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(Rob) #1

@richard, @carl and the admins have kindly agreed to give us UK peeps our own little place in the forum… pop over to…

…to see more.

It’s great to have a place where we can show our strength in the UK and discuss our own “Very British Problems” and other dietary, health and cultural nuances, such as black pudding, haggis (for the Scots) and white pudding too (for our Irish patrons), welsh Lamb, the NHS, UK government dietary guidelines, shopping in british supermarkets, Pork Scratchings and Biscuits for dunking in our cups of Tea (low carb obviously).

(Ronald Weaver) #2

Has anybody in the Untied Kingdom tried substituting local pork scratchings for the pork rinds commonly used in a lot of the US recipes ?
If so, what kind of scratchings did you use ? And how did the recipe turn out ?
…curious ?

(Heidi Cuthbertson (Standen) ) #3

Hi I brought fresh pork rind from Morrisons and made pork scratchings and then whizzed them in the processor to make them quite fine. So far they have worked well making the fry bread and pancakes. They freeze ok too.

(Rob) #4

I was wondering about that myself. The scratchings I get tend to have a big chunk of yummy fat on them which isn’t crunchy, so would you cut that off or leave it on before making them into crumbs in the food processor?

I have attempted to make my own crackling from the pork skin they sell at Morrisons, but just can’t seem to get it right when it’s not on a joint of meat. I suspect that my oven may not be hot enough or skin not dry enough to start with, I do liberally salt it so that it forms a crust which I take off about half way through before whacking the oven up to high and putting it back in for the crisping bit.

(Rob) #5

I can’t imagine that British scratchings are remotely appropriate for recipe substitution. US rinds are airy and protein dominant, UK are fat dominant. Go to an ethnic convenience store and look for air fried rinds and keep scratchings for what they are best at - eating. B&M have 6 packs of snack size scratchings for 79p and my mum’s local Indian C store has the rinds though they are more pricey per gram.

I find that crackling seems dependent on the specific rind. I’ve done 2 rinds from the same shop, treated them the same (scored, salted, high heat etc.) and got crackling from one and fat rubber from another…

(bulkbiker) #6

I recently made some from the skin from some pork chops…
Cut the skin off before cooking the pork chops… very little fat on the skin (left it on the chops)
Salted the skins and left them in the fridge uncovered overnight to dry out a bit (they in fact stayed in for 2 nights cos I forgot them!)
Dried off the moisture with kitchen towel.
Get 2 baking trays one fitting inside the other and put a bit of olive oil on the bottom one.
Laid out the skins skin side down, put the smaller tray on top to weigh them down. Bake in the over at 180 for 40 minutes (I did it while cooking some sausages.)
After time is up remove top tray to uncover skins then turn them over. Wack oven up to full power and left them in for about 5 minutes… you need to watch them or they burn.
These puffed up nicely and are very dry to eat… kind of catch in the back of the throat so will try them blitzed as crumbs for some chicken thighs tonight.

(Ronald Weaver) #7

I like the sound of that, I might even be able to do it !

Thanks Mark.

(bulkbiker) #8

Returning with review… the pork “breading” gave the thighs a nice crunch needed to up the seasoning a lot though. Added in a bit of parmesan now need to identify the 11 herbs and spices to get the full KFC flavour…!

(Jack Brien) #9

I just got some off eBay from my regular scratching dealer. They were called ‘pork crunch’, but are heavily seasoned. They are normally happy to supply the scratchings unseasoned (and are excellent), but these are packaged up in a more commercial manor. I’ll ask if they can do them next time.

(Heidi Cuthbertson (Standen) ) #10

I would cut that off before processing.



(Heidi Cuthbertson (Standen) ) #12

Using the pork rind from Morrisons etc I find I get good results if you remove the layer of fat on them. This is made easier if you cut the skin into about 2 inch strips. I then cut them into big squares. I dry them in a low oven until they are hard. Then I fry them in hot oil where they puff right up and become airy…
Sometimes I process them into crumbs or add salt and keep them big. I freeze the crumbs and use them for the pancake recipe etc. They are very absorbent so I don’t always add the exact amount.

(Rob) #13

Like this?..

(mags) #14

You could make a killing the next time KFC run out of chicken!

(bulkbiker) #15

Maybe me and @Daisy Should start a Keto Fried Chicken company… pork rind crunch and cauliflower mash fries…

(mags) #16

Cauliflour mash fries???

(bulkbiker) #17

Sorry something I just made up off the top of my head… still sounds interesting eh and I have a cauliflower in the fridge… hmmmmmmmmm

(bulkbiker) #18

And then of course I googled…

(bulkbiker) #19

Great video but pants results so maybe not…


Great idea :smiley:

Pam had a great-sounding recipe on my page for cauliflower tater tots that were deep fried and Richard has a recipe too. Let me go find them…

I have had great success using frozen cauliflower (yeah I used to turn my nose up too!) for mash so it would likely work well here too. I cook it from frozen in the microwave uncovered and then blitz it. Stops it being too sloppy and wet like I have found before. Also tastes more and more like potatoes on reheats!