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(bulkbiker) #22

Now they do look good…
just need the microwave and a deep fat fryer…

(Lesley) #23

Just ordered myself 8 packets of these. I have high hopes and coming after you Jack if they don’t satisfiy me. hahaha.

I found their company online but can’t find any additional information about what they are cooked in etc. So hoping they will be ok :wink:

(Jack Brien) #24

There is a minimal amount of carbs in the flavouring.

(Lesley) #25

Can’t wait to taste them. I never did have a sweet tooth but missing my crisps :hugs:

(mags) #26

Haaaaa! I’ve just watched the first cauliflour video. Very funny. I really do think that maybe life is too short for cauliflour crisps.
I made cheese crisps at the weekend fro 2dudes recipe. They were gorgeous dipped in cream cheese but I couldn’t stop until all gone so maybe not a good idea.
Please let us know what the pork scratchings are like.

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Hi guys how do l ad the uk tread so l get email updates on posts?

(mags) #28

Hi there. Did anyone try the pork scratchings off eBay? Any recommendations? I’m dying to try a recipe with them.

(ianrobo) #29

I posted on the old FB about scratchings and butchers does his own, easy for anyone, get the fat from the butchers and pop them into the oven !!

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At the bottom of the thread you will see a box marked either

If you want to get emails you need to have the “watching” category ticked.

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Many thanks

(Lesley) #32

My Black Country Snacks, Big Bag Pork Crunch, arrived this morning. 8x 80g bags from Ebay.

For anyone else thinking of buying here is the information that is lacking from the listing online.

Nutritional information per 100g:

Energy 472 Kcal
Fat 20.9g
Carbohydrates 0.1g
of which is sugars 0.1g
Protein 70.9g
Salt 2.6g

Pork Rinds, Seasoning containg: Salt, Hydrolysed Soya protein, Flavour Enhancers (E621, E635), Dextrose, Rusk (contains Wheat Flour,Salt) Sugar, Citric Acid, Paprika Extract, Celery Extract.

Never had pork rinds before and as someone who misses eating crisps (potato chips) these are great. I probably wouldn’t of bought them though if I had known about all the other ingredients. I really like them but they are way to salty and I love salty snacks. Pleased I got them though. Arrived today and the best-before date is 18 June 2018. 80g is a very big bag too and it works out comparable price to crisps of a similar amount I think.

(mags) #33

Thanks for posting that. That’s a very big bag! Trouble is once I’ve opened a bag of anything I find it very difficult to stop eating them. I am interested in getting scratchings that aren’t too fatty so i can crush them up to use in recipes. Apparently our UK ones are much fattier than the USA type.

(mags) #34

Ha!! Just noticed you mentioned your scratchings dealer. Only a foody would think in that way :grinning:

(ianrobo) #35

yep the US ones which I have add strip off the fat but proper scratchings are at the best when they have the fat, that is FACT ha ha !

(ianrobo) #36

My butchers 75p a bag


Hello Everyone, I’m in Croydon. And just about to start - after several day’s reading and calculating and anticipating Pork Scratchings. Hey ho.

(Rob) #38

Hi Pat welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

(Vivienne Clampitt) #39

Hello Pat,
Welcome, I live in Dorking, not too far from you. Been in Keto for nearly 3 months and also enjoy my pork scratchings too.
Enjoy your journey!


Thank you.

I’m.wondering if it’s possible for us Londoners and nearbys to do a bulk buy of expensive ingredients…