my monthly Zornfast, so I feel ya.

I didn’t start my 48 hr. fast last night. I am going to wait and do one on Sunday-Tues. instead.

(KFdriscoll%) #15

Doing (2) 36 hour fast a week. Planning on increase 1 fast in increments of 12 hours until it reaches 72 hour and stop the second one.


Started doing fasting a bit more. My usual is a normal 16:8 feeding window 2MAD. But during September that varied to a mix of 2MAD and 1MAD. The change was reducing dairy in an animal foods based keto approach and I consciously increased my stearic acid long-chain fatty acid intake with suet and cocoa butter. That change led to greater satiety, so the eating pattern changed.

I settled into 1MAD for Tuesdays and Wednesdays 23:1 with carnivore/beef based meals on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. On Monday nights I have a feast as I am fed by an Italian mother-in-law and that is meat and vegetables with a charcuterie antipasti and one small glass of red wine (<100mL) made by my father-in-law in his shed. Thursday through Sunday was usually 2MAD with bacon and eggs, or mackerel and eggs breakfast added to the 99% meat evening meal.

For 3 days I tried beef, salt and water eating. I wanted to try an elimination diet as it is spring and time to renew myself. On day 2 I needed and had a coffee. Interestingly, so far, 1MAD is the normal (23:1) with steak cooked in suet as an early evening meal. I am drinking some nutrition in bone broth. But am comfortable on it at the moment and it looks like a platform, due to the satiety built in to it, for extended fasting.


Please don’t forget to blur any food mentions. Personally it doesn’t bother me at the slightest, I even cook whilst Fasting. But some folks don’t like the mention of foods in the Fasting threads… Thanks.

Currently at 23 hrs myself and making the Wife and the Pups some breakfast. I’m not sure if I will be stopping tonight or tomorrow just yet? Just playing it by ear.


Broke at 31 hrs. which is more akin to an extended OMAD. But plan to Fast more after the weekend.


Just coming up on 26 hrs., - but feeling a bit cruddy overall TBH. Not from being sick actually, but just worn down and lack of sleep. For some reason I couldn’t hardly sleep at all Sunday night, and not sure if I got more than a couple hours and back up at 5am? … But decided to just take Monday off and tried to rest up some, but don’t think I’ve caught up too much.

(Bob M) #20

Nothing wrong with 31 hours. I always felt that there was something special about fasting a day and then overnight. (Or I guess overnight #1, a day, then overnight #2.)